Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spinelli sans Maxie

Todd and Spin on that crossover ABC spot! 

WHY bother? Come on. Whatever. Carly and Todd go to see him for help. Guess they want to be cruel and not have Maxie with him yet. Thanks. And WHY did they have to fly with Skype around? To have sex in the bathroom? Nah, to isolate and block tape. That's it. 
I see Georgie and Ellie.

Dear Drug Lords, that's probably the MOST obvious  place in Port Chuck to Do a "Delivery".  And Can't they see the Haunted Stars Disco Lights? 

Luke has some henchman.. I think his name is Harry. He's going to kill either Alexis, Sam  or Lucas.
But Who? WHOM? sigh..whatever
LULU is walking big baby Rocco ALONE  in the PARK at night.  Dante is so proud. 

OK, so JULIAN has been in the mob FOREVER, correct? So the day after he tells BOSS MAN he's out..he gathers all his family in ONE place--with no guards. Ready for the Slaughter. Now, see, I do get we have to make exceptions to  the stories but this? REALLY? The mob uses Pier 54, Julian gives his big shipment to Jordan whom he's known a month AND has his fam as sitting ducks?
Yes, I COULD write it better.  

DID PEOPLE mention those stupid FLOWERS ENOUGH? 

GUN GOES OFF at the dinner. 


  1. I gave in and watched today....HOW stupid are they making Lulu, Tracy etc??!! Fluke forgot his son in laws name and Lulu doesn't bat an eye!! It was so nice to see Spin, miss that guy and baby George is so cute! I hope Maxie gets her back.

  2. Karen, it is still the same day that Julian told notLuke that he wants out.

  3. Yeah.. I thought it was weird Lulu didn't bat an eye that Fluke forgot Dantes name. Also, he ALWAYS calls her cupcake he called her Lulu

  4. The highlight of the day was Spin and Georgie! I wish they would stay!!!!!

    At least Levi was not on. I still do not know what the point of Levi is.

    NotLuke meets his hitman in a public park and gives him the biggest possible 8x10 head shots of the people he wants killed? Then sends him into the dinner to randomly kill one of them? Right in front of everyone else with out a mask or anything, so they all see him with the gun he is the worst hitman ever, worst than Sean, Carlos and Ava combined. How ridiculous can you get?

    Julian is doing a drug deal on the pier at what... 8pm?

    How does Notuke know Sam slept with Ric, and not know the name of Sonny's son who is a cop in the town that he, as a mob boss, plans to take over who happens to be married to his "daughter". And how does Lulu not pick up on this?

    I watch soaps, am willing to suspend some reality, but this is too much.

  5. The only highlight of the day was Spin and Georgie. (stay PLEASE!!!!)

    At least there was no Levi!

    NOtLuke ordering a hit in the middle of an open park, with the biggest 8x10 head shots he could find? He knows Sam had an affair with Ric and he can't remember Dante's name? The police officer that is Sonny's son, married to his daughter?

    This hitman walks directly into a dinner with out a mask or anything and just shoots someone? He is worse than Sean, Carlos and Ava combined.

  6. I know Lulu has never been the smartest person but she doesn't notice that her father can't remember her husband's name ?????
    This is just so stupid.

    How long is this going to drag on like this?

  7. Karen how can you toy with me and put up my beloved Todd? :*(

    I'll watch for Spin. Maybe some Alexis highlights. ..

  8. Maxie's home: Nathan shirtless again. :) Oh! Maxie got a letter from the court!! Poor Maxie is scared. I'm glad Nathan is there for her. I have been wondering when we are going to revisit baby Georgie case! Cus it's been 6 months! But glad she is going to court next week! :)

    Portland Oregon: SPINELLI YAY!!!!! Spinny does not like BobTodd hahaha. The look on Spinny's face when he was closing the door! ROFL! I was thinking baby Georgie and Ellie were out. That Ellie was working and Georgie was at day care! Glad to see them! Awwww look at little Georgie! So adorable!!!!! And Spinny is a stay at home dad! LOVE IT! :)

    The park: Oh boy. Bad man and Fake Luke scene! Pictures! Oh oh hi Lulu! :) Oh man! I can't believe Fake Luke told the bad man to pick who to kill!!! WOW!

    Pier: Wow Jordan knows how to handle the men!

    Ava's art gallery: Oh this is soapy!!!! The bad man with a silencer gun!!! And Julian having his party! Gee almost everyone is wearing black. Gee is everyone going to a funeral? Who died? How ironic. :) Who did the bad man pick!!?!!? McSilas or should I call him McMeanie? ROFL! McMeanie won the line of the day!

    McMeanie: I don't know. the fresh kind? What are you talking about. Their flowers. It's not like it's a severed horse head.


    Haunted Star boat: No Anna! Julian DID quit the mob!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Constance Towers

  10. Matthew, that makes it so much worse LOL

  11. Wonder why people have so little respect for daytime soaps and people who watch them? We can say for one example, the writers on this show, who have a big case of the stupids. They should all be canned.