Thursday, May 1, 2014

Michelle Stafford To GH

Long was confirmed today by Daytime Confidential that Michelle Stafford of Y&R fame is joining GH as "Nina'.
Yes, THAT Nina. I don't know Stafford, or her work but people seem very excited. I personally hope they use the people they have (ie: Finola Hughes) ...but hey. 
Here's hoping the Nina story has some punch to it, no? 

I see Maxie got out of the house today.


Kg said...

Seriously? The cast size is ginormous. Who asked for all these new people? Did ABC demand that GH be turned into another show? It really sucks that there are more newbies to the show than veterans with more than 4 minutes of screen time. They should have let GH have some dignity, cancel it and then replace it with The Show With Too Many Freaking Characters.

If I hadn't already quit watching, this would have convinced me to. (Nothing against Stafford.

Anon said...

Great actress but geez what a mess this show is. Since this time last year it has really gone into crash and burn mode and it is killing me. Man, they had SO MUCH going for them up through the Nurse's Ball last year...I'm talking the show was about as fun as it was in its glory days. Nowadays it's starting reach Guza levels of poorness and I am serious when I say that. Someone wake ME up if it starts to impeove, otherwise I'll be sitting this stretch out.

ishouldreadmore said...

Yeah, Maxie got out of the house, but she brought Levi with her, so it was stomach wrenching.
Folks seem really excited about this Stafford woman. I don't know her either, and I agree with you that the bloated cast doesn't need more bods. She may be wonderful, but she will get lost among the garbage bag actors that are cluttering up the scene. (Think Levi, Nathan, Jordan, etc. etch.)

Bookworm said...

I haven't had much time to watch GH in the past couple of months and was hoping to catch up soon, but I can see that if I wait much longer, I won't know who anybody is. Why are they bringing this actress on when Finola never get enough air time and Kirsten just returned? I want old-fashioned storytelling with characters I know where I can follow a story from start to finish. I hate all this choppy stuff.

Miranda Poston said...

I watch y and r and GH Michelle Stafford is a great actress

Miranda Poston said...

I watch y and r and GH Michelle Stafford is a great actress

sonya said...

Jail: Nina is ALIVE!!!! Ethan is still yelling at Madaline hahahaha! I like this Ethan, better than the calm not showing emotion Ethan.

Police station: Dr O and Ethan! Dr O is soft when it comes to her son!!! Oh damn she is making me cry!!!

The hospital: Awww Sam is sad. :( Sabrina and Britch scene! That was a nice scene. Hmm shouldn't the baby look smaller? VICTOR! :) Oh Patrick can talk to Robin on the phone!!! :) Oh oh not a good phone call. Awww sad! I was waiting for Patrick to tell Robin he wants a divorce.

Kelly's: Oh Levi! You are such a fake!!! Give it up already! Mac wins the line of the day!!!

Mac: Ahem. Do you mind taking your tongue out of my daughter's mouth?

ROFL! You tell him Mac!!!! :) I love his over protectiveness! And Levi is charming the pants off of Felicia! Oh Maxie and Lulu scene!! Awwww she forgives Maxie YAY! Don't worry Maxie you will be able to see your daughter this month!!! :)

Nina: Oh! She wakes up and says McSilas's name!!!!! IT'S MICHELLE STAFFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! Yes Karen I'm excited!!! :)

friscogh said...

She is a decent actress but bringing her in as a new character, in a storyline with all new characters (most who can not even act) in a family that did not exist in GH until a year ago. If they are trying to make me not care about this character and tune out of her scenes, then yes, they are taking the right approach.
Want to get me excited about a her coming to GH, give me reason to tune in to watch her, not care about her stealing budget and time from legacy characters/vets? Make her an established character as part of a core family. What if she was joining GH as Skye Quartermaine?!

Cosmoetica said...

Frisco's rt. Nothing against her, but she's a big paycheck better spent on recurrign actors- more nurses to fleah out the hosptal, more minor characters, and more folks at the hotel.

No one cares of Sam, Sila, Madeline, nor her progeny.

BTW- Soap Digest says Donna Mills is OUT as Madeline- she cd NOT make it on daytime's sked.

Kanella said...

I care a lot about Sam. Here is hoping Nina comes between Sam and Silas thus pushing Sam closer to Patrick.

Andrea said...


Michelle Stafford is great, but Gh does not need another person on the screen. Why did we need this whole story line?

GH took this weird turn when the OLTL characters had to go. Ron and Frank turned the show on its head to shove them back into the story and totally lost the essence of GH in the process

Ava was brought on to give to give Kristen Alderson a reason to be re introduced and now Ava/Jeromes have this huge story. And Kiki is just a side kick.

This whole Nina thing is to give Silas a story...and this whole story involves NO past character except Sam peripherally as Silas's girlfriend.

and the whole Franco disaster and rewriting of history for him and forcing him with Carly and trying and trying to make us like and forgive him...FAIL.

I wish they would have put that effort into giving Liz or Sam or Maxie or Lucas or Anna or Monica a story, instead of these people who have no connection to anyone.

sonya said...

"Andrea said...and the whole Franco disaster and rewriting of history for him and forcing him with Carly and trying and trying to make us like and forgive him...FAIL."

Hahahaha yeah it failed!!!! Miserably! Because I don't think of him as Franco! He is Todd to me! :)He acts like Todd. And I like Todd and Carly together.

LSV422 said...

Just what we need - another new highly paid cast member. I want to see Finola on my screen full time, Maxie, Alexis and Liz. I think these guys are going beserk. Who cares about Nina or Nathan? I couldn't be more disgusted.

Di said...

The original article says "In addition to Silas, Stafford’s new role connects her to several already well-established GH characters, including Madeline Reeves (her mom)"

Madeline Reeves is their idea of a well-established character?? And they wonder why they're leaking fans!

Soon our true well-established characters will be reduced from monthly appearances to bi-annually.