Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Fake ID

Here we go. Another week down, another week for me to pick apart. And I'm gonna PICK people!! I can't even believe some of the stuff this week. You know I fancy myself a bit of a storyteller and while I'd never, EVER say I'd make a good soap writer, I am going to do some armchair critique.
Because I can.

Grab your I mean um.. OJ..yeah, OJ and let's Bitch Dish!

The Nurses Ball ended with Lucy not finishing it...and then having a cat fight with Bobbie. Welp. There it is. I will say I did enjoy little EMMA's song, and Dr. O's. "Maybe I didn't Love You"... sung to her new  found son and daughter. 

Britt (or rather Kelly Theobald) continues to be one of the best up and coming  actresses on GH on a day to day basis.She seems to capture Britt just perfectly. I love she and Brad's friendship too. She's good with Nathan and they even look like siblings. She was heartbreaking with Nikolas as well. 

I also noted Bobbie was at the Ball..why didn't she talk to her brother for awhile? Hmm? AND, she didn't make  it to AJ's funeral..and then Monica didn't make it to the Ball? Really nice mentions of Robin too. AHAHHAA. Yeah didn't hear one. 
If you aren't on twitter you missed the DRAMAZ surrounding the Ronn Moss mess and "Blackie Parish". Just know that between the "No Show ...due to scheduling" of "Blackie", and teases that Ronn might be replacing him COUPLED with the "Yoplait Greek Yogurt" placement was just hysterical.  Giggle. 

Now I need to bitch a bit. WHY in the WORLD do you follow up the Nurses' Ball--with a damn MOBULAR war? WHY? I don't get it. We have little baby Patrina basically living minute to minute...and ...what? Well, we don't see them in favor of Luke trying to dream up someone else's  face so he can make the love to Tracy.  We don't see Maxie either, because JORDAN is doing some drug deal for Julian. Possibly a Fed. Possibly, I don't care.  Do we see Ned reveling in his Michael-de-Coup?, why would we when Shawn (who obviously lives in the ground floor of Kelly's) and Sonny and Duke plot their crap in THE KITCHEN. 
Come on NOW...

Seriously?  It did make me there's that. 

The highlight for many was Julexis. Hot sex, Alexis' bedroom, black undies. Alexis wants Julian out of the mob. Are they trying to make him a good guy now? 2 days ago he was willing to blow away his SISTER... and now he wants out.
Um...must have been a hell of a session in bed. 
By the way, if Julian REALLY wanted out he would have gone to Sonny with the drug info (even tho Sonny already knew) and joined his alliance. Or just shot Fluke in the head and dumped him in the river. 
(That was MY choice, btw.)

Then there's LULU. Seriously, she's selfish---but THIS selfish? Because she wants to "carry a baby" she's willing to possibly destroy the only embryo she has left? Well DUH. Love that she looked it up on the internet. giggle. AND GOOD LORD  woman, there's a fat baby in that crib so let's wait 2 seconds before having another, 'Kay? I got it! Maybe MOVE into a bigger damn place? You gonna have TWO kids staring at you having sex? GOOGLE: Bigger apartment NOT Will My Womb Work. 

Carly and Todd...SO isolated it's a joke now. They even have sex in the airplane bathroom. Going to see Spin. MAXIE's not going to see him CARLY and FRANCO are.  BAHAHAAA .  :wipingeyes; 

I'm saving this for last:  TRACY.  Unless she's totally like, IN on the whole thing with Ned and playing Luke back-asswards, I can't TAKE it.  She didn't even really bat an eye with Ned's whole getting the family together and flim-flaming her. What? WHAT? She could have called DILLON and reamed him a new one. And, you know...not for nothing, take Jordan, that Levi idiot and a few others and recast Dillion. Just an idea. He could come in and be a rival for Michael. 
Michael..who's running ELQ on his 1/2 brain and what? "Restaurant" running? Maybe Kiki can play Joan in the front office.
Hell, I don't know.  BTW, why not have Monica on more?? ..especially with the Fluke Tracy nuptials?  Or at least be like "ha grandson is running ELQ"!! 

Back to Tracy. 'I've known Luke for decades"... so you don't notice he has ZERO sense of humor anymore? talks in a monotone? Wears "Jammies" to bed? Walks like a mannequin? And while we are on the subject, I think the hazel contacts Geary is wearing are making his eyeballs red. 
PS. I Don't care WHO he is now. He could be Justin Beiber in there and I'd be whatevvvv. 

I get  this is probably Geary's swan song and a bit of an FU to his years as Luke. Got it. Move on. Don't tell stories in chunks. We've not known who Luke is or isn't for months and months. He's on and OFF. Like every other character on GH.  Lost interest.

So, my friends.... after  skipping GH for a week last week and watching this week, I'm still at a crossroads. I am so SO sick of the mob.  Did you pick that up? I was mildly interested in Sonny's guilt and Ava's possibly messing with his meds, but now shes' "on the island" AND Sonny's back in stupid mode "trying to keep drugs out of PC".  :hittingheadonkeyboard:  Can I ask a question? HOW many years are we going to have to put up with this? 20 more? Cause... it's boring as hell. BORING. It was exciting for about 3 years. Since daytime can't stomach writing like  the REAL MOB  should be written, and this isn't a "Sopranos" show, give it up.  Just give it up. thanks.

The whole show can be summed up in Epiphany stomping on Mr. Marbles. That's just how I'm feeling. NOT  like Epiphany, but like Mr. Marbles. Just laying there, thinking: Um, what did I do to deserve this? LOL.  Is it too much to ask for tight stories and characters I care about being on consistently? 

And before you tell me all I do is bitch about the show, I'm way ahead of you.  I didn't watch for a week..I even forgot to update the spoilers for awhile.  So...nature is taking it's course. Slowly but surely. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  the ONLY thing that truly shocked me a bit and made me sit up was when Nik grabbed Liz and planted one on her in the hospital.  Loved Nik calling out Ric's sins. Including  wanting to carve out Carly's baby and 'giving' it to her. heh  I'm not shipping Niz-- I like him better with Britt actually. 
Of course,  NOW Liz doesn't think they should be together..sigh. And so it goes. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  I can't pick Mr.  Marbles again so I'm picking those weird GLO- Hula Hoops the 'dancers' had in the auto-tuned song TJ and Molly sang. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Kiki being Tracy. It was disgusting but it deserves a place in my face gallery. 

That's it.  Interested to see what you all think.  Am I being too harsh?? Am I missing the magic of this Fluke guy?  The weird Tracy stuff? Should I care more about Jordan? Levi?  Is it wrong to have wanted to see more of the baby stuff instead of mobular crap? Maybe I'm numb to it after all these years, but seeing that "gun shot" promo "SOMEONE GETS. SHOT" makes me roll my eyes. 


  1. Nik lip raped Liz. watch it again- her lips didn't move. TERRBLE couple- she and Ric so much more chem.

    Fluke is ok, and it's only been 5-6 weeks. The prob is not the story dragging on- 80s stories ran 12-18 MONTHS, but that it's so poorly writen, edited, and the other characters look stupid. Why wd Fluke bow his scam over Kiki?

  2. I'm out for another week now that the ball is over. See if I miss it. Will still ck in here. Just tired of mob and Fluke AND choppies. Maybe they'll get a clue if ratings go down.i don't want gh canceled but for Cartini etc to buy a clue.

  3. I'm out for another week now that the ball is over. See if I miss it. Will still ck in here. Just tired of mob and Fluke AND choppies. Maybe they'll get a clue if ratings go down.i don't want gh canceled but for Cartini etc to buy a clue.

  4. Five to six WEEKS? No... way. Luke was wheeled out of MISCAVE at the end of Feb...

  5. wait..was it the beginning of Feb? i need to look it up. It feels like eternity Cosmo.. Plus the fact he's acting so weird and hardly ANYONE notices... They should have let us in on who he is weeks ago, imo. The mystery is just flat now.
    I agree on Niz.. I like him with Britt. I like Liz with Lucky LOL

  6. You're not harsh it's bad. FLuke is beyond horrible. I feel bad for wherever Luke is because no-one in his life notices he's been replaced. He's going to need therapy with Doc.

    I miss Monica too. I Tweeted my LOVE for the vets during the NB and didn't realize LC SaaS missing until Tuesday :(

    There are so many people on the show. Half could die in an explosion or monkey virus and I'd be thrilled.

    I do like Britt. KT has really grown as an actress.

  7. Forgot Tracy not cluing in on Luke's different physical characteristics (eye colour), attitude and behavior in public...can't she tell the difference in his characteristics, attitude and behavior in bed?
    AND, if she is in on it did she just have sex with someone she knows is not Luke but she does not know who it is?

  8. We only got the reveal that Luke is Fluke at Nik's engagement party. Miscavige was a few weeks earlier, but the reveal of him as JJ's boss was not that long ago.

  9. Maybe Fluke is a remnant from the old ABC show The Invaders (1960s call out)?

  10. Anna rescued them from Miscavage on February 17. I looked it up on an archive site. I agree that the other people ( especially Tracy) being portrayed as so damn stupid is the worst part of this disgusting story.

    It drives me nuts that they keep repeating Sonny doesn't traffic in drugs. Isn't this the same creep who drugged Karen? Did he order takeout?

    When I repeat to myself it's better than Guza I no longer believe me.

    I agree with Frisco that Tracy being in on it and having sex with who knows who would just make it worse.

    Just make it stop!

  11. Bobbie had scenes with Fluke & Tracy the previous week. She noticed nothing. I think he called her "Bobbie" instead of "Barbara Jean." He wasn't upset about her and Scotty, which Tracy did call out. Nothing else happened though.

    I wish Julian would have been undercover this whole time. I wish Robert would have known and actually been his secret partner, all in a long con to finally get Sonny. Ava could have been oblivious to it & still turned on him, making Julian more conflicted about Sonny. Even that older mobster we saw them kill on the docks months ago could have been shown to be still alive, in WSB custody. Alexis could still be wanting him out, not knowing the truth. Anna could find out at some point and realize she and Julian were on the same side, and Duke had aligned himself with the wrong guy. And we could have an actual good guy instead of another mobster failing to bring the unsinkable Sonny down.

    1. My sister was upset Bobbie didn't notice either for that same reason. He alwaysv calls her Barbara Jean.

  12. Cosmo...right that was March 22 I think (the "outing") I meant his whole behaviour we knew was 'off".

    So Luke didn't call Bobbie Barbara Jean but DID call Alexis Natasha.


  13. ive been following you for years. and i do think you are being a little hard on the "fluke" story. and heres why. while i agree...tracy is being written horribly..and some of it is..icky...why the rush to know who he is? i love storys that have a slow burn. back in the shows heyday...storylines were written out and mapped out to last months..if not a year. look at the ice princess storyline. everyone wants some sort of instant gratification. while im not sure who fluke is...its got to be bill..right?...i think the character is working because...i suspect that fluke was filled with lukes memories...nd his initial rwaction to it..made him more reckless...youll noticve in recent weeks hes not quite as all over the place.....hes adjusting to whatever was done to him to make him have luks memories. now, whomever is hiding behind lukes acclimating doesnt matter that hes doing unluke like things....whomever this is is so arrogant...all he needs is the face...and lukes past...and t does set up some hopefully great stuff when the real luke comes back. and if its bill, at least the character does have some ties to current cast members. anna was a good friend....mac was not....etc far as the current stories go. there are some lemons, but the choppiness makes some sense to me....stretching the storys out...letting them play out slowly.....i kind of like that....instead of story mcnuggets..the show has ebbed and flowed since the new guys took over...i suspect it will do so again and again....i think they catch on to things..tho there is some stubborness....nina.....but they have given us ava..the best sonny story in a long time....a charcter ive been done with for years..the return of a viable nikolas....britt. there are things that arent working. i hope that they will reroute them , but they dont have time to change things on a dime. once a story starts to roll they have to commit. i can bitch as much as the next person, but i just kind of watch..week to week..knowing gthat a change will come and ill have some fun..get bored...get mad...and vback to fun. it beats the alternative to not having it at all.

  14. dar said...

    It drives me nuts that they keep repeating Sonny doesn't traffic in drugs. Isn't this the same creep who drugged Karen? Did he order takeout?


    Dar, this is what they call a wink and nod. ABC doesn't want the show's star to be seen as 'endorsing' drug use, so they tacitly admit he does by overexaggerating the 'No, no, of course not, he's the most powerful Mob boss on the east Coast, but the only one whose Biz is not 90% drugs, and stays in power' BS.

    Sonny drugged and raped Karen and a few other strippers, and while ABC removed that scene, there are others where Sonny is called out on it by Edward online.

    All the Mob sheeze has to end. It is driving away fans like the Guza years. It's rumored that Sonny goes into a coma. PLEASE, let this happen!

    I also love how there are no underlings and Mob Bosses like Sonny, JJ and Fluke go to kill all on their own. Maybe if they cut 2/3s of the bloated contract cast they could add realism w extras!

  15. Decker: I agree the fluke tale's lenght is not the prob, it's poor writing is.

    Same w the Sonny tale- and Maurice Benard's acting is ATROCIOUS. Google Sonny from the 1990s on YT. MB was great then and Sonny was a great character and out and out bad guy.

  16. This team is NOT better than Guza...they're just better at the bait and switch and acting like they care about GH legacy characters and show history...

  17. You're not too harsh at all, right on the money! Great blog Karen!

  18. "Karen says I think the hazel contacts Geary is wearing are making his eyeballs red."

    I noticed his eye red!!! I was wondering if he has pink eye, or maybe it's the lightning. Maybe it IS the contacts!!!

  19. I think the format of focusing on one or two storylines and forgetting about others is really killing this show. There is no momentum and it is hard to sustain interest, a huge ongoing flaw with this writing dept. Quite a mess. The mob is truly played out and most of all, Sonny Corinthos. I am really curious as to how this Fluke storyline will play out, especially if it turns out that he is physically another person. Only having him actually be Luke but brainwashed into another identity would explain how he would go undetected, especially by his now wife. Any other option, including being Bill Eckert would be a further insult to intelligence.

  20. going back to the day they wheeled Fluke into the hospital and showed his eyes, we all knew something was up. I also noticed the red eyes

  21. This week, I watched Monday and Tuesday for the ball--majorly disappointed, btw--and I haven't cared to watch since. My mom said Friday was really good, but i can't bring myself to care. Instead of watching the last three episodes on demand, i've watched 3 episodes of Buffy and Sixteen Candles this morning. This is the type of day that is perfect for catching up, but I just can't do it.

  22. Sorry about posting again, but...

    The red eyes might actually be part of the storyline. We know Fluke has been taking the coke that he ships in through Julian's organization, so maybe the red eye is on purpose. My mom actually asked me if TG was using again.

  23. Karen you are not being harsh.

    There is a lot to complain about. I'm am tired of this fake Luke story, mainly because it has dragged out for so long. We have known Luke was not Luke since mid February. we are looking at the end of May here... It is time to reveal who he is and move on with this story. I was never a huge mob fan and Sonny's story was played out almost 20 years ago. It has just been rinse and repeat ever since. It is time to move on. I hope this story starts to move and they get rid of the mob once and for all.

    Why do we even have Carly and Franco here. They have been in complete isolation from everyone else on the soap. Now they are on a plane to get to Spin? Are we going to see the plane ride back too?

    There were some high points in the NB, but The whole point of Aids and what they are raising money for seems to be lost in the mix of over auto-tuned songs. Luke and Tracy getting married during it was completely wrong, and all of the ELQ stuff should have been done on the air - not just announced as a fait accompli. I would much rather see that than any of this mob stuff.

    Howe much longer can they drag out Patrina's baby? Sabby has to be ready to burst in real life to either they are going to have it end soon somehow.

    Ok Lulu, you have the embryo back. But do you have to use it right this very second? Enjoy your new baby for a while, why don't you wait until Rocko is at least a year before you try to spawn another one. Because you know Lulu is tottering on the edge now, a new pregnancy and baby would shove her right into Heather Webber land. And we have enough baby storied right now.

  24. The reason I don't think it could be a "brainwashed Luke" is that Julian has said we've worked together for years-- and I've laundered your money.
    Ergo...unless it's someone with Luke's face and he knows he's a switch, he couldn't have had that kind of history if the JUST brainwashed him.

  25. So disappointing! Cartini has undone all the good will they generated in their first year (and for making Robert Scorpio's last appearance fairly badass) by driving GH over the cliff. From the penthouse to the outhouse, I guess :(

    Oh well, at least Scotty and Lucy get some screen time. I like Britt as well and you are right that actress has really improved and is frankly one of the highlights of the show these days.

    Much respect for Tony Geary, but if this is his swan song, I hoped for better. One last real adventure with Robert or maybe the two of them go out in a blaze of glory against the Cassadines or something like Butch and Sundance.


  26. Most of the bitchin' and complaining is understandable and even deserved for the most part. But soaps have always had highs and lows...though the lows seem to have been here now for awhile. (The Nurses Ball was a decided letdown.)

    I wonder what we don't know--like what is guaranteed in Maurice's contract that keeps him on and on. I know there are some who still love Sonny, but Guza greatly reduced that number with years of over exposure of the mob and Sonny badly needed to sit on the back burner for awhile. Maybe he is still guaranteed so many appearances a week. I'd like to see him alone for awhile, if I must see him at all.

    Geary has had lots of input into his storylines, but I wouldn't trust him to always know what's good for Luke. Still, I suspect he likes this crappy story because it gives him some meat. But for me, that meat is tainted. My Luke is a much better fella than Geary has in mind and yet, maybe he isn't liking this stuff any better than we are. I don't see his enjoyment...and oh, how I miss Genie.

    I agree on Liz/Nik. Their original fling was a betrayal and embarrassing, and I really liked him with Britt--felt they had real report and mutual understanding. They share so much background pain, too. Britt has really grown on me. I like Liz a lot but she still seems a bit like a little girl to me.

    I want to see more of Anna and her police skills and her romance with Duke (they are lovely together)--she's the heroine of the show. I'm enjoying Julian and Alexis.

    I'm still watching, but I know Ron can do better than this current stuff...

  27. We bitch because we care! It's our show and we want it to be entertaining and not a shell of it's former self. The 80's were crazy fun and over the top and the money was there. While I don't expect the excess of the 80's, I do want quality storytelling. I do want love in the afternoon, romance, hell a super couple would be nice again! Do we even have a "super couple" anymore? Can anyone name one? We need the vets to anchor the show, they are rich in history and to compliment the newer faces but, all we are getting is the vets being used as props. There are some really interesting new characters like Britt, I totally agree! But, then we have Levi…I'm sooooo over the "Luke" crap. Maybe Geary's eyes are red because between takes he's in his dressing room crying over the crap storyline. If that's not the case then he should be in his dressing room crying!!! That's my bitching for this week!

  28. The song is called "Always on My Mind" once sung by Willie Nelson. ;)

  29. kdmask said...

    The reason I don't think it could be a "brainwashed Luke" is that Julian has said we've worked together for years-- and I've laundered your money.
    Ergo...unless it's someone with Luke's face and he knows he's a switch, he couldn't have had that kind of history if the JUST brainwashed him.
    May 18, 2014 at 5:50 PM


    Karen: it could be Julian has been meeting with Fluke, and assuming it's Luke all along.

    I'm not sure, from their exchange, that JJ did know it was someone other than Luke.

    My point is that Luke could have gone about his Biz while Fluke popped in and out, pretending to be Luke.

    Recall, JJ was 20 years gone from PC and not around when Luke was in his heyday, and Luke was gonzo in the late 80s.

  30. I thought when they were on the docks Julian told Fluke "don't forget I'm the only one that knows your true identity"

  31. I think he said I know who you are, which means he cd just know Luke has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes, not necessarily that he's an imposter.

  32. I don't know if you'll see this, but Yes, Cosmo, I agree, Luke COULD have been a king pin all these years off canvas.
    The sudden personality change? I guess we'd chalk up to Miscavage?

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