Friday, May 2, 2014

TGIF... (Tony Geary is Funny)

ahaha, see what I did there? Actually TG's on my last nerve with this NOTLuke story. Whatever.  He tells Julian to kill Ava. So, there's that.  Geesh that secretary was awful.  Anyway-- Nedly saw the money.  
Julian pulls a gun on Ava...

Yeah for Ned and Alexis. I miss them SO MUCH!! Such a great couple!! eeeee!!! Gatekeepers! This was the only thing I enjoyed on the show today. Their al fresco dining at Kelly's.
Sam runs her mouth right to Alexis about Robin and Pat. LOL 

Ava and Sonny--blah blah..angst.  SHE'S going to the ISLAND!! WILL she get a dress?

Carly and Todd helped Anna hack into AJ's phone records. hoo. So sad. I miss him!!  At least Anna asked about Ava's visiting him. 

Good fake baby in that incubator. I do like Felix and Sabby's friendship.  Sam and Paddy are nice as well. It's been so long since they've had a scene though. That's the prob with the whole show. SO JUMPY.  Aw, Pat can't tell her about St. Jaysus. 

where THE HELL is Lucas? I was excited about him coming back. He has a history on the show, relatives and what? He boffed Brad--then what? ummmmmmm. Maybe he watches Josslyn on a daily basis. 

People on FB and twitter are orgasmic over Michelle Stafford coming. I understand she's a good actress. I however am SO OVER new characters on this show. So there.  Now we'll have a Silas Sam Nina thing going on.  

Boy, I'm a crab. 


AntJoan said...

Karen, Someone told me that they are recasting Robin AND Jason. Any word on this?

ishouldreadmore said...

Karen, You forgot: it's going to be Silas, Nina, Sam, and Jasus. Rumor has it he has been recast and is coming back. Are they going for a Guiness record for the largest cast in one show???? Enough already.

Di said...

At least Jason's a heritage character. I'd love for him to have suffered a set back during his thawing and come back as Jason Quartermaine. lol

kdmask said...

I have heard the Jason recast rumors. Not really sure how I feel about that. There are too many damn people now. I kinda like Jason gone-- as for recasting Robin? NONONO I didn't hear that..and I hope it's NOT TRUE!!

Di said...

These new writers want GH to be totally unrecognizable.

sonya said...

Poor crabby Karen! ROFL! :)

ELQ: Who the hell is that receptionist? ROFL! And Fake Luke talks to himself. He talks to someone named Woody! Who is Woody?!

Fake Luke: Ava needs to die.

Me: Aww what's the matta Julian? Why so squeamish? Oh is it because of Alexis? :)

Ned and Alexis: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :) Finally they got a scene together!!! :) Oh! Alexis has been talking to Jax!!!! :)

Alexis: I'm actually seeing somebody.

Really Alexis? The writers hardly show you two together!!! We don't even get to see you and Julian making love!!! Are you two even in love yet? How long have you two been dating? Are you two a couple?! I'm over you and Julian! You should get back together with Nedly! :)

Ava's art gallery: Oh great! Just pile on more guilt for Sonny! Caaaaaaaaaaaarlos in jail! And Sonny feels the guilt, but he is just going to let Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos rot in jail!!! Oh he is going to let Ava hide at his island!!!! Will there be a beautiful dress waiting for her? Will she be able to win at the casinos? Boy for someone who is scared, she sure is packing so slowly! No urgency right? OH JULIAN POINTS A GUN AT HER!!!! You should have seen me! I yelled out SHOOT HER! :) But I betcha he will just talk to her to death.

Police station: BobTodd, Anna, and Carly scene! Carly is wearing her summer hooker outfit today! :)

Bobtodd wins the line of the day!

BobTodd: AJ outlived his phone? That's just sad.

ROFL! And he has a dead pan face! :)

The hospital: Great Patrick and Sam scene! I'm so glad they are friends. :) More whining from Patrick about Robin though. Carly and BobTodd on the case of AJ's phone! OH! There was one message in it before the phone died!!!! Felix and Sabrina scene awwwwww! :(

CareyN said...

Sonya--he said "Buddy" not "Woody". I had to rewind that and watch it again because at one point I thought he said "Al", but he had said "Pal". So, he's avenging a friend's death...that narrows it down to..........No different from before!!!

Cosmoetica said...

When Dante spoke of Sonny killing Lt. Poletti, he spoke of a friend named Billy or Buddy, who was Poletti's son, or nephew.

This may be a reach, but RC, for his flaws, is very big on minor details.

Sly and Bill were part Italian via Bill's mom. When Bill died,Sly went to live w Paul and jenny, but maybe they went to NY,and visited Italian cousins- the Polettis?

Maybe Poletti was related to Bill, on his mom's side, and after Poletti was killed by Sonny, maybe Sly (as Buddy) or a cousin of Dante's pal, went off the rails. Bill might blame Sonny for killing a relative, and hates the Mob cuz of Frank Smith.

It's a stretch, but does anyone know if Dante's youthful pal who saw Poletti killed was named Billy or Buddy?

dar said...

Any truth to rumor that Julian is leaving? I'm not crazy about him but there are a lot of others I'd rather see go and at least we occasionally see Alexis.

Kat Tu said...

Michelle Stafford has had to much Botox...she has ruined her looks like so many. Personally I don't think she is needed. Don't the writers get paid for every NEW character? They sure don't care about GH anymore, just their wallets.

sonya said...

"CareyN said...Sonya--he said "Buddy" not "Woody"."

Oh really? Thanks. :)

"So, he's avenging a friend's death...that narrows it down to..........No different from before!!!"

ROFL! Yeah that is no help at all! :)

Kat Tu said...

I have heard rumors of Elizabeth Hendrickson being considered for the role of Robin. I think she has the right resemblance and is a good enough actor.

Kat Tu said...

But I want Kimberly back....I'd rather not have Robin if we are recasting...... :(

cooks7570 said...

No Ron and Frank do not get paid for newbies, they do not know where that came from.

soaplover said...

It was a relief when Steve left, taking Jason with him. I say this because I felt it would diminish the time spent on mob. Not so. But then, I guess they would have to get rid of Sonny (I can only dream) to really cut out mob crap. We don't need Jason.

I am losing interest in the show because:

Too many people to keep track of and most not on often enough to involve me. Really annoying characters, like Levi, being added for no reason.

They are ruining my own favorite, Luke. Whoever he is doesn't matter so much when I am starting to feel nothing at all for Geary. He may be having fun with this, but the story isn't really much fun for us.

I liked the Silas/Sam romance, but they get too little air time to involve us in their emotions and feelings for each other. For a romance to succeed in daytime, it is critical we get emotionally involved with them. Seeing them once a week or less doesn't do it. Little short scenes don't do it.

The people I once cared about, like Anna, are on too little with too little continuity, and I'm getting way too much of people I don't care about (Obrecht, Madelyn, Ava, Jordon, Shawn, Sabrina, etc). Makes for a boring show.

sonya said...

"soaplover says I liked the Silas/Sam romance, but they get too little air time to involve us in their emotions and feelings for each other. For a romance to succeed in daytime, it is critical we get emotionally involved with them. Seeing them once a week or less doesn't do it. Little short scenes don't do it."

Yeah just like with Alexis and Julian!!! We hardly see them together, and when we do, it's just for a scene or two! If they broke up, I wouldn't be heartbroken about it. I want Alexis and Ned back together. :)

Nancy Hughes said...

Wubs absolutely love you. You are right on and so funny. Miss you on twitter. I am rarely on.
Keep up the great work, Nanci