Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Moot Points

Huge day, I'll be watching GH via DVR later.  I did want to mention on thing though.. to reinforce my point about character rotation. I take it that Olivia is on break now, and her point/story is moot.  I really miss the days when soaps had a narrow cast and even if you were 'back burner' you were on almost daily. Would it have killed anyone to have put her say, in the Lante scene at Kelly's? Patrina are back after 2 weeks off.  Dr. O is certainly not around. I think she's with Brad, helping Monica get those funeral snacks. *sigh*  
The fragmentation is killin' me.  My heart went boom for about 3 minutes when Sonny found out yesterday and now I'm all like:  eh.  And...I was strangely unmoved that Lucas might die.  You? 

NED IS ON, this from WALLY KURTH on Twitter:

Just read in SOD that Ned's gonna be appearing more. Thrilled.


  1. Trying to figure out who Fluke are my nominees, since I can't make sense of it being Bill Eckert.

    Joe Scully
    Frank Smith
    Damian Smith
    Trevor Lansing


  2. Arwen, I've got my money on Gino Solito, who was briefly married to Tracy before he died (hence the animosity toward her and the time Julian said to him "I guess you have to get back to your ex-wife") and he was a known pervert for impregnating Claudia in her teens (which could explain his obsession with Kiki). So far, he fits the most with how the character is being written.

    But I like the idea of Joe Scully Senior, who may dislike Tracy since she's part of the reason Joe Scully Jr died. Have we had a Fluke/Ric scene yet? That would clear up the Trevor Lansing idea....

  3. I don't think Trevor Lansing was tall enough. Don't think Damian Smith was that tall either, but I guess in a world where you can fly to PR in 5 minutes details are unimportant.

  4. LindaV, you're so right. I tend not to complain about much on GH because I watch soaps for the fantastical stuff: space aliens, evil twins, back-from-the-deads, trips to heaven and hell. It's a soap. It's supposed to have wildly unrealistic drama with mediocre actors. If I want realistic drama with mediocre actors I'll just turn on the news.

    But yes, the instant trip to PR did bug me. Mostly because I think it would have been more dramatic if yesterday showed Sonny getting the truth and exploding, and then today showed Ava and Kiki reconnecting, and maybe Morgan checking in on her to make sure she's ok, and perhaps she could have sent flowers to her nephew Lucas...have her think she's getting her life back, then -BAM- Sonny walks in at the end. That would have been some good suspense and build up.

  5. Trevor Lansing seems to be the logical choice lately I guess

  6. I have to admit I decided to take a break this week and I really haven't missed it at all. I'll come back when things start to heat up again. Whenever that is. :/

  7. Actually I didn't mind today's ep. I really enjoyed the scenes with Rick and Elizabeth. They have great chemistry, something that was sorely lacking between Elizabeth and Nicholas. They both seemed almost bored in their scenes.

  8. Metrocourt: Olivia and Fake Luke scene! Man He was getting really cozy with her! Ric and Fake Luke scene. No Ric! You don't want to mess with HIM! Not the other way around. Ric and Liz scene. Love Liz's outfit! Oh they are gonna have sex! YESSSSS! BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: Hello. Look I don't know you. Carly should we take his lunch money and beat him up?


    Sonny's island: Sonny is playing cat and mouse with Ava!!! :) And boy he got to his island really fast! :)

    Q home: OH YES! Tracy is beginning to wonder about fake Luke! OH NO! Lulu talked Tracy out of her suspicions!!!

    Police station: Poor Dante with his record! No don't make Dante his fault! And Anna why did you tell Dante the truth about Jordan!?!?! THAT WAS SECRET! BAH!

  9. Sonya, I think Anna HAD TO tell Dante the truth about Jordan, or else he never would understand why she was let go. He also was undercover, so I'm sure knows how to keep a secret (well, in real life a detective would be able to keep a secret, but on GH, it seems no one can for long . . .). Luke and Olivia, eeeeewwwwww. . .

    NEDLY, yes, please come back to stay, WE LOVE YOU!!

    I liked yesterday's show, fast-paced, and, as always, great acting!!

  10. Loved Liz and Ric - she looked so beautiful. So did Olivia. The scenes with Fluke and her were creepy. And shame on Tracy for believing that garbage from Lulu that Luke has been MIA planning their honeymoon. She saw Luke threatening Ned. So glad Ned will be back and I am really happy to see Ric. He was sorely missed. Ava could care less about anybody but Ava. Sonny's cat and mouse game with her is pointless since she is much smarter than him.

  11. "AntJoan said...(well, in real life a detective would be able to keep a secret, but on GH, it seems no one can for long . . .)."

    Exactly!!! That is why Anna shouldn't of told Dante! Nobody can keep a secret!

    "Luke and Olivia, eeeeewwwwww. . ."

    Fake Luke is so skeevy!!!

    "NEDLY, yes, please come back to stay, WE LOVE YOU!!:

    Yes Nedly! WE LOVE YOU!!! So glad he is staying, but it's too bad Wally had to find out about it in SOD.