Thursday, May 22, 2014

SO.... When is NINA Back?

DAYTIME Confidential reports she'll be on June 3rd. In case you didn't see the 1 second clip, Nina "woke Up" from her coma weeks ago--revealing that Michelle Stafford would play her. 
She recently sent flowers to Silas.


  1. A couple days ago GH FB page posted are you excited for Nina's return? I'm like no. After a month who even remembers?

  2. I am thinking what wonderful doctors she must have. She spends 20 years in a coma, and then is already well enough to not only find Silas, but figures out how to send flowers? No internet when she went to sleep. no every day cell phones, so how did she become so acclimated to today's lifestyle so quickly? Her mom's in jail isn't she? Does Nina know what her mom did to her? Are we just going to forget that she was isolated for so many years? So many questions.... and do we care to hear the answers? Doubt it.

  3. Just don't care. The show is so choppy and the continuity sucks.

    I am honestly so disappointed! I adored OLTL, continuity was fine, editing was great and stories were good. Here, all the stories stink and it takes forever and a year to get to the bottom of the story and at that point, no one cares anymore. Such a shame!!

  4. I won't be happy until this awful Luke/whoever is done