Friday, May 16, 2014


UGH next week is alll about the damn mobular war. Like we haven't seen 456 shoot-outs BEFORE!! LOL   Julian wants out. YAWN.  Fluke is on my LAST NERVE. 


Lulu researched her womb problem on the internet.  WombMD lol I got a million of 'em. WHY would she risk a pregnancy with her LAST embryo? How stupid. PLUS come on--if she  DID lose it, she'd go bat cray.  You are being selfish.
AND CAN we lay off the babies? You just got Rocco there.  

Best part of today's show? Nik listing Ric's sins..and then kissing the hell out of Liz. I love Nik and Britt but I'll take some hospital room action any day.

Jordan was on. don't care.


soaplover said...

I had hoped with the ratings drop and fans complaining, the show would smarten up and get back on track. Not happening. Mob crap will NOT make it with GH fans who have enough of that to last two lifetimes. I HATE the Luke story (if it is a story). I'm weary of Obrecht (though the actress is good--I've had enough of her for awhile). If this about Julian and Sonny and Duke, etc, getting out of crime, then I'm all for it and make it quick!

I used to complain constantly about Guza's dark repetitious mob junk, now we have Ron repeating bad Guza junk. Double boring. And tedious.

Carrie said...

I watched a solid 5 days but I have no interest in Mob s/l. So I'm back on hiatus unless LiRic gets some action.

Di said...

Did anyone else notice the "cast of GH" giving a message to Barbara Walters? Didn't look like the cast of any GH I knew, except for Sonny and Carly.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of the few that doesn't really mind all the mob stuff, but I seriously cannot stand Shawn....never could. The way he told Sonny that it was Duke's fault? Really? Um, no, it's JORDAN'S fault if she gets busted! What an ass! I did, however, love how Duke wasn't intimidated by him.

I also can't stand the Luke storyline (and I love Tony Geary). How Tracy doesn't think something is off with him when she knows he was drugged? And not having Bobbie and even Lulu spend any time with him other than a minute or two?

Anonymous said...

I need to clarify my comment about Tracy knowing Luke was drugged. Whether this is Luke or not, just knowing Luke was drugged and he's been acting different should have her concerned.

dar said...

It's been 3 months and the Puke story drags on. Is anyone enjoying Tracy being portrayed as a desperate fool?
Who is writing this crap? Puke referred to Ned as sycophant. Whoever wrote that line doesn't seem to know what the word means. Ned is not a toady or a fawning persons who sucks up to someone in power. I hate it when big words are used incorrectly.

This show sucks right now. Are they deliberately trying to lose viewers to give the network an excuse to cancel the show?

smcriger, I agree about Shaun. Awful actor. And he was on every damn day this week. Ugh.

sonya said...

Kelly's: Shawn, Sonny, and Duke scene. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Pier: Oh! Julian wants to quit!!!! :) Fake Luke won't let him! I was hoping Julian would say Fake Luke's real name!! Damn! Does Tony Geary have pink eye? Or is it just the lighting? Julian won't be intimidated by fake Luke and quit haha.

Alexis's home: Oh this is so annoying! Alexis!!! Ric is NOT Julian's boss for crying out loud!!! If it's not Sonny who think Ric is the bad guy, it's you! BAH!

Lante home: So there is a surgery that can have Lulu carry the baby to term? Hmmmm.

Nik and Liz: Nik kisses Liz! Hot hot! :) Altho I'm glad Liz wants to get off of this merry go round. She chooses Ric YAY! :)

Ava's art gallery: Sweet scene between Jordan and TJ awwww. :) Jordan is hiding something! It's written all over her face.

soaplover said...

Developments today indicate they may be winding down the mob crap. Julian wants out, Duke wants out, Jordan is undoubtedly undercover, Ric has reformed, so maybe this is how this GH regime gets rid of tiresome day-in, day-out crime in PC.

Its a good thought!

Now if Luke could just go back to being true Luke--(and not the Luke Guza created).

No more babies for awhile, Lulu, please. So tired of baby stories.

Off topic: does anyone know why the little trashcan appears at the end of my postings? Just mine, and for awhile now.

Cosmoetica said...

This is sub-Guza level.

Nik and Liz were the WORST couple- ZERO chem. STOP! STOP w them, please!

Andrea said...

Soaplover said

Off topic: does anyone know why the little trashcan appears at the end of my postings? Just mine, and for awhile now

The trash can is there so you can delete your post if you want to.

the show is driving me nuts. Enough with the baby stories!

Can we please get this mob thing over with. Since everyone appear to want out of the mob they should all just walk away together and hang Sonny and Luke out to dry. So we can move on to other things.