Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daytime Nominations

Emmy Nods are are the General Hospital actors/actresses --

Kelly Sullivan (suppoting) 
Jane Elliot (supporting)
Dom Zamprogna  (supporting)
Chad Duell (younger)
Kirsten Alderson (younger)
Jason Thompson (lead)
Bradford Anderson (Supporting)

*There was NO nom in the lead actress category. 

THE PROPS dept got a nomination. You know I love them!! woot! 

GH did NOT get nominated for writing, directing or for  best daytime series.

For A complete list go to DAYTIME EMMYS 


CareyN said...

Both Morgan and Michael were nominated for younger actor. :)

kdmask said...

I know, AND KIKI ..LOL

Carrie said...

You know your show is bad when 1/2 the competition was cancelled and you still don't get a nomination.

FrankStrovel said...

If Roger Howarth is so scary great that we HAVE to have him as Todd/Franco/Anybody... why was he such a non-factor in this year's race?

"The Chew" got a nomination in their show category. Just sayin'.

Happy for the "GH-8" who got acting noms but if there has to be ONE PERSON to root for this year it's Jane Elliot. (And maybe Jason Thompson.)

LSV422 said...

Jason and Jane deserve a win - both are outstanding!

Andrea said...

Gh did not get nominated for writing, because they write a farce not a daytime drama.

Jason Thompson was outstanding and Jane is a class act.

dar said...

Who is the actress playing Nina?

Di said...

I can't believe KA got nominated again!

And a cancelled soap that appeared online briefly beat them out for best drama. Do you think maybe they'll get the hint?

soaplover said...

They overlooked Finola!!!???
One of the best actors in TV, let alone soaps. Can't believe they wouldn't nominate her.

FrankStrovel said...

Ron C.just tweeted that they submitted the Patrick/Emma/Robin reunion episodes for Emmy consideration. Not the Nurses Ball.

LSV422 said...

I too, cannot believe Finola didn't get nominated. Don't even care to watch this year, if it even makes it to TV.

MatchboxGinny said...

I can clearly see why an Emmy nom wasn't given for writing if they submitted Robin's reunion. It was very poorly written, by far one of the worst reunion stories ever. It simply fell flat. Obviously not Emmy worthy.

What worries me more is the fact that Ron (and perhaps others) truly believed it to be Emmy worthy.