Thursday, May 15, 2014

UGH times TWO

Ok...I'm not going to tell you what happens during the FLUKE and Tracy "Sex Scene" but it's enough to make me throw up a little bit. This "Luke" crap is getting old. AND TRACY not even being pissed about Michael running ELQ? Is she the one that's not REAL? UGH... 

Julian and Alexis ..Alexis wants him out of the mob. Hell, know they never leave, didn't you ask Sonny to do that? 

Michael taking over ELQ...with training work. Okay then! Tracy doesn't believe Kiki about Luke. whatevvvvvvverrrrrrrrr

Jordan buys TJ a car..she has to be a Fed agent narc. And Shaun is his Daddy. Swear.

The EMBRYO is LANTE'S. And Dr. O goes free. And Anna seems really ..ok about it.  Lulu is wondering who can carry that baby.

GOD, is Sonny that stupid TOO? Like Luke would ever talk like that?! This show is on my last nerve.
He called Sonny Daddy-O!! ahahaaa. OMG. 


  1. I do not believe for one second that the embryo is Lantes. I'm sure it is implanted in someone already.

    Alexis doesn't learn a thing. People do not leave the mob.

    This Luke thing...dragging it out forever. Why everything else that happens on GH is rushed beyond belief but not this.
    Neither Sonny or Tracy should be that stupid. Lukje has never acted like that in his life. Now I want Laura to walk into a scene and say... Who are you? You're not Luke, just to show Tracy up.

    Luke/Tracy/Kiki-a little too weird.

  2. I FREAKED out with that face. ugh

  3. Omg Genie coming back and outting him would be great!

  4. Puke pretending that Tracy was Kiki was just disgusting. I hate it. When is this going to end?

  5. Lante home: Olivia is crying. :( Stupid Sonny!!! Oh oh Dante says he would never cheat on Lulu! That means he will!!!! Oh so the embryo is theirs!!! Great!!! Lulu doesn't want another surrogate. Lulu wants to carry their next baby? HOW LULU!?!?!?!!? Be serious!

    Fake Luke and Tracy: Fake Luke doesn't want to make love to Tracy hahahha. He has to pretend Tracy is Starki in order to do it!!! Hahaha ewww!

    ELQ: Hmmm I guess Starki and Michael are not on a break anymore?

    Pier: The pier is so busy! With Duke, Fake Luke, and Sonny! I'm surprised nobody was killed!

    Alexis and Julian: Mmmm Julian is hot with just his underwear. :) Oh Alexis wants him to quit the mob! ROFL!

    Kelly's: Jordan gave her son a car!!! I am thinking more and more she is a spy for the cops and that Shawn is TJ's bio father!!

  6. I know almost nothing about the Jerome family (except what's been on since they came back), but I THINK Fluke is Julian's FATHER.

    OK, I don't know the history really of who his father is, how he died, etc. (although it's been mentioned), but I found lots of hints yesterday.

    Ok, so I might be totally off base. But, if I'm correct, THEN YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

  7. I actually fell asleep twice while watching yesterday's show...I can't remember thelast time I did that