Friday, May 23, 2014

Jimmy Kimmel Mention!

Kevin thinks the Nurses' Ball fiasco would be a good monologue.  Lucy can't say she doesn't love Scotty. 

Bobbie is on!  Talking to Fluke.   Then Alexis talks to him while Luke speaks in a flatline looooowwww looowwww voice. 

LOVED Carly's outfit. Really. And since it's freezing cold today--brrrrrrr. Looks good! 

Shaun tells Sonny Ava shot Olivia  Sonny: @@
There's only one way Ava's gonna get out of this one. She's reminding me of Claudia in some ways.  

Julian blackmails Scott using those old bribery charges.  

Jordan's not telling TJ she's DEA. 

Wow, Carly and Franco. Alone again. Shocker.  


  1. Ava has to tell Sonny she is pregnant.

    What is worse than a week when Sonny is on every damn day? A week when both Sonny and Puke are on every day. Ugh!

    Was OLTL ever this bad under the current regime?

  2. Just wait until Sonny finds out Ava shot -and killed- Connie!

    Didn't Ava have some equal or greater blackmail over Shawn to keep him from spilling about her shooting Olivia?

  3. dar,
    Like any soap OLTL had its good and bad times, but the last year it was must see just about every day. I know this regime can do really good stuff--in fact, they did a great job turning GH aound the first year. Maybe they got a hugh batch of organized mail from Sonny fans and they took them seriously, not realizing the majority of weary viewers had come to hate Sonny and the mob long long ago.

    Watching Maurice this week I realized again that he can do good work; it is just that we have seen it all a zillion times. It's never a surprise what he will do in any circumstance. Geary is different; he has always made interestng acting choices. But this character he is playing now is so dispicable it doesn't matter. We don't want to see it.

  4. Kelly's: Lucy and Kevin scene! :( Poor Kevin. :( I don't blame you for wanting a divorce. So sad. Kevin won the line of the day.

    Kevin: Now I didn't check the ratings, but judging from the number of people stare at me and snicker, I'd say they won their time slot. Jimmy Kimble wrote me into his opening monolog.

    ROFL! What? That makes no sense. And the snickering? HUH?! Why would Kevin be made out to be the bad guy? Lucy should be the one who is getting all the flack and the snickering. Kevin didn't cheat! Lucy did!

    Police station: Anna is taking pot shots at Scotty hahahaha.

    Jail: TJ and Jordan scene. Great scene! Poor TJ. :( I wish Jordan can tell TJ the truth but she can't. :( Hey guard! Julian has a right to his one phone call you jerk! Let him!

    Carly's home: I love Carly's shirt! :)Yes Carly good idea. Go tell Sonny what you know! :) And I don't think all the messages are from Anna! I think some are gonna be about Lucas. Your mother left you a message maybe?

    Sonny's office: Shawn and Sonny. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Until Shawn says to him that Ava shot Olivia! Then I am interested! :) Oh Carly shows up YES! :)

    The hospital: Oh oh Fake Luke is going to kill Lucas! Oh boy this is a rehash of Ava and AJ! Ava talking to AJ before she kills him, just like Fake Luke with Lucas! Oh Bobbie! :) Yesterday she was out of town! Glad she is back! Oh I hate these Natasha and Fake Luke scenes. Normally I love Natasha and Luke scenes, but since this isn't Luke, BAH! Fake Luke is trying his damndest to get Bobbie out of the way! Hurry Julian HURRY!

  5. Fluke is 1000x more interesting than Luke- his story is just wretchedly written, w him and others written as beyond dumb.

  6. Cosmo, I'll give you that. Seriously, I LOVED the concept.

  7. WHAT??!! AVA IS PG?? Say it isn't so!!!! Sonny's super sperm strikes again??!! Oh noooooo . . . Not more Sonny spawn!! And wasn't Ava drinking a drink on the island, so maybe she's not PG? (Please G-d, we can only hope . . .)

    Or will it me another WTD story, Sonny or Morgan? I am not being sarcastic here, I really think a father/son WTD story has not been done before (and I hope it stays that way. . .)

  8. AntJoan,
    I'm not saying she is pregnant. I just think she has to say that to keep Sonny from killing her.

  9. Dar, Oh, whew, you scared me there, I see, when you said she "has to tell Sonny she is PG" you meant in order to save her own life, not because it's true, I guess I misunderstood.

  10. Cosmo says: Fluke is 1000x more interesting than Luke... And there may be some truth there if he means the Luke after being Guzafied and later back-burnered, etc.

    Evidently Cosmo never saw Luke in his earlier Luke'nLaura days, where every day was a treat just to see what the two would do. One great memory was when Luke was hiding out from Cassadines thugs at a skid row mission, serving soup and xeroxing handouts to the down-and-outer. Laura couldn't stay away, so she had Skip take her there. Luke was apalled she should see him there in his filthy scuffy rags and when she starts to hug him, he says, 'Careful, Darlin', I'm not alone in these clothes', Scratch..scratch... and they proceed to hide away so they can talk--and it was so touching the way they were so happy to see one another and he tries to explain why he's there--and she knows--'you provoked them, didn't you?' 'Weeelll, a little, maybe,' he says, hiding his head. It was such a good scene and Geary and Genie were wonderful. To see the way they played off each other in these little exchanges, the way they could look at each other and say so much. You had to know the fun schemer that was Luke in those days, the adlibs ('Sorry, library's closed--bookworms, you know'), the fun characters they ran into like Emma and Charlie and Benny-the-fence.

    This cold Hard Luke is anything but what the real Luke is and was. It hurts to watch him. I remember back to when people would pick up his ad libs and repeat them, everyone talked about L&L wherever you went. For GH it was a golden time.