Thursday, May 29, 2014'd better...

run! hahhaa. Sonny's being sooooooo nasty and low talkin'!  And he throws some barware..and he gets his gun out. Ava's like: don't do this!!
She's tells Sonny "my death won't be the only one on your conscience" (meaning baby in there) 

Michael., what do I do? How do I do it? Kiki is his "here, have a cookie" person. 
"My mother did something?" What she do? "Your Father"!

Nikolas and Natasha. Nice.. scenes. 

Ric and Liz. She's gotta down a shot before she sleeps with Ric! ahahaa. 

Tracy wants her Honeymoon. Luke tells her to pack a little of everything.  Ric is the perfect foil for this plan. Nice--it takes the heat of Julian in both directions.  Plant the evidence--paper trail.
JUST good writing. Really. Even tho we don't get the "Luke" reveal yet, it's still a good twist and makes sense. 

Anna doesn't want to let Julian off the hook, but Scoober Baldwin does! LOL  Julian is going to say it's RIC. Framing him is genius. Gets him off Luke's hook, gets him off with the po-po. 

Oh, and Fluke went to visit LUKE in Miscavage. So "Fluke" isn't a brainwashed Luke.


  1. Once again - who's the daddy. ugh?

    At least Sonny's tirade was entertaining.

    Poor Luke, at least he got a haircut. Maybe he will tell Luke who he really is... I'm not holding my breath.

    I was never a big LiRic fan.

    Could Kiki and Michael be any more boring?

  2. Calling Luke a old friend...Jerry Jacks...(not that they are friends LOL)that wasn't my guess at all. I was leaning towards Gino

  3. First impression: Luke looks like ET. And he can't phone home, either.

  4. Well, I just figured Ava, skilled liar, was coming up with the first thing she could think of to make Sonny back off! But it is the kind of lie that isn't good for long term! I SO hope we don't have to go thru the WTD game with Morgan. So old.

    Geeze, Luke with white head of hair in the same scene (I know, not same shot) with shaved-headed and drugged out Luke. Now we STILL don't know who fakeLuke is. Cassadine? But they were all dark.

    Poor Ric. I was just starting to like the actor again (never liked his story as Ric) and here he gets all this trouble dumped on him. And Liz--can she ever have happy romance???

    Pretty startling today...and was Finola superb in her doubting of Julian? I love to watch her as Anna.

  5. Who's the daddy? Isn't it obvious. It's SATAN.

    And if it is a mask on Fluke, I quit.

  6. Police station: Come on Anna! Let Julian tell you who his boss is! Man this mystery about Fake Luke was driving me nuts today!!! Especially when Anna sees it on the computer screen!!

    Q home: Julian and Fake Luke scene! NOOOOOOOO!!! Setting up Ric?!!?! This is insane!!! Stop dragging this fake Luke storyline! BAH! I am not happy with you Julian!!!!

    Liric: I love their scenes! Oh Ric! Stop treating Liz like she is a virgin hahaha. Just go for it. Liz all nervous and drinking alcohol! Now SHE is acting like she is a virgin. :)

    Ric: I choose you.

    Liz: I choose you too.

    Awwwwwwwww! :) And I am so happy they made love! But am not happy that the police and Anna showed up!!! ARGH!

    Alexis's home: Alexis and Nik scene love it!!! Alexis wins the line of the day!

    Alexis: You know something? You really should get over yourself. Not everything is about you prince.

    ROFL! You go Alexis! And then later Julian shows up grrrrrrrrrr. I don't like you at the moment Julian!!!

    ELQ: Oh glad Starki finally told Mikey about Sonny and Ava. That's all I'm going to say about the scene.

    Sonny's island: Oh Sonny threw barware! YES! And is pointing a gun at Ava! YES! :) Oh oh! AVA IS PREGNANT! No don't listen to her Sonny! She is lying! She is a lying liar Mcliarson!!! Who lives in Lying land!

    Mscavage: LUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luke: Who. Are. You?

    Me: That is what everyone wants to know!!!

  7. GH stinks outloud. I can't even bring myself to watch it these days. Good luck to all! Those who can stick with it are stronger people than I am.

  8. Alfred, seriously!!? WOW!!

  9. I've never really been a LiRic fan, actually I've been pulling for Nick and Liz, but I was changing my mind after today and then...curse you Fluke/Julian! So frustrated! So tired of the Fluke mystery. I wish they'd just clue us in already. Talk about drawn out...

  10. Top 2 Flukies are either Bill Eckert cuz the B & E in BE Barrett Enyterprises was mentioned, and Fluke called Luke Old Friend


    It's Trevor Lansing, setting Ric up, and there was a slight voice change that several folks hav posited sounded like Stephen Macht, who played Trevor.

    So, I say it's one of these 2.

    Bill is least complicated facially, but why the Sonny hate- cuz Frank Smith killed him?

    But why the Ric hate if not Trevor?

  11. "kdmask said...Alfred, seriously!!?

    Karen, what? :)

  12. When Julian was at the police station, providing evidence against Ric, didn't he say the alias used to buy Barrett Enterprises was Liam? Liam - William - Bill...