Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Micro-Mini

Sonny and I? Scotch-mates! 

Oh this is going to be so short, you are going to love me forever!! 
In fact, I can do it  on one page today.

This week was: MOB..Mobby, Mobby...MOB.

What I liked: Jordan being DEA, makes sense, I do like her as an actress and it gives Finola someone to play off of.  I still think it's pretty funny that TJ and Shaun have no set save Kelly's downstairs though. 

I liked the Sam/Lucas scenes. Why there couldn't have been more leading up to it, shall remain a mystery.  Of course, seeing Spin again was a treat. Baby Georgie. 

Other than that? I honestly don't know why this story is being written. The Mob is so OVER in SO MANY ways. The "dinner party"?? The day Julian quit? Um...seriously? So we can see what a badass Fluke really is?  To shoot another person to get them in GH to have badass Fluke try to snuff off Lucas the exact same way Ava tired to with AJ??   
Look,  I LOVE the fact that the Jerome family is bonding. Really glad. We need more family dinners. Why rush the "hit"..or why not show more Lucas/Sam time before this? I still get stuck by the fact that Julian had everyone as sitting ducks that day. I mean.  Seriously. 
I'm trying hard here.  The whole week was just..a YAWN.   No life to it at all. Not only that, Tracy is being so stupid it makes no difference to me what happens to her heart. Ned left. Took my hopes with him. 
Day to day acting/dialog--great stuff, meaning I should like the show, right? It's still way too choppy and head-scratching for my taste. I just can't deal with the on-off of the story rotation. 



Just note the EXACT same way Ava and Fluke went to kill someone. LOL! AJ and Lucas.  Fluke is so MEAN he needs NO GLOVES tho!! And you'd think he'd be more careful if he's such a giant mobular crime-brainiac.  Same  TUBE!!  Is Fluke Bill, Victor or himself just really messed up from the drugs, but the one that has been controlling things all these years and pulling the wool over our eyes?  Yeah. I know..who cares?! 

Carly and Todd flew to Portland--to see Spinelli.  Yes, it was nice to see him. Carly and Franco playing Scoobie Doo? Whatever. At least the Connie truth is coming out. First Sonny finds out Ava shot he's gonna find out she plugged ol' Connie. :slowclap:

The momentum of baby Patrina is off by 2 weeks now. I have no idea where Donna Mills is.  Silas gets flowers from "guess who".   Maxie was on, Nathan paraded around shirtless. We got wrap-up Kevin/Lucy scenes. Julian blackmailed Scotty. 

And there YOU HAVE IT! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Yep, I missed this face. Liked the light Todd/Spin banter. I mean, er..Franco. You know. I also liked seeing Ellie and Georgie. Miss them.  

PROP OF THE WEEK:  those giant-ass'd photos that Fluke had LOL.. Geesh! In an old-school manilla folder no less! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Sonny's face when Shawn told him about Ava shooting Olivia. heh. Took liberty here-- those of you on Vine know from where I am coming!! LOVE this face!! 

NOW Monday we see face two--when he finds out the  WHOLE truth. LMAO  He's "gonna kill her" (promos say this) we KNOW Ava's going to have a little 'secret' stuffed in her belly to get out of this. It's the ONLY way. Then, we can have a delish WTD story..right? IS it Daddy's or Jr's?  Wonder if Ava will fake the Pregnancy or really be PG. Hmmmmmmmmm. 


  1. Stop with the Mob sheeze.

    Dull, boring, phony as MB's asphalt pomade,

  2. :) Cosmo! LOL.. did you see my comment to you about Luke down below in another post. You might be on to something

  3. The mob element of the show is overwhelming though I liked this week a lot better that a few weeks ago. Love Mo but I wonder if it’s time for Sonny to leave Port Charles at least for a little while. The show can never really feel balanced when he is front burner. In 2012 when TPTB dialed back on Sonny’s screen time the show was better. Anyways I hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Sonny’s kids hate him forever when all is done. And PLEASE no Ava/Sonny baby! The mobster doesn’t need to knock anyone else up! It’s not entertaining - it’s a joke! “Sonny and his super sperm!” Over it!

    I am really enjoying a lot of the supporting story lines on GH. Maybe they should be front burner instead. My favorite scenes were the SpinEllie/Cranco ones and the triangle between Kevin/Lucy/Scotty. Also like that Jordan is an undercover cop. Hopefully the show realizes that these are the story lines that should be on more.

  4. Saw it. The scuttlebutt s that MB is taking a 6 month leave of absence, and will send Sonny into a coma. Will it be Fluke or Ava that does it?

  5. I can relate. I only really watch for Julian and Alexis and their children. Nothing else is really grabbing me at the moment.

  6. Agree with all of the above. I watch only for Julexis and Lucy. Hadn't heard about the possible MB leave -- all I can say is fingers crossed that it's true!

  7. RIP Matthew Cowles, aka "Billy Clyde Tuggle" form AMC. :(

  8. Billy Clyde was a great villain who was weird and tried to act normal. Most actors try to make villains who are normal but try to be weird.

    It's a cheap way to try and shortcut a villain.

  9. Watch Cowles at work here:

    Billy Clyde was one of the all time great soap villains. Twisted, yet entertaining as hell. He will be remembered fondly!


  10. Well said, spot on once again! Thank you Karen! :)

  11. Originally Donna Mills agreed to do two months on the show and she is already gone and her character is in Jail, however word is Donna is now back taping with the show so she should be back on our screens in a month

  12. Honestly, I've missed every episode since The Nurses' Ball ended and I really don't care. I know that when i do go back to it, i won't have missed a damn thing.

    I completely agree with Marzy Dotes. The only interesting people these days are the ones that are related to Alexis and Julian, even though that does seem to include a lot of people nowadays (assuming you want to include people on the fringes of their "family" seeing as they are involved in storylines with them).

    I do still like Sam and Silas, but I am not looking forward to them learning that both Nina and Jason are still alive and have been in the same facility forever. I think that is drama that no one needs.

    The one thing that I think would be interesting is if whatever drug Robin is using to bring people back from the brink of death screws with Jason's brain so much that he reverts to being Jason Quartermaine and has no memory of the last 19 years. I would love to see that Jason's reactions to what he's been up to since the accident.

  13. Well, given the fact that Donna Mills wore 2 outfits her ENTIRE stint on GH...she must have taped like 4 days and then they chopped it up. She had that damn red blazer on every.
    day for weeks! Then, she was gone.