Wednesday, May 14, 2014


UM...snakes on a that's just Carly and Todd..  hee hee..

blah blah..nothing...
Mac is afraid he's gonna have to tell Kevin he knew about Lucy.
Bobbie lays into Lucy.

Alexis is going to have sex if she'd just stop talking.

Ok, I'm taking a nap. Sorry. but Someone finish this. Thank you. 


  1. Metrocourt: Bobbie vs Lucy!!!! LOVE IT!!! :) Love talking about the past! Damon Smith and Annie Logan!!! Bobbie you sleeping with Damion Smith is not Lucy's fault! She did start it, but you had a choice, and you slept with Damion! Lucy is right. That is on you! Bobbie wins the line of the day! This is about Annie Logan.

    Bobbie: Ex virgin! As a matter a fact, I'm not even REALLY sure she was EVER a virgin back in the day.

    ROFL! Oh Bobbie! :) OH CAT FIGHT! Lucy pulling out Bobbie's hair hahahha. Er hair extensions. :) Felicia selling her Aztec necklace to the paparazi to give her the camera!!! WOW now THAT is a very good friend!!!!

    Kelly's: They were about to kiss but he stopped. Hmmm I wonder if Shawn and Jordan had a thing back in the day. :) And that Jordan's hubby had no idea!

    Alexis's home: Boy Alexis and Julian are talking way too much! Just have sex already! Or is all this talking foreplay? Boring foreplay! Zzzzzzzzzzzz. OH there ya go!!! Awwww we only get to see the beginning and the end? WHAT A JIP!

    Airplane: BobTodd and Carly trying to join the mile high club but failing miserably ROFL! The background people, well that one guy in the beginning is smiling and trying not to laugh. :) Well they finally joined! :) Sure it was hot BobTodd! There was turbulence while you two had sex! ROFL! Wow and apparently they were so loud the passengers heard them ROFL!

    Anna and Duke:Sweet scene! Love it! Cuddling on the couch and then danced the tango. :)

    The floating rib: Poor Kevin. :( Kevin vs Scotty love it!!!! Kevin vs Mac love that too!!! They are really hitting each other. The place is a mess! ROFL! My favorite part, was the whole place was a mess, and they sat on the floor drinking and laughing ROFL!

  2. SONYA you are THE WOMAN!! thank you!! I just really couldn't watch LOL

  3. I'm lovin GH these past couple days. It's been 5 solid days of watchable tv. Not perfect but I love the vets.

    Lucy, Kevin, Felicia, Mac, Anna, Bobbie, Duke even Scott. I'm happy.

    If I never have to see TJ and his parents again i could accept the rest. Levi is so bad he's made me like Nathan. The actress who plays O is so good I can't help but be entertained.

  4. "kdmask said...SONYA you are THE WOMAN!! thank you!! I just really couldn't watch LOL :

    Hahahahaha thanks! You are welcome! Awwww but today was pretty good. Go watch! :) Alright if you don't want to watch the whole thing, just watch Mac and Kevin fight! And then at the end with them laughing and drinking! :)

  5. Today was a BIG improvement after the semi boring, disappointing Nurses Ball. I enjoy talk on soaps, I enjoy romance on soaps, I like relationship examination on soaps, I love good acting on soaps.

    All the better people were on today--Lucy, Kevin, Mac, Felicia, FrancoTodd, Carly, Bobbie, Alexis, Julian, Anna, Duke...I mean there were none of those duds like Levi and Nathan and Sabrina and Brad (yawn) and so on. (And we had a rest from Obrecht who swallowed the Ball whole.) I'll take a day like today ANY day over a day full of those...

    OK I admit it--I prefer the grownups.

    I SO loved Kevin punching Scott who reeeallly had it coming! Scott was so obnoxious in his pursuit of Lucy who was trying to get away (WHY does she ever put up with him at all?? Especially when she has lovin' Kevin..)

    Just a fun, interesting, satisfying day...

  6. Aside from the most unpopular couple in soaps (Carly and Franco) a really good day. The vets fighting and interacting was wonderful, even if we don't get to see them again for another month. They still have that magic. Alexis was as quirky as always, but Julian is sexy as hell! They better never let Willam DV go.

  7. Everything was good yesterday except Carly and Franco. I just do not like them together. Send Franco off the deep end and off the show. There is really no need for him at all.