Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shot Heard "round The Dinner Table

Lucas gets the shoulder. He can borrow Liz' arm sling. LOL... Luke said to kill a person so we got another bad-aim guy going.  
OMG..So SAM runs after the guy..and Julian STAYS there...and tries to console Lucas. What a whimp. LOL

AVA had on her sunglasses, sipping a tropical drink. Now we know she's on the island!! 
Enter  Morgan. All showered  and Shaved!! 

GOTTA fly today...

Hope the show gets more interesting.


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  2. Portland Oregon: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: You know, in ancient Egypt they bury the redheads alive in offering to the God of Syrus. There is a lot to do. You can go hiking, you can go get pierced. You can grow a beard.

    ROFL! And then when the truth of who murdered Connie, came out, BobTodd and Carly got horny! And then when they were about to leave, BobTodd wanted to hug Ellie! Hahahaha!

    Ava's art gallery: Lucas was shot!!! That whole scene was very strange. The actor was touching at the spot and it looked like he was pressing on the fake packet of blood, and it all squirted out! And the noises he was making! Just like when Liz was shot! What is he in labor?! Come on Director! You should have made him redo the scene!!! That was really bad! No Anna! Julian is not the one who did all this!!!!

    The park: OH! Fake Luke shot Harry!!!! Right away too! Without talking to him to death! :) Awesome. And Harry was having a horrible time breathing! THAT is the way to do a getting shot scene! THAT looked real!

    Pier: Hmmm Jordan didn't look that afraid when the cops were there. Jordan and Anna scene, OH I KNEW IT! I KNEW SHE WAS UNDER COVER! :) She is under cover for the DEA! :) I thought I would actually be disappointed if she was under cover, but nope! I'm not! :) This got my attention!

    Sonny's office: Morgan and Sonny scene. :( Poor Morgan! You know, when Sonny and Ava were going to have sex, and when he turned her around, I thought he was going to do her from behind haha.

    The hospital: I was hoping Lucas was going to call Brad's name. Rats. :( Felix held Lucas's hand and talked about next time there shouldn't be drama. Next time!?!?! No way! I hope they are just friends. Lucas and Brad should get back together.

  3. I was pretty absorbed today--tense show, lots happening. I still hate seeing favorite (Luke) doing these dispicable things, I don't care who he is! It was so ugly. But since he has known Julian a long time, maybe this is some long-lost brother of Luke's, a twin separated at birth and who has gone bad. Or another cousin, not Bill. Bill wouldn't do this stuff.

    I kept thinking JT was going to find Harry's body in the park.

    Just hope Carly does the right thing about Ava!

  4. Did anyone catch it when Sonny was on the phone with Ava and was talking about Morgan? He said "I haven't talked to him since the last time I talked to him".


    Maybe not the funniest line of the day but definitely the stupidest. Lol

  5. "MelissaA said...Did anyone catch it when Sonny was on the phone with Ava and was talking about Morgan? He said "I haven't talked to him since the last time I talked to him".

    Well, it's true. He hadn't! ROFL!

  6. Melissa: Yes, I heard the line, I went back and played it again just to be sure!

  7. MelissaA, that was so funny!!! Maybe M got the line wrong - can't believe someone would write that.