Monday, May 12, 2014

RIP Mr. Marbles

EPIPHANY KILLED MR MARBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT the hell!! Man! Poor Mac. Wahhhh. Sniff.

Brad was so auto-tuned!! And the Haunted Starlets/? Hell half didn't even mouth the words!!

Don't know Eddie GOMEZ Sorry.

The Tango with Cam and Emma was interrupted by Ronn Moss' band that Spencer hired just to break up their dance. Ronn says he likes "Gramma Leslie" and he has a new CD out. Spence wants Emma back.
Britt wants Nik back

Ric wants Sonny back
Brad wants Lucas back
Sonny wants Olivia back
Scotty wants Lucy back

DID I MISS ANYONE!???????? geesh!! 

Michael is CEO of ELQ-- um, ok. Ol' Nedly pulled it over on NotLuke! Luke's tuck with Tracy now LOL


  1. Rick wants Sonny back? And here i was thinking he wanted Elizabeth. ROFL

  2. I thought the Blackie/Stamos slam was really childish and petty.

  3. Has anyone noticed how bad Maurice Bernard looks??? If he is going off for six months, it may be because he is ill.
    I am sorry, but I do not find Spencer cute or interesting. He is a spoiled little brat who grows more obnoxious with every show.

  4. We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic GH doll. Mr. Marbles will be that doll. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.

  5. The Blackie Parrish thing was just really wrong. A childish stunt.

    I would love Mr. Marbles to haunt Piph.

    I agree with dar. Spencer is not cute he is just a spoiled brat and I do not think it is funny how he threatens Cam under his breath all the time.

    Sam didn't even pretend to mouth the words.

    Is Eddie Gomez related to someone at GH? never heard of him.

  6. HAPPY! YES!

    did I say Sonny and not LIZ/ ahahhaaaaaa

  7. Ned is the best part of the fake Luke story and AJ's death. Thus far the nurses ball has been a bore.

  8. Nurses ball!

    Fake Luke and Julian: Fake Luke won the line of the day!

    Fake Luke: I bit the bitter bullet and married the bitch.

    ROFL! Now say that 10 times fast. :)

    Brad's performance: YEAH!!!! You go Brad and get your man!!! :) I love how Britch is dancing and approves! Oh Lucas stop sulking! Just forgive him. You know you want to. You miss him!

    Lulu and Maxie: Oh come on Maxie! You can dance and perform with Lulu! She practically told Maxie that Levi won't let her and that she needs permission! UGH! Stupid Levi rolled his eyes!!! Glad Maxie changed her mind!

    Brad and Lucas: Yeah Brad! Lay a kiss on Lucas! WOOT WOOT! :)

    Tracy, Michael, Starki, Ned, and Fake Luke: Oh what a great twist! Kick Tracy out of CEO in ELQ and make Michael CEO! And fire Fake Luke! I LOVE IT! :) Ohhhh Fake Luke is PISSED!

    Starki and Michael: Now that was a sweet cute scene. When she said oh how dare you. Putting your clothes on, I was smiling. I didn't see Starki and Michael. I saw Kristen Alderson and Chad Duell. :) They are a couple in real life, so that scene was sweet.

    Emma, Cameron, and Spencer: The mini tango!!! Sweet!!! Emma looked nervous. Oh interruption by Spencer and the band hahaha sweet! :)

    The musical group, the player: Their song is making everyone want the other person to forgive them! :) Love it!

    Sonny and Olivia: Oh Sonny shut up!!! Your attitude sucks. You are acting like you accidentally ran over her puppy! You cheated on her for crying out loud!!! UGH!

    Mr Marbles: MR MARBLES!!! :'( Piffy murdered him!! :(

    Piffy: Gee Piffy that was pretty rude of you to destroy Mac's Mr. Marbles. I can't believe Bobbie gave her a high five. And I can't believe she wanted the men to take off their underwear! Uh Piffy, TJ's mama is in the audience. I don't think she is gonna wanna see her son naked!

    Magic Milo and Piffy: Great scene with them. :)

    Emma and Spencer:

    Spencer: Emma come back. You can blame it all on me. I was wrong. And I just can't live without you.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! :(

    Oh and Karen, creepy picture of Mr. Marbles, and it is moving! ACK! He is going to want revenge on Piffy!!!

  9. "Di said...Rick wants Sonny back? And here i was thinking he wanted Elizabeth. ROFL"

    It's Sonny's damn dimples! ROFL! Nobody can resist! :)

    "dar said...I thought the Blackie/Stamos slam was really childish and petty."

    Yeah I hated it!!! Very disappointing.

  10. Does ABC release figures as to how much money is raised during the Nurses Ball episodes and is actually donated to AMFAR? No? Didn't think so. It is insulting to anyone living with HIV and who has loved anyone who has died from the disease. How much money has Yoplait Yogurt donated to AMFAR? Or is AIDS just another excuse for a product placement for them?

    If ABC wanted to put their money where their mouth is, they can rent out the Disney Concert Hall in LA (I bet they could get it cheap) and then one night have an ACTUAL Nurses Ball where fans could buy tickets for hundreds of dollars. This way it wouldnt look as though 13 people showed up in the audience. Actors from the soap and guest actors can perform. (as themselves, not characters) It can all be recorded and then there would be some backstage filler intertwined that was filmed later. At the gala, there can be autograph booths and memorabilia auctions. How much will someone bid for the prop that was the ice princess? Or the bubble lamp? This could be aired in prime time as a 2-hour special, like the awards shows are and the behind the scenes storylines can be aired during the daytime hours.

    How about ACTUALLY raising money for a change and not using it as nothing more than a plot point? Didnt the show used to sell tshirts and raise money over the internet? With the fans involved, there can be a lot more interaction and involvement.

    And here I touch on the subject of Tony Geary singing the gay pride anthem "I am what I am" from La Cage Aux Falles. I was kinda shocked he sang this, as it has nothing to do with any of the many characters he is currently portraying. But if TG is gay, then this makes a lot of sense in what may be perceived as his coming out process.

    If he is ready to retire form GH, it would suit him to combine coming out and retiring at the same time. It was rumored long ago that he didn't want to have an on screen relationship with Genie any longer. Not because he didnt want to act with her, but it was believed to be because he didnt want to relive the struggle he was in during the 80s with the L&L craze and that it was difficult for a gay man to have to portray a straight sex symbol for so many years. Now, he is with Tracy, and it is pretty much an asexual relationship built on mutual respect and fun and not on the "lovers on the run" storyline and the fan expectations he had trouble living up to..

    If he is gay, I can definitely see TG writing an autobiography about his life on GH. Would include his storylines with Genie, his current storyline with Jane and his years with Elizabeth Taylor.

    PS. Does anyone REALLY believe TG and ET had a torrid love affair? C';mon people. It's bearding. Women have been beards for gay men since the beginning of motion pictures. It's all publicity.

    Back in the 80s, it would have been career suicide for TG to come out of the closet, given his role on GH and status as a daytime heartthrob. Now? In a much more tolerant society where we have professional athletes expressing their sexuality, I think times have changed enough for fans not to revolt against him and turn off the tv screen, but rather to rally with him and give him support and respect.

    I can see him doing an autobiography, complete with a forward written by Genie, a one-hour daytime special with Ellen, and semi-retiring, coming back to GH in clips and spurts as needed.

    GH has long rumored to have gay actors in its cast. At one point in the 90s, it was called the "gayest soap on television" due to the amount of gay actors/actresses rumored to be in the cast. Right now, as I watch the Nurses Ball, I know of 3 actors and an actress that are rumored to be gay that appear on the show.

    Maybe it is just the right time?

  11. More on today's show…

    I am done with Spencer. I'm not going to trash a little kid, but honestly, this storyline has run its course and the acting, brattiness, lack of parenting, etc. is just a turn off. When he said to Emma today "I can't live without you" I immediately thought "no argument here"

    Ned's comeuppance of Luke: I was really hoping that it would be Tracy who saw through this and was no longer the idiot she is being portrayed. I wanted her to say "Luke, you are no longer a part of ELQ. I transferred the CEO-ship to Ned. He's in charge now. And all my millions are in a trust. You want me for love and not money, you got it". But I will settle for Ned being the smart one. I wish they would keep him around.

    There has also been talk about TJ being underage and how inappropriate that was to have him stripping. I think, like with Tony, we are supposed to suspend belief and not look at a lot of the numbers as being done by/for/with the characters and more as the actors having fun. If the actor who portrays TJ is over 18 in real life, then I am ok with this.

    RIP Mr. Marbles. I hope he haunts the hell out of Dr. O. Would be funny and comical and we need some comic relief.

    Put Brad and Felix back together and give Lucas an older man to be involved with. Lucas has unresolved daddy issues and that can come out in a relationship with an older man. Ryan Carnes can act. I've seen him in some of his movies. He is being wasted here and needs a decent storyline.

    That's all. I havent written in awhile. I have been going through some personal stuff and trying to transition my life. Thanks again to Karen for keeping this blog and I hope you get through this really trying time in your life.

  12. Great commentary Delcodave! I have to say Player was really good, and I liked Spencer's Bold & Beautiful mention. I think last year's NB was much better. Shame on them for not having Robin there for either. Never heard of this Gomez. In 5 minutes Maxie got extensions, the whole routine and a perfectly fitting.costume. I still think Nathan is a dud and where did Levi disappear to, not that I care?

  13. Delcodave,,
    I have always been surprised that anyone believed the Geary /Liz story. He wasn't even the first gay actor she allowed to pretend to be her lover. I also thought that the Cage aux Folles song could be him coming out but one of the other posters said he's done the song before, in drag, at Broadway Cares. So maybe he never will.

  14. I must have missed something--I didn't get a Ron Moss-Stamos thing. I did wonder at Lucy announcing Blackie and got my hopes way up, but didn't get any connection to Ron Moss. Did Stamos turn them down? It would have been great to have him, but practically no one is left who personally knew him, but Luke, maybe Monica? He lived with Lesley and Ric Webber. He was a teen kid then. Was Ron Moss on screen and I didn't recognise him? I'm just puzzled.

    I liked the first day of the ball, but now they are not even having show members do the numbers and I sure don't want to see acts I never heard of (and yes, I'm old and don't know these groups and after hearing them, don't want to).

    Today's Nurses Ball was poor--did not enjoy it at all. Too many outsiders as acts. Thought Piff destroying Mr Marbles was kinda mean--surprised me. Didn't like that. But I also thought it wasn't good to have Mac being so pushy--like a duffus.

    I do like having Ned back. He must be on re-occuring at Days and so is available if GH offered a contract. But if they sign him, they should let someone else go to keep cast number down.

    Just not a good day today.

  15. Hey, on Hulu right now (10pm Pscific time) the clip of Emma and Cam's Tango is trending at #5. WOW! :)

    soaplover, you didn't miss him, he was in the band Spencer brought to the ball. He was the one at back stage after the song sitting in the chair, talking to Spencer.

    I think GH asked Stamos if he'd cameo as Blackie and he asked for a ton of money for it, which GH wasn't willing to pay. This could all be rumor/speculation tho. There was def some bad blood about the situation. I though the Blackie mention was actually tastefully done. Lucy said they invited him but that he had a change of schedule last minute, but that it didn't matter, he was a member of the GH family and they'd always love him. I thought it was a very public apology for any discord Stamos had felt. What wasn't cool was that the preview was edited to make it seem like Stamos/Blackie would be on, and then he wasn't.

    Loved Britt dancing around to Brad's song. It's clear the actors are having fun in the audience this year. Wonder if there's some real champagne in those glasses?

    Face of the week goes to Bobbie in the background when Brad kissed Lucas. :-O

  16. Dave...I thought it was long known Tony is gay..his partner is in Holland where he lives when he's off GH. I thought his singing I am what I am was a total coming out. I think he's FUing GH in many ways with his "new" Luke. He's nasty...deadpan and I think he just wants to kill everyone off.
    You are right about the BALL..why don't they run the number to donate anymore? Remember that!!?

  17. Piffy shd have kneed Mac in the groin, as well.

    There is a rumor, that in the early 00s, Jacob Young and the 2nd Nikolas, had a gay fling on set,

  18. Thanks, CareyN, I did think one of the band members in front looked familiar--not that I ever actually saw Ron Moss, the actor. I know him only from photos. I appreciate your answer to me.

    Delcodave, a good, thoughtfully written commentary. Enjoyed it.
    As to Geary. Because I spent most of two days with him long ago when I still wrote for SO mags, lots of people have asked about Geary's sexual orientation. My standard answer has always been 'Why do you want to know?' I strongly felt the gay answer should only come from the object of the speculation, that no one has the right to decide for that person when to 'come out'. I have always known about Tony, but it never diminished my enjoyment of his performance as the Laura-dedicated, one-woman man. He was a good enough actor to convince me as I watched and when I interviewed him, I asked questions where he wasn't forced to lie about himself. He was so charming and kind, so giving in his answers about his performance, about his take on Luke and the show, which is where I focused. No dumb Liz questions, silly stuff, so I think he enjoyed the whole interview, spent more time with me than was scheduled. (The piece got held back on publication for a time, unfortunately.)

    I cannot see why anyone wants or needs to know about an actor's sexuality--they don't know them personally and it seldom affects a good performance, so why not just enjoy that portrayal?
    There are a great many gay actors, and they alone should be the ones to reveal it if and when they want--or not. Because Tony was for a time the absolutely hottest leading man in soaps and did hundreds of TV interviews and appearances, often with Genie, it became the unasked, unanswered question for some fans. The actors made the L&L love affair so real that many fans were convinced they were a couple. When some editor asked me (just to see if I knew, I'm sure), I simply pointed out the 15 year (at least) age difference and said that it was probably more big brother/little sister. Genie was still 17 when their story started, Geary in his late 30s! But their talent was such that the actors made the story work, made us believe, so we didn't think about the age difference or who was or was not gay. It was an amazing, full-out chemistry they had together.

    Anyway, times have changed and the media no longer holds back on all manner of private, personal revelations, so I suppose soon it won't matter.

  19. soaplover, I agree with you whole heartedly regarding the sexual orientation of the actors being their own business to share or not as they want. In fact, that goes for everyone. Tony Geary was a great actor; now I kind of feel like he is phoning it in, as if he is ready to go and do something else.
    There have been many fine actors who happened to be gay, but could play straight love stories wonderfully. (I still love Rock Hudson, and enjoyed him so much with Doris Day and with Susan St. James.)
    (I don't care who is gay or who is straight. Only if you are a gay man, please don't ask my husband to marry you: he is spoken for.)

  20. Dar - I agree. The Blackie/Stamos slam was extremely childish and petty. Typical Ron.

    For those interested in a cut scene with Piph/Mac over Mr. Marbles here's the link Ron posted earlier for a "bonus scene". It's on as well. I'm sure they cut it only to give that brat Spencer more airtime. Lol! *eyeroll

  21. "ishouldreadmore said.. Only if you are a gay man, please don't ask my husband to marry you: he is spoken for.)"

    ROFL! You don't wanna share huh? ROFL!

  22. So glad the ball is over. This yr wasn't so great. Kinda tired of Spencer, Nik needs to wake up and be a better parent. The whole Blackie thing was stupid, I mean really...I did however love Player, I had NO idea that Ronn Moss was a band member. With Robin gone, knowing she's alive made it not so great either. As for Tony G, I read long ago he was gay, but growing up didn't know either way. I'm ready for this whole NotLuke s/l to be over and for Tracy to open her damn eyes. I keep thinking she's on to him and playing him but now that ELQ has been taken away from her I guess not. I wonder what NotLuke will do now?

  23. Has anyone seen the Soap Opera Digest article about Jen Lilley? She's been married 7 years and kept it a secret. I knew she was married. Every photo of her 'boyfriend' shows him wearing a wedding ring. In some, she is. I also have a younger acquaintance who is quite the fan girl and dug up this info quite some time ago. I told her, if you're a true fan, just keep it to yourself.

    I thought maybe she kept it a secret for her career, but I have not read the article.

  24. "Love4dogs said...Has anyone seen the Soap Opera Digest article about Jen Lilley? She's been married 7 years and kept it a secret. I knew she was married. Every photo of her 'boyfriend' shows him wearing a wedding ring."

    Oh wow!!! :) I had no idea she is married. 7 years?!?!! Well, congrats to her! I hope the next thing we hear is that they are having a baby! :)