Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Let's see...

Julian saved Lucas and threatened Fluke

Lante ate at Kelly's....and...zzzzzzzz.

WHEN AVA finds out Sonny knows she killed Cawnie

Sonny heard the truth and head; exploded

Ava heard from Kiki and Kiki knows Mama had tomb sex.

Ric asked Liz out on a date

Kids name is: Gabriel Drake Santiago ..yes DRAKE is the middle name

AND Prez came on to talk about Afghanistan ... 


  1. Carly SHUT UP! Stop making excuses for Sonny. He killed AJ and it WAS his fault. Now let his guilt eat him alive. Send him to the loony bin for a long time!!! Let who ever fake luke is take ove PC. At least the head of the mob will be the bad guy on the show.

    Why is the baby's last name Santiago?

  2. I can't wait to see Sonny implode. And a LiRic date. Sounds watchable to me.

  3. Watching the actor who plays Julian on a Castle rerun. Funny to see these folks doing other things.
    Don't care about Sonny and Carly. Don't care anymore who Fluke is. Watching because it is so much fun to read Karen's tweets. And by the way, what's up with Ron C. tweeting out and his friend tweeting too, and both of them cannot be tweeted to???
    Did anyone see the last 15 minutes?
    Ava isn't preggers: she would have had a drink if she didn't think someone was on the way to pick her up.

  4. Starki and Ava: Starki wins the line of the day!

    Starki: Crypt sex? Really?!

    ROFL! Yes Starki I am afraid so!

    Sonny's office: Sonny knows the truth!!! More guilt for Sonny! Time to throw some barware and have sex with Carly! :)

    The hospital: Liz and Ric scene awww love it!!! Oh Patrinas baby named Gabriel awww! After she said Gabriella, I knew she would say Gabriel. Emma wanted to name the baby early hahaha! Julian and Fake Luke scene! Fake Luke is sloppy!! Not even wearing gloves when he touches the tubes!!! Julian say Fake Luke's name!!!! NOW!

    Guard: Don't make me force you to physically remove you Jerome.

    Okay that scene with the guard was very strange! The way he talked, the way he reached for his gun. Just not believable at all. The acting was strange. The directer should have made him redo the scene!

    Kelly's: Dante is so cute! Didn't want to bring up D e a d in front of Rocco hehe awwww!

  5. 100% pointless interruption.

    Carly sux- AJ NO INNOCENT? Yet Sonny has killed innocents before- even ordering no witnesses at the Metrocourt Massacre, drugging and raping innocent girls, and shooting his cop son.

    Sarah Brown made Carly bearable. LW is not in her league.

  6. Ok, the only thing you missed was Sonny magically teleporting to the island. He showed up there while Carly was still standing in his office and just a moment after Patrina went to tell Baby Gaby his name.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6nzC8IBz0Y

    The last 15 minutes from a Canadian website.

  8. OMG seriously, SONNY'S AT THE ISLAND!! ahaha
    You know I would have mentioned that sheeze!!
    Time travel

  9. Haha yes Carey the teleporting killed me. Everything Sonny did actually. I'm still fuming over AJs death. And Carly is being written so patheticly it's sad.

    I did love LiRic. Patrina wasnt horrible but you never see them so it's hard to care or have interest in their relationship. Especially since she's leaving. They did hide the bump well.

  10. Cosmo, I agree with you 100%! And would it have killed them to have Sonny show up there today instead of us having to watch the absurd? The only good thing about yesterday was the little Liz and Ric scene. A cell phone conversation is not captivating. I thought TG gave a bit more animation in his appearance yesterday. Too bad Lulu didn't mention the strange guy her dad was sitting in the park with.

  11. Too bad Lulu didn't mention the strange guy her dad was sitting in the park with.


    You know Tracy will mention something- it'll be in the paper, and Lulu will see it and her face will contort.

  12. "Cosmoetica said...Lulu will see it and her face will contort."

    ROFL! Her face will contort! That will be entertaining! :)