Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Great Fluke Debate

I have been thinking about what some of you said about TG playing "Fluke" and that he's actually liking it and I'm wrong.
BUT..I just don't see it! LOL.. The character to me is so boring. No life--nothing. Why not give him SOMETHING? When "Duke" was "Faison" at least IB played the subtle differences-- and his masked character was interesting to watch.
This wooden character is.. just lifeless. I get it's not supposed to be Luke..but if you're PLAYING 
Luke to convince other's you ARE Luke--why act the TOTAL opposite? And why, save Ned does NO  one really notice, other then to cock their head once and awhile and go: huh. Weird.  The Kiki angle? What is THAT about? WHY would whomever this is perv out over her to the point that he'd jeopardize himself? 
I get the feeling Tony doesn't like the story--or really hated Luke so much he's just acting like this to make this character SO unappealing it's his FU to the fans. Maybe he's happy as hell.  I can't tell--and therein lies the problem. 

The story has been a let down and I was one that thought it would be awesome when it first started.  I do think they needed to give more clues to what was really going on.  Is he Victor? Bill? Some other drug cartel guy from the past? Was Luke really a huge Mob Boss on the side when he'd leave Port Charles for his "vacations"?? The time in Miscavage just took his personality away? 
The problem is that the story is so choppy..then hurried..then left alone..then hurried I don't care. I mean, I don't care to the point that it doesn't even matter who gets shot today.  Julian having his family as sitting ducks is beyond stupid. 

I do agree when this all started it was great to watch and I did think that Tony was liking it. Now? Zzzzzzzzz sleep inducing.  

So..predict who gets plugged today.  Lucas? He's not been on in ages and all of a sudden shows up hitting on Felix.  Sam? She's so happy right now..time for a bullet wound. Alexis? Will her boobalage save her? Is the hitman a  good shot? We know how that goes. LOL. 
Poor  Rafe. Too bad he wasn't there--he would have been a good one to get it. 

PS. I figure that giant drug exchange had to happen about 8pm at night-- on Pier 54. Pfft. 


  1. The thing is that 21st C LUKE was so depressive, misanthropic, nihilistic, drunken, unlikable, yet folks still liked TG and the good will from the character's earlier presence.

    Now, Fluke is a def bad guy, even though he's acting no LESS depraved than a rapist hitman child killer (that wd be Luke) would.

    The problem is people have misperceived Luke, just as they do Sonny.

  2. Karen,
    Supposedly the audience will find out what Puke's story is in June but my friend is still insisting she read that the story will run through the summer. Since summer is usually when they emphasize the teen stuff I remain hopeful that she is wrong. I hate this so much that I would rather see all the teens who can't act.

    Speaking of Rafe, is he still in town? Or did they mention that he'd left one of the days when I dozed off out of boredom?

  3. Who gets shot today?
    With any luck, it will be THE WRITERS.

    If someone watched GH sporadically, and they tuned in today they woiuld have no idea what was going on with Luke and why he is acting this way. They should have given us a clue as to what it is. Whether he is Bill or if Helena injected him with something at Miscabbage.

    I think the writers are trying to come up with a big reveal, like Who shot JR? and they dont realize they went about it the wrong way and you cant have a big reveal without big suspense and your audience caring about the storyline or the character.

    But then, the writers NEVER care about the fans.

    They only care about themselves.

    Or, and this is just a wild card, maybe they will have some big stupid explanation that is implausible and doesnt make any sense to the character or the characters that surround him. You know, like what they did with Robin.

    If ABC is tryingt o sink this show and lose ratings, they sure hired the right staff to do it.

  4. I've heard speculation that Luke is Jerry Jax. I don't believe that Jerry would allow Alexis to get shot. He always had a soft spot for her.

  5. As of yesterday I started to think maybe Fluke is Jerry - if you think about it the last we saw Jerry was when he 'fell' off of the Metro Court and vanished via Julian in a limo.. makes sense he had the surgery then and got swapped out with real Luke .. wonder if Heather knows anything about this.. hmm.

  6. I agree Cosmo-- the 'end of Guza" era Luke was really not my fave at all. BUT Tony's acting was great. I don't like this acting.
    I need a shot of something LOL

    Do you like the story Cosmo?

  7. I thought that I would really like this story--I was actually kind of into the thought of a Bill Eckert switch--but this is beyond ridiculous and I'm really losing interest at this point. I agree--they should give the audience a few more clues. And really? They've reduced Tracy to being a complete idiot. Maybe she's actually Heather in a Tracy mask. Because not only does Fluke even remotely resemble Luke...but this version of Tracy is so far removed from the Tracy Quartermaine we've always know, I'm beginning to think that maybe she's the fake.

  8. I was watching the show after being away, and hubs saw Luke, and said, "He looks awful. What's wrong with him?" I told him that Geary was sick of playing the role, and he is so good that he sickness with the role came out in his appearance. Sheesh, maybe he and Maurice should go see their docs in real life. They both look unwell.
    As for the Fluke story line, WHO GIVES A RAT'S ASS??????

  9. GH stinks and I'll say it: It has now reached Guza levels. Boooo!!!! Boooo, again I say.
    I am glad Tristan left when he did and Kimberly too for that matter so that they aren't caught up in this suckage. Fin better bail if she knows whats good for her!

  10. I have nothing...I'm bored, just bored! Geary had his day back with Luke and Laura. It's time to go gently into the night. Put Fluke and Luke out of his misery and our viewing misery. Unless a miracle happens, which I highly doubt, this in my opinion is going down as one of the worst storylines ever!

  11. I don't like or dislike stories- I appreciate well written and acted ones. This is a GREAT idea poor;y executed, acted, and written.

    It's not Jerry, cuz Julian would know of it, and Julian was clearly a former employer of Jerry's.

    Trevor and maybe Damien Smith make sense.

    Perfect example- you KNEW Fluke wd kil Harry and then they went so far as to have Fluke ask for his gun. NO PRO HITMAN wd ever do that.

    I feel this ties into Vic C cuz he has the power to have his goons at Miscavige get revenge on Luke for killing Mikkos.

    BTW- RC app. tweeted that Fluke is revealed no later than end of next week.

  12. I have no idea who Fluke is and I'm really at the "I don't care" stage. They lost me when the guy started snorting coke. I don't think even Jerry Jax was a coke addict. I just hope the story ends soon.

    And that hitman scene was a joke. He shot Lucas in the shoulder, only shot once, and when Silas made a run at him he ran away instead of shooting him. Who walks towards a man with a gun besides an idiot?

    If his job was to kill Lucas he would have pumped a few into him and then ran out.

    The only thing I'm liking lately is that Jordan is working undercover. She's a good actress and it would be nice if they kept her and got rid of some of the dead weight.

  13. I can't be the only one who thinks he might be Anthony Zaccara (sp?)? I don't know why I'm giving any of this stupid storyline any room in my head, or the entire show now that I think about it. It's become more of a habit since I've been watching since 1976 but where I would once make sure to see every minute of every episode now I don't care if I see it at all. Watching TFGH is like watching a ping pong game being played by one person, every storyline bounces around aimlessly then just rolls away with no winners, we all lose an hour of our day with no reward. JMHO

  14. dar said...

    "Speaking of Rafe, is he still in town? Or did they mention that he'd left one of the days when I dozed off out of boredom?"

    LMFAO!!!!! Word! I feel the same way about that kid.

  15. It's not Jerry JACKS, for the love of God. He's not a coke addict, for one thing, and he'd also never endanger Alexis. Also, what happened to Jerry being on the verge of death because of the polonium poisoning he had? Nah, it's not Jerry Jacks.

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