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  1. He's certainly sexier than Faison.

  2. Brad and Britch: I love their scenes!!! I love that they are living together! They are laughing at Sam falling! ROFL! They kept rewinding that!!! :)

    Wyndemere: Cam and Spencer hahaha. Oh there is Liz. She looks so much better, so why is she still living at Wyndemere? So stupid. Oh there is Ric! :) Cam is taunting Spencer with a picture of him and Emma at the nurses ball hahaha.

    Maxie's home: Oh Levi is so rude turning off the tv when Maxie wanted to see it! KICK HIM TO THE CURB MAXIE! He can't tell you what to do!!!! I'm glad he is letting her see it for 10 minutes. UGH! Oh NOW he changes his mind to go to the nurses ball. What happened Levi? See someone you know at the red carpet?

    The red carpet: Like I said Sam fell! Duke is wearing a kilt! Awesome! That same announcer guy is there. And he sees Mac, Felicia, and Mr.Marbles. The announcer guy wins the line of the day!

    Announcer guy: Oh God not him again.

    ROFL! He was talking about Mr. Marbles! ROFL!

    The nurses ball: Felicia wore the aztec jewels!!! YES! Oh oh Dante knows about Sonny cheating on his mother! I can't believe Sonny had the gall to say you don't understand! It didn't mean anything! OH SHUT UP SONNY! Oh Dr O overshadowed the nurses singing!!!! Damn I love it! :) She had to threaten people that they would lose their jobs if they didn't help her ROFL! I wonder if Dr O is going to have Lucy in her underwear this year. :) Emma hopes Cam didn't send their picture to Spencer, because she dumped Spencer for being mean! Cam lied and said he didn't! Oh oh!

  3. Oh and Karen, love the picture of Dr O and Mr. Marbles! :)

  4. Dr. O, loved your number!! Loved the whole Nurses' Ball so far! Oh, Dr. O, you are so wonderful, funny and talented, too bad you are a raving sociopath!!

  5. Dr. O hijacking the opening number was absolutely hilarious! The looks everyone's faces were priceless.

  6. Karen, Save this episode on the DVR for when you need to smile. It'll do the trick. Spencer and Nicolas had me rolling. As did Dr. O, and Britt and Brad. And...well..everyone.

    All the guys look so nice and the ladies are beautiful! Did you hear when the Red Carpet guy said Elizabeth designed her own dress? Becky designs and sews a lot of her own gowns for award shows, so I bet she actually made her dress herself! Stunning, as always. I think she and Felicia looked the best, but Maxie hasn't shown up yet!

  7. Sonya: Although I love your choice for line of the day, I think Maxie deserves at least runner-up line for her comment while watching Duke and Anna on the red carpet, "I wish I had the legs to pull that off. And Anna looks nice, too."

  8. Kathleen Gati is TOO GOOD for GH. She shd be a major tv or film star. Everything she does is comic gold!

  9. "Sandi said...Sonya: Although I love your choice for line of the day, I think Maxie deserves at least runner-up line for her comment while watching Duke and Anna on the red carpet, "I wish I had the legs to pull that off. And Anna looks nice, too."

    Haha yeah. That wins runner up line. :) I love that Duke isn't afraid to wear his kilt!!

  10. KG was fantastic!!! She is so talented I almost forget she is not German. Great start to the NB. Kristina W. looked stunning. Brad & Britch were hysterical. And today we get Eddie Main!!!

  11. "LSV422 said...And today we get Eddie Main!!!"

    YEAH!!! I can't wait! :)

  12. I loved the nod to "Tootsie" at the end when Brad said, that is one nutty nurse's ball. Almost verbatim to the scene where Bill Murray is watching Dustin Hoffman reveal himself on the soap as a man. Priceless!

  13. MAGIC MILO!!!! trended on twiter!

    Eddie Maine did Meatloaf.

    Blakie Parish performs tomorrow. I guess it is going to be that B&B guy.

    The interaction between Brad, Felix and Lucas was good. Can we have more of that instead of the whole Nina story? Lets just drop the whole thing I do not think anyone would notice, if it was never brought up again.

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  15. Brad and Britch: Britch is talking with ice cream in her mouth hahaha. Eww! :) Yeah Brad! You two go to the nurses ball!!! :)

    Wynemere: Spencer calls his grandma Leslie?!!?! :) What is your plan for Emma little Spencer? :) Spencer is all like The townie is going downy hahaha. And then the little dance hahahaha!

    Nurses ball: EDDIE MAINE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and he is singing a song that I wasn't sure if it was a real song or not, until someone on another board said what it was! It was You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth by Meatloaf! I never heard of that song before. I love it! :) Who is that back up singer? Woah he kissed her! :) Starki and the gang's song, it made me think of Taylor Swift's we will never ever get back together. :) Oh boy Fake Luke and Tracy got married! Levi seems very interested in Felicia's Eztec jewels. Hmmmm. Is that why he wanted to come to the nurses ball? Because of the jewels? Sonny roles his eyes at Dante UGH! Because Dante is upset over him cheating on his mother! Lucas misses Brad!!!! :) Yeah Britch you tell them!!! Forgive Brad! :)Milo and the men strip!!!! :) Molly wins the line of the day!


    ROFL! And the look on Alexis's face hahahaha!

  16. This is the first time I have ever commented, but I have been a regular reader for years. I agree that there isn't much to be excited about anymore and the cast is way too big. However, I am thoroughly enjoying the nurses' ball, with the exception of Luke and Tracy. Eddie Maine and Luke performing were really fun and of course, Magic Milo and the boys. If Nathan would walk around like that everyday, I wouldn't have a problem with him at all.

  17. Oh, haven't finished today's show yet, but it is soooo wonderful!! LOVED all the numbers so far, so much talent!! Everyone looks great, Sonny was smiling with his dimples out, he rarely does that in character, and, since his character is sooo miserable right now, I think it really was MB enjoying the show!

  18. I know he's Fake Luke, but I'm happy TG got to perform this year. He looked like the only one not lip-syncing.

    And The Magic Milo boys...well...uhhhh... H. O. T. Those guys are in seriously good shape to have done some of those moves, let me tell you. Best Friday ending in a while.

    PS--anyone think the actor playing Nathan is taking some acting lessons? He seems to be improving in his scenes the last few weeks.

  19. The Nurse's Ball are always fun episodes. Still, I have some major issues with this years:
    - there is more mention of yoghurt than of AIDS/HIV
    - Patrick has been absent. I understand he has a premie in nicu but they could show him watching it on a tv in the hospital or have Emma be texting him
    - where is Doctor and former Chief of Staff Monica?!?!
    - folks seem to enjoy the strip tease but TJ seriously should not have been part of it. He is what, 16yrs old! Ick. Julian, Sean and Dante were all in the audience. One of them should have been on stage instead of TJ. Or Morgan (where is he?). Or Nicholas. Or Coleman. Anyone but a teenager.
    - Epiphany needs to do a full song, not be interupted by Dr. O.
    - where is the AIDs quilt?
    - why is Tracy being written like she has lost all her smarts? The only way this can be redeemed is if she has caught on to fake Luke and is really playing him
    - could have done without brooding self centred Sonny, dont give a damn about him fake Luke, and pianful Levi.

  20. "friscogh said...- folks seem to enjoy the strip tease but TJ seriously should not have been part of it. He is what, 16yrs old! Ick."

    He is going to college in the fall, so he is probably 17 turning 18 soon.

  21. Everyone is loving TG as Fluke "singing," and the marriage. This story has been dragging on too long, and will now go one even longer. I am so sick of it.
    KT was fantastic, but that number was so out of place, because she is such a villain. She was in a league of her own, and it would have been better if she had just done badly. So while I enjoyed the number, for me it did not fit in the story.
    The HIV/AIDS is almost lost in the shuffle. Did they used to have the quilt on, too? That would have been so moving. And where did the wedding fit into the HIV/AIDS scenario?????

  22. I did not love Puke or the marriage. I can't imagine who did. This story makes me sick. Hate the way Tracy is being portrayed.

    I wonder if the song choice indicates Geary is ready to come out?

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  24. Hey dar, TG sang that on stage in full drag a few years ago at a Broadway Cares event supporting AIDS/HIV research. He does a lot of stage shows. Here's a link with a tiny picture:

    I don't know if he's gay though...he had a rather public affair with Elizabeth Taylor in the 80s.