Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have no idea what's happening on the show. I don't even have the urge to watch the DVR for a distraction. So, let me ask you:

Did Julian shoot Ava (ahahaa, I bet that's a no) ..did she go to the island?

Has Lucas been on? (ahahaa)

Did Patrina name the baby?

Um.. is Donna Mills out of jail?

and... has NOTluke given anymore clues to who he really is?

That's all I can think of that I even care about.


ishouldreadmore said...

Oh, my heavens, what an easy quiz. The answers to all but one are no, and the one that isn't is about Ava being on the island. It looked as though she was on her way, but this is a soap.
I am hoping that you have a comedy or two on your DVR to lighten things, if only for a moment. It's a pretty sure thing that all the Wubbers have you in their thoughts this week. Be good to you.

LSV422 said...

Yesterday's show was pretty good. I thought Lisa LC overacted a bit but considering Olivia's personality it seemed appropriate. Any day Anna is on is a good day. Might as well enjoy it now before we have the Nina/Silas/Nathan mess expanding.

Cosmoetica said...

Did Julian shoot Ava (ahahaa, I bet that's a no) ..did she go to the island?

No, but he got her in trouble w dumb ass Shawn who let her blackmail him.

Has Lucas been on? (ahahaa)- No, but who cares? He's a horny zombie.

Did Patrina name the baby? - No, but who cares? It's Sabrina.

Um.. is Donna Mills out of jail?- Yes, and sent to NYC, and off the show, never to be seen again.

and... has NOTluke given anymore clues to who he really is?- Yes, but they are mixed signals.

LSV422 said...

Cosmoetica said:
Um.. is Donna Mills out of jail?- Yes, and sent to NYC, and off the show, never to be seen again.

Is she really gone? I feel bad for her. Not easy to get employment at that age and I was always a fan of hers from back when.

cooks7570 said...

I loved the Sonny and Olivia scene too. Did you see the moth that almost want into Lisa's mouth during the scene.

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Oh Ric is taking Liz to the rehearsal for the nurses ball! :) YES! And is taking her to the nurses ball! YES! :) Meanwhile in kid land, Spencer and Cam are so great! :) Spencer wins the line of the day!

Spencer: First of all, it's Emma and I! Second of all, what?!

ROFL! The way he said, what, cracked me up! These kids are great. Nik and Spencer scene awwww I love it!!! And the way Spencer talks about relationships, like Oprah and Gayle, and Burt and Ernie ROFL!

The hospital: Oh! WOW! So Dr O used money to keep the hospital afloat and if she didn't do that, the hospital would be closed! Piff and Dr O's first scene YES! Oh the only reason Felix was able to give Dr O a piece of his mind, is because Piffy was there! She gave him confidence!

Metrocourt nurses ball: Oh oh everyone hates Mr Marbles hahaha. Dr O practically cackling!! Love it! Dr O wants to sing! Lucy won't let her!!! Ra ro Dr O and Mr. Marbles! She picked him up! What is going to do to the nurses ball? Put a bomb in Mr. Marbles?!!?!! :) Oh look! Yoplat greek yogart! :)

Maxie's home: Nathan shaking his bootie haha. Wait wait Levi, WE are not going to the nurses ball?! No no YOU are not going! Maxie is going!!! Wait Maxie you think he is right and you are not going either?!!?!?! MAXIE YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MIND!!! I HATE LEVI!

Kelly's: Bobbie and Scotty YAY! What Fake Luke doesn't care if Bobbie dates Scotty? Uh You better pretend to be Luke, fake Luke!!!! REAL Luke wouldn't want his sister to date Scotty! He hates Scotty! Bobbie and Scotty scene, she got his number hahaha! He asks her to the nurses ball, but she knows that he is only asking her out, because he is hurting and wants to get Lucy jealous. He says he wants to move on!

Michael's home: Woah Michael! You got some tight underwear on!!! :) Oh Michael knows the truth between Fake Luke and Starki and he wants to kill his uncle Luke!!! LOVE IT! So glad you are on Ned!!! :)

sonya said...

"cooks7570 said...Did you see the moth that almost want into Lisa's mouth during the scene."

Is that what it was?!!?! I was wondering what that thing was hahaha!

AntJoan said...

I thought Lisa C was AMAZING--she is a very fine actress and should get an award.

Andrea said...

I love NED lets keep him and get rid of every other newbie.

Levi is a jerk and Maxie needs to get a backbone!

Im sure the Lucy/Scott/Kevin stuff would be more interesting if they were on a little more often, like twice a month.

Michael in his tight undies practicing dancing!

sonya said...

"Andrea said...Michael in his tight undies practicing dancing!"

No Starki! Don't make him leave! ROFL!

AntJoan said...

OK, today's show is AMAZING!! You know, there is a lot wrong with GH now, as we all know, but when they do a show right, there is NOTHING LIKE IT! I really want to watch it again, because a lot of the funny stuff is subtle.

First, seeing Bobbie, Scotty and Piffy is great. Then having the 3 "you make middle age look beyond attractive" couples all together in a scene (Kevin/Lucy; Duke/Anna and Mac/Felicia)--I am in Heaven.

Then Cam and Spencer--I LOVE THEM (although I know not everyone does).

Throw in Ric/Liz/Nik, this is only getting better!!

Mac with Mr. Marbles is HYSTERICAL!! Did you see the look Felicia shot Mr. Marbles when he yelled in her ear? And, speaking of looks, did you see Felix's response to Dr. O's rather unusual laughing spell? And the look that Fluke shot at Bobbie?

And, finally, Lucy's face when Dr. O was talking about singing--priceless!!

BTW, Bobbie looks fabulous, did anyone else notice?

I was hoping that Dr. O would sing at the end, but I'll settle for her interaction with Herr Marbles!!

All in all, brilliant show, Bravo!

Anon said...

I enjoyed the scenes with the vets, but this show is still a dang train wreck overall right now. Hopefully though, my boy Scotty will get some action with Bobbie! I am guessing the truth that he slept with Lucy will come out in front of everyone at the Nurse's Ball?

Devblev said...

Dr. O's final comment, "Nobody puts Liesel in a corner" (famous line from Dirty Dancing) with Mr. Marbles shaking his head no cracked me up!

Cosmoetica said...

LInda: SOD sd she could not hack the work sked so she declined the role going fwd. We likely have seen the last of her.