Monday, February 25, 2013

You're Always a Mama..

Even when your kid is full grown! He had a check up today for college and that's where I've been. SORRY!! 

NICE Paddy was in a grief session. 

IS STARR Kneeling ON THE ROAD? in the WINTER?!! WITH ICE around? Ummm...


did you enjoy today? 


BoboRafkin said...

Turned it off. All boring with the stupid, childish vampire crap leading the pack.

kdmask said...

oh really? ;/ sorry. I didn't last long either.

Anonymous said...

I have not been watching much at all since the vampire bs started. Im still pissed they ruined the return of Lucy with this and the return of Felicia, Laura and Scotty is being overwhelmed bu what they said would be only a "nod" to this vampire crap.
Finola Hughes is incredible but somehow she has got stuck in the two worst storylines ever on this show...aliens and vampires. Why are the wasting the talents of FInola Hughes and Lynn Herring on this crap. P.S. where is Kevin?

AntJoan said...

ITA w/everyone's comments. The vampire stuff is terrible; we all want to see our vets, and see them with GOOD MATERIAL that is worthy of them.

BTW, Patrick was at a 12 step meeting, not a grief session, I think.

cooks7570 said...

If this was a vampire storyline shouldn't we have people with bite marks on their necks runing around town.

sonya said...

Awww Karen. :) Sweet mama you are. How old is your son? :)

Hospital: Sabrina with a vase full of flowers, comes walking by and all the water in it, spills on Steven Larz!!!! He is soaked. :) So Olivia's vision came true! Gee the way Sabrina is acting, it's like she hit Steve with her car!!! Relax Sabrina geez!

Hospital chapel: Sabrina is there and Patrick shows up. So let me get this straight. Sabrina is at the chapel because she spilled water on Steve? HUH?! There is no need to light candles for that Sabrina! So we find out a little about Sabrina. Her mother died when she was young, and her father shipped Sabrina off to live with her cousins. Her father couldn't handle the death very well. And Sabrina uses her mother's Stethoscope. I like the background. :)

Steven Larz's home: So Kate is upset that Sonny cheated on her with Connie, and that she let Connie take Joe Jr Jr Jr off life support, and they couldn't wait for Kate to come back to say goodbye to her son. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH HEATHER IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YAY!

Wyndemere: Caleb!!!! He bit Sam!!! He has vampire fangs!!! That is sexy. :) Lucy, McBain, and Rafe to save the day!!! Lucy wants Caleb outside! The look on McBain's face ROFL!

Starr and Michael: Hmmm someone is watching Starr. I thought at first it was Michael but it's not!! WHO IS IT?!!!

Di said...

Trust me, even when they've graduated uni they still need their mamas. lol

As for the show... I FF'd through most of it today too. I didn't like the Starr/Michael scenes the first time around. All those flashbacks drove me crazy. They'd give us a minute of Sabrina and Patrick and then back to S/M again or to Crazy eyes, Kate and Sonny. Another of my favourite combos. NOT

And if that wasn't bad enough they kept throwing in Caleb and even added fangs! Enough already.

And how adorable is that baby. Caleb is doing his slow psycopathic drawl, threatening Sam as he holds her baby, and Danny snuggles up into his neck and makes himself right at home. lol

I liked the sabrina/Patrick scenes and her talk of her mom and her background.

I'm now wondering if Sabrina could be related to Sonny or Rick. They both have relatives in Puerto Rico. Her going back there to live with relatives was a bit of a clue. She still could be Franco's daughter if her mother was Puerto Rican but Franco said his daughter was taken from him. You'd think if the mother died they would have gotten in touch with the father. She said her father couldn't look after her and that he was weak.

I did enjoy seeing Heather again at the end. She is such a good actress.

I'm also wondering who's stalking Starr. I doubt it's Todd. One would hope he's long gone. It's probably Cole who's had plastic surgery after being badly injured. Maybe they had to recast his role for the rebirth of OLTL.

LSV422 said...

I agree that yesterday was pretty bad except for that adorable baby. So sick of Kate/Connie, Michael and Starr were so dull and Ugly Betty was cancelled in prime time - we don't need it here (and I did love that show). Sabrina needs to grow up. Hope today is better.

Gwendolyn said...

I know, I'm the minority. I liked yesterday. But who is watching Starr/Michael (what, Cole has been out on that road for a year?)

That baby sure liked Caleb. Fangs?? Remember, Tracy had fake ones. Heather, Heather, Olivia alone (good that it is time to find more about Sam's history). I'm gonna miss the OLTL crew (while they are gone). Starr humanized Michael, Todd is funny as hell, and Karen you're right ME is a Rock Star as Caleb. He's having SO much fun!