Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Steven Lars is Stabbed!

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Stabby day!! Knives! Teeth!! Woot!!

I also saw "Livvy" laying there in her wedding gown all laid out like a sacrifice.. with RUBY RED LIP STICK on. You think Caleb bought that for the occasion?? 

BY THE WAY... Do you like AJ and Liz?? 

Danny is a cute baby, and there's Heather ready to take him again.


Lara said...

Is it the same dress she had on PC?

Di said...

Danny is a little sweetheart. ME is very good with him and that probably helps his comfort level.

I like Liz and AJ together. I'm glad they're taking it slowly and letting them become good friends first.

jasonroks said...

This vampire stuff must end. The fangs, petals, dress today was too much. Enough! ME is great though.

Heather made the show worth it today.

Thumbs up on AJ and Liz.

delcodave said...

I love Robin Matson. But I am actually "over" Heather. I do, however find some sick poetic justice in the fact that this woman who obsessed over her darling Steven Lars her entire life is the one who wound up killing him. If this doesnt drive her over a cliff, I dont know what will.

I never watched the Vampire stuff. When it came on the first 2 or 3 episodes, I knew right then and there that I had time every afternoon to vaccuum and do laundry, as vampire time meant cleaning time. Caleb mention? Get out the windex.

I'm not big on the Connie/Kate storyline, but I will admit that it was good writing to have Kate find out all the stuff that happened to her and she is being really realistic about it and the past few days and scenes were pretty good.

I have a gut feeling. (without a knife in it) that these storylines are going to be tied up soon and with April 1st a mere month or so away, it is vet storylines all the way. I hope I am right.

Thanks SO MUCH Karen for all you do and your tireless effort to keep this blog alive.

PS. As for AJ and Liz. I dont think they have really established AJ's personality yet or where they foresee him being a year from now. But I do like that it is going slow. That might be their saving grace.

kdmask said...

I believe that's the same dress.

DAVE: you are welcome...I am feeling bad this week because I'm so busy around the 2pm mark.

I appreciate you all commenting!!

Anonymous said...

A "nod" to vampires? A "nod"? What the hell would we have got if they did a full on vampire story.

I've watched the last few days thinking there is no way it could be worse then the day before but Cartini continues to excel at downward spiral. I predict ratings will skyrocket during nurses ball and everyone will be praising Cartini however it will only be because they dragged the show so low leading up to the ball.

Every second character visiting Ferncliff, veterans languishing, dropped or dragged out storylines, Sonny making everything about him, killing a legacy character while introducing newbies to an already bloated cast, zombies, lsd, recycling storylines from oltl, did. This show has never been more horrible. Cartini should be fired. Yes, I just said that.

CareyN said...

Speaking of vets: so pysched about this news!!!

Was listening to Jessie's Girl the other day and thinking I'd like RS back for a while. He's dreamy! And really, casting JT as his "son" was basically genius. I could easily see him trying to woo the newly grieving Olivia. :)

BoboRafkin said...

I'm not sure Cartni should be fired, but I think he should be slapped...
really hard.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Love AJ & Liz. They were the best part of today's show.

sonya said...

The hospital: I love the Liz and Steven Larz scene! She pokes him with a pen on the arm! Then he explains about the blood coming from his stomach, so she pokes him on the stomach ROFL! AJ and Liz scene I loved too! Yes Karen I love AJ and Liz together! AJ is going to therapy now thanks to Liz. :) He trusts her!!! People are calling them Quiz as their couple name. :) Q and Liz = Quiz. :) I love it!

Steven Larz's home: Heather has a big ass knife, and wants to kill Olivia! Uh Heather? You should go find Caleb first. :) Altho you think it's McBain. :) Steven Larz shows up and he protects Olivia, and Heather stabs him with the knife!!!! OH NO! :( So as Steven Larz goes down, he puckers his lips! Like he is gonna kiss! ROFL! That was strange! The director should have said CUT and redid the scene. :) The MT's show up and Heather bolts because the cops are coming!! Heather your son Steven "pucker up lips" Larz is dying don't leave!!

Wyndemere: Caleb is biting away at Sam!!! Does she taste good Caleb? :) She passes out, and it looks like Kelly Monaco is smiling ROFL! It's like she is trying not to laugh. :) Damn Caleb is all over her!! He touches her boob. :) He puts her on wedding dress, where you can see down her dress! Her ta ta's is about to pop out! Oh no Lucy and McBain are at the fork in the passageways!! So they have to split up! I was really hoping McBain finds Caleb first! And he did!!! YAY! Meanwhile Rafe is with baby Cheeto! Baby Cheeto is so calm! :) Oh look Heather shows up! Gee she must have a GPS system on baby Cheeto! :)

The hospital: Poor Steven Larz. :( I hope he doesn't pucker up his lips when he dies ROFL!

Crash site: Kate and Sonny again. No you slept with Connie! No you should have waited for me to say goodbye to my son! Kate you left me! Sonny I can't control Connie. It's a sickness. Zzzzzzzz.

Anon said...

I love HEATHER!!!!! Please let her and Scotty have some scenes together. They were partners in crime and in the sack back in the day. MORE HEATHER MORE SCOTTY


Avalonn said...

I have to echo what Delcodave said about Heather, I'm over her too. Was Heather this cartoon bat sh!t crazy back in the day? My memory fails me here.
Not feeling the Molly/T.J. story. We've barely seen them onscreen and we are supposed to feel sad that they are having relationship issues?
Love A.J. and Liz.
Time to work on Michael Easton, keeping him on GH and pair him with Kelly Monaco's Sam now!!!

LSV422 said...

The vampie story is bad enough, but even worse is Sonny and Kate/Connie.The only good thing about the vampire storyline is we get to see that adorable baby and ME is fantastic. Of course Sonny would make everything all about him. He is starting to look a bit worn to be considered a romantic lead anymore. Way too much screen time for these two, but at least Carly has been MIA for awhile. I love AJ and Liz - can't think of anyone better to pair him with. I thought Steven was supposed to die since the actor was fired a few months ago, but the spoilers indicate he lives. What happened?

Brender said...

Liz and AJ is fine by me. as long as AJ isn't portrayed as the loser and the bad guy.