Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still Under The Cloud

of this FLU CRUD...it's not PRETTY!! I keep thinking I'm getting better then..BAM! something else makes me feel like sheeze. oy. 

Hope Lulu doesn't throw out that or could be that someone just reproduced the Ice Princess and spray painted Styrofoam. Maybe it's a sucker!! LOL..Helena gave it to Lulu for fun.  Luke thinks it's Helena, I'm going with that.

Ellie is still on the show? Um...guess so. Spin gave her a bear, a bracelet and "UP" Blu-ray edition LOL

Maxie and Frisco.. he's still creeping me way out.  LOVED  it when he went in on Britt though, I hate her.  "I'm a fixer"!

Luke and Laura..thank you GENIE FRANCIS for NOT screwing up your face with botox or stretching or tucking. You are just  gorgeous. 
The Spencers...awwww. 

EMMA: "the magic wand--will it make her disappear"!!? (about Britt) LMAO. 

Sonny finally slept with Connie and she woke up Kate. 



Di said...

I enjoyed the show today. I love seeing Laura back. Can't wait for lots more scenes with her. I'm also so happy she didn't go the botox route. She looks great.

I laughed out loud at Emma today. "Will it make her disappear?" ROFL And her little wand wave at the end was hilarious too.

I also enjoyed Frisco's chat with Britt. I'm a fixer...lol

Deb K said...

I had to laugh Karen...thanking Laura for not screwing up her face.


carrie a cunningham said...

I loved Frisco and Maxie..I loved daddy going to Britt to tell her to lay off..I get paid to kill people..

sonya said...

Haunted Star: Luke and Laura see each other! :) Yesterday, she had a huge smile! Today she didn't. They even showed a flashback of them!!!! When he thought she was dead, and saw her, and he calls out her name!!! Gives me shivers everytime! :) Shame on Lulu for not recognizing the ice princess!!! Lulu shows her parents what she has. And they tell her it's the original ice princess and they bring up SHE. :) I think Helena, and Luke and Laura do too! :) Lulu and Dante leave, and Scotty shows up! YAY! :) Scotty sounds like Clint Eastwood too!!!!! Why is that? :) Meanwhile Sabrina still whines, and Maxie tells her daddy about Dr Britch and her whole secret!!!! :) Frisco who still looks and sounds like Clint Eastwood, says he will help her. He knows what to do! YEAH FRISCO WOOT WOOT! Poor Starr and Michael can't make love! They saw Sonny and Connie eating each other's faces off and going to a room! ROFL! Connie wakes up as Kate!!! ACK!

The hospital: Felix gives Emma a wand.

Emma: Will it make her go away? Poof you're gone!

ROFL! Oh Emma I love you!!! :) Britch wrote a letter to Dr Q about Sabrina and gives Sabrina a copy. Unbelievable!!!! I'm glad Patrick is standing by Sabrina! Frisco talks to Britch!!! He threatens her! GO FRISCO GO! :) Take Britch down a peg or two! :)

Spinny and Ellie: Awww! They are so adorable together. Dancing and watching the movie. :) They are crying over the Disney movie up? ROFL! I never seen it. It must be a sad movie? Or the ending is sad?

Anon said...

Frisco is still pissing me off, but I did like him telling off the doctor. Maybe this will be a turning point? Fin Hughes mentioned in an interview that she does get a scene with him, so THAT'S A GOOD SIGN. As I said before - they were tight back in the day. It makes no sense that he would resurface and not even have a cup of coffee or something with Anna.

Luke and Laura are great - they still have good chemistry. Loved the flashback to the scene where he sees Laura across the Mayor's lawn...his primal scream of "LAURA!!!" gives me goosebumps still today. Unparalleled acting by Geary in that scene that still holds up today.


michelle latta said...

Loved it! Emma is a cutie! Loved Frisco and Maxie scenes today, awesome!

michelle latta said...

Great Frisco day today, abscentee dad or not, nobody messes with his baby. Loved it today. Have to say though, I am SO over Liv and her 'visions', please wrap it up.

Gwendolyn said...

I know you probably already know Karen, but I want Ellie to be Franco's kid. After all a) Ellen is close to Lauren b) red hair c) went a little psycho ("she had time to mess with my car") and d) the symmetry: Maxie slept with Franco and never forgave herself unless Spin would cheat...how's Franco's kid for that? *LOL* I know just me. Laura looks GREAT! Aging beautifully!

sonya said...

Poor sick Karen. :( I hope you feel better soon!!!! :(

LSV422 said...

Too much Sonny & Connie, but good surprise with Kate back. Loved Frisco helping his girl. Nice of the Haunted Star to keep beds available - ugh. I like Gwendolyn's idea of Ellie being Lauren - that would be great. Can't wait to see Frisco with Anna Divine. Luke & Laura - what a treat, and then Scotty appears!