Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jail Break

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Molly and Lucy... Molly's going to love this Tale of The Slayer... she can write a Teen Vampire book. 

AJ and Tracy. :) heh... Did you see the Pic-a-Lilah made it to THE SOUP?? it did!!
 I have to find the clip. 
AJ has a Panic Attack..Tracy says: THIS IS NOT MY FIRST FAKE HEART ATTACK! LOL. 

Rafe sure doesn't look like "Rafe"..look at the nose!! Molly charming the guard to letting her in there. Geesh, great "guard'! 

Lucy reaches for matches-- um, who has matches anymore? Where's Cameron? LMAO!! 

Lucy, Rafe and McBain escape. 

Kate's going to realize she caused the accident that killed her own kid. Whoops. OR someone's going to have to tell her--Olivia or Sonny? 

Kate and Connie
John and Caleb
Duke Faison 

Sooooooo, who's really who? LOL 


sonya said...

Police station: FIRE FIRE FIRE! ROFL! It's right there in the trash can! ROFL! McBain and Rafe in the jail! McBain is upset, Rafe is eating, and Todd is not even there. McBain brings up that Todd is with his lawyer. Ahhh okay. :) Molly is all butterfingers and drops the keys hahahha!

Steven Larz home: Kate is whining and acting like Sonny cheated on her with Connie!!! Oh no! Kate's eyes are bulging again! UGH! I miss Connie! Bring back Connie!!!

Haunted Star: Sonny is not going to listen to Olivia! Sonny you really should! Kate is angry that you cheated on her with Connie!

Q home: AJ starts sweating and says oh no it's happening again! ROFL! What AJ? Are you turning into a werewolf again? Seriously tho, he is having another panic attack! BREATH AJ BREATH!!You don't need Liz!!! Just breath!!

That was a really strange scene yesterday, when Duke was at the pier throwing a penny in the water and smiling. Hmmm.

kdmask said...

I totally forgot to hit "publish" I actually watched this at 2!

ya, the penny thing was a bit creepy but I don't think they meant it to be.

cooks7570 said...

Kate Hall a writer for gh says Duke did that after Anna said her and Luke were done. She said there was nothing sinister about it. Lynn did a twitter chat on the official GH twitter that you could see what she said.

carrie a cunningham said...

Really liking this AJ..Really like AJ and Liz..The pairing would not work if Billy was playing him still.

I like the character Rafe..Ok both character Rafe..Senior and Junior...But I hope that this boy stays on the show..Maybe he will draw in some young viewers..

I wonder how long we will get to see the vets..Once they are gone I am going to miss them..I love Lucy.SHe was always one of my favorite characters. She was why I 1st watched Port Charles.

I wish Britt brat would go away...Her nastiness reminds me of Stacey on OLTL..Wish Frisco would make her disappear or that Caleb would stab her

Avalonn said...

Did I miss something? The preview at the end of yesterday's show for today showed Sam screaming and a shot of Caleb. But, they were MIA today. Did it get cut?
In regard to Duke, honestly, it just reminded me of throwing a penny and making a wish. Clearly he was wishing a reunion with Anna. No creepy look on his face. No more Faison.
Loved McBain's comment about Todd being gone, so no laugh track today :)

Anon said...

I skimmed most of the episode but watched all the Tracy/AJ stuff...It's good to see the Q's get some of their mojo back! They are fun to watch sparring.
And the AJ/Liz pairing has some promise...I liked Billy Warlock well enough but even with his baby face, he still is 51 right now and pairing him with Becca Herbst who is 35, would be a stretch. Sean Kanan is in his mid 40's, so it's not as creepy and so far they have good chemistry...we'll see!

fun said...

could britt be franco's daughter?

jasonroks said...

Good Lord let's hope Britt isn't Franco's daughter Ugh

Haven't seen Sam/Caleb in days. She's going to morph into Livvie somehow. They were the cliffhanger last FRIDAY- ok any time now we're ready to see what happened.I'd think Danny would need a diaper change and to eat. Is she nursing?

Does Molly live close to the station? How does she get around town so easily?

No idea RH was 35 - she looks 25. Like the new AJ. The Q scenes are great to see.

AntJoan said...

When I saw Duke throw something into the water, I thought that somehow Heather was going to emerge from the sea.

Bookworm said...

@jasonroks Sam could not possibly be nursing. She did not have that baby for months. She thought he was dead. If you don't use it, you lose it.

But yeah, I was wondering about the diapers, too. How many days has it been in CP time? Kudos to the props department whenever Liz carts around a baby, because she's always got a diaper bag with her. Haven't noticed it with Sam.