Sunday, February 24, 2013

Will Ingo Rademacher Be on DWTS?

Ah.. a funny thing happened on Twitter.

@Ingo Rademacher 

Time for a little celebration.
Kate Edwards
Ernest Johnson (on Facebook)
Hey Man, you should consider doing the Catalina Challenge with me on a 14' at the end of March to race against our buddy Byron Kurt and team Hobie ?
@Ingo Rademacher lets talk about that. good chance i'll be in town

On Twitter:
@Ingo Rademacher
Off to LA this week. Lots happening can't wait to fill u all in as soon as I can.
@Scott Wilkie @IngoRademacher D

They are announcing DWTS cast Tuesday. I could be wrong-- but I could be right. I can't imagine this 'big news' is going back to GH for a bit.  
The photo is of SILVER OAK wine. My hubby bought a bottle and is actually saving it for our son's 21st--so it's a great bottle!! 


Laura said...

I'd watch every night.

natasha_jax said...

Silver Oak Cabernet is one of the finest Cabernets I've ever tried. Enjoy! And Ingo on DWTS would definitely inspire me to put the show back into my DVR queue!

nance24 said...

I would definately watch

Deb K said...

It states a women from GH

Love4dogs said...

Jen Lilley fans have had quite a campaign going to get her on, however I think a current cast member would be the candidate of choice.

Anonymous said...

Finola Hughes - Anna

Love4dogs said...

Frisco..yes, I read that speculation. That would be a great choice.

Love4dogs said...

Frisco..yes, I read that speculation. That would be a great choice.

Anonymous said...


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