Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sorry, Sir NO Cigar...

the head writer of GH tweeted: 

@carlivatiron: For those asking about Frisco, we only have him for a certain number of episodes. I'm trying to space them out! #FriscoMaxieScenesSoon #GH

I say BOULDERDASH!! not SHOWING him for FIVE days after that first meeting was wrong. Call me what you want but leaving it hang at "Hello Maxie" makes no sense. Chop it up different. Edit it closer. Finish the damn sentence.

No excuse. Like I said, maybe it's supposed to be "creative" whatever-- but from here, showing him TODAY after all that time went buy?


not. Care.


Deb K said...


Would have been nice to see Maxies reaction to hearing his voice.
Messed up.

Di said...

I agree. They should have at least had Maxie turn around and walk out.

I liked seeing Frisco but no one is going to take his visit seriously. We all know he won't win Felicia back because he filmed for one day!!

Today's ep was ok. Haley Pullos is such a trooper. She can barely talk. ( and she still sounds good...lol)

But since when has law conscious Molly been so anti-police. "My mother's a lawyer and she's not afraid of the police and neither am I?" WTH Why would a law-biding person like Molly be afraid of the police in the first place? What a lousy attitude. She's beginning to sound like one of Sonny's kids!

And at least they showed a newspaper article so we now know what Johnny's sentence was. He got 20 years because he accidently caused the death of 2 people while committing a felony. I wonder how many years Connie will get for accidently causing Trey's death while committing a felony? Wanna bet she never sees the inside of a cell.

And there's no way they'd allow a teenage girl (or 20 year old) to do community service at a men's maximum security prison.

I was really hoping Johnny was just giving Starr her recording contract. Now we get to see her at the Haunted Star alll the time. We'll be HAUNTED by STARR. muyhahaaaaa

And how well run is that club going to be. *insert eye roll* I was hoping Lulu was going to ask Mac to run it for her. He should be more than a bartender. He must have money saved that he could invest in at least buying a part interest in the bar, or something.

I loved seeing Laura today. Her scene with Lulu was great. I wonder if she called Scotty. And what could they be going ahead with? Hopefully not a wedding.

CareyN said...

I didn't watch GH when Frisco was on, so I don't particularly care about his return. I did watch sometimes back before Felicia left, but that's when she was writing Lila's memoirs and hooking up with Luke...and I couldn't stand her then. I still can't, honestly. However, what I think would have been a good soap story would be to have Flea and Mac and Maxie hear from Frisco (without JW having to make a one-day cameo), hear he's coming home to see his pregnant daughter, and have THAT info sink in for a while. Have Flea and Maxie deal with unresolved feelings. Have Mac deal with some jealousy. Then, when Maxie and Flea go to meet Frisco at the airport, HE DOESN'T show! Then Maxie could be all abandonment-angsty and take it out on Flea. Flea could feel bad for "almost" choosing Frisco over Mac. And then have Maxie really look at her choice to pass her and Spinelli's baby off as Lante's, because basically she's abandoning her own kid, just like her parents did to her.

That would be a good use of history, a potentially well-drawn out "back-burner" story with long-term ramifications, and NOT drive people crazy with the poor editing of JW's one day of shooting.

sonya said...

I wish Frisco would stay!!!!!!!!!

The pier: There is Laura, hiding, skulking, and listening!!! :) She has not changed!!!! :) Laura you could have walked out and said hi to them!! Well anyway Anna doesn't want a relationship with Luke! She wants Duke!!! :) YAY!!! And they talk about true love! That Luke never felt that kind of love with anyone except Laura! :) YAY! :)

Jail: Johnny is going to spend 20 years in jail!!!! :( Well he doesn't need to work out in jail! He already has been working out! :)

Police station: Poor McBain!!! He sees what looks like himself in the video footage! He can't explain it! Anna arrests him!! :(

Haunted Star: Oh a Laura and Lulu scene! YAY!!!!! Love Laura's coat! Laura wants to know if Luke is seeing someone. :) Why Laura? Cus you wuv him? :) Laura said she saw Lucky a year ago at that grave yard!!! WOAH! So THAT is who he was talking to in his last scene?! HIS MOTHER?! YAY! :) Oh Laura is staying at the metrocourt! YAY! Hey Laura, so is Luke!!! I wonder if Laura is staying across the hall from Luke. :) That reminds me of the sticky door storyline! :) Where they lived in the same building hahaha! Oh Starr shows up and boy she knows about Laura! She told Laura she knows all about Luke and Laura. That she is a legend!!! :) Damn straight she is and they are!! Awww Starr, you didn't ask for Laura's autograph. :) STARR is half owner of the haunted STAR?!!?! Strange.

The floating rib: TJ is whining about Molly to Shawn. Meanwhile Frisco wants Felicia back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Hey I love Mac and Felicia together, but F&F forever!!! :)

Alexis's home: Emily hides Zander in her room! And then he hides under her bed when Emily goes to get something for him to eat and Krissy shows up. Oh wait I'm sorry! I mean Molly hides Rafe in her room and then when Molly goes to get something to eat, Krissy shows up, so Rafe hides under Molly's bed. Zander hid under Emily's bed back in the day. :) Krissy is going to do her community service at the jail. The same jail Johnny is going to go to!!!!!! Hmmm is Krissy and Johnny gonna be a couple? :)

Pier: Yes I saw Luke. We can go ahead with our plans?!!?! Hmmm who is she talking to? Scotty? And what are the plans? To get married?!!?!! :) Delicious!!! :)

AntJoan said...

Oh, Laura, sooo good to see you, you've been missed, you look AMAZING!! I'm really in Heaven with all the vets. . . And now, Scotty!! I guess Laura wanted to clear the way for him, and now that she thinks Luke is "taken" he can show up and reveal they are married (that's what I think anyway . . . )

And her reveal that she saw Lucky in Ireland (his last scene) was an AMAZING way to follow up/tie up the Lucky departure.

AntJoan said...

Oh, Laura, sooo good to see you, you've been missed, you look AMAZING!! I'm really in Heaven with all the vets. . . And now, Scotty!! I guess Laura wanted to clear the way for him, and now that she thinks Luke is "taken" he can show up and reveal they are married (that's what I think anyway . . . )

And her reveal that she saw Lucky in Ireland (his last scene) was an AMAZING way to follow up/tie up the Lucky departure.

bigdoodah said...

This storyline with McBain reminds me of this show which coincidently starred the same actor

Avalonn said...

If they only have Jack Wagner a short time I'd rather they just play out his scenes instead of dragging it out to make it seem like he's there longer. It's true, they wait so long the thrill is over by the time you get to see them again. That is a beef I have with GH these days. Overall, I am enjoying the show. Time to get Luke away from Anna and move Anna closer to Duke!!!

Az Deb said...

I don't know why Mac isn't collecting his pension. Every cop I know can collect a retirement after 20 years. Also I am sick of the parade of oldies showing up just for the sake of saying they came back. Lets have them come back and act out a good story. So happy Laura has come back. Love the rebuilding of the families...the Quartermaines, Mac & Flea, Spencers...

Di said...

I agree AntJoan. It was an amazing way to tie up the Lucky departure. Now at least we know who he saw in the graveyard before he fell into the abyss. He's been hanging on that cliff for years. lol

kdmask said...

I have not watched yet...sorry. I had a meeting until 7:20.. ;/

sonya said...

Well, Karen quick go watch it now!!! :)

Anon said...

Thank God for Genie Francis...love how she has grown into an beautiful woman and stellar actress over the years. She and Finola and Jane Elliot are three "older" actresses whose mere screen presence is enough to sell a scene...All Emmy winners and they bring it with every scene. Robin Mattson should also be mentioned in this group although she has not won an Emmy but has been nominated a couple of times and is also exceptional.

So good to see Laura again and I too liked the nod to JJ's last scene as Lucky. Thinking she is married or going to marry Scotty and I love it. Although I like Luke, I always did like Scotty a little better!

Glad to see Luke and Anna are over. It was fine for a fling, but long term...nah. Pair Anna with Duke or bring back Robert and pair them up FINALLY.

And a complaint...if they haven't already messed up the Frisco pacing enough, they should have a substantial scene with him and ANNA right soon. Anna was one of his mentors back in the day (along with Robert and Sean) made him one of Robin's godfathers. He and Robin were close and I am just not buying that he wouldn't stop by and visit Anna for a little bit. If anyone could commiserate with him about being a spy with a family left behind, it would be Anna. Really disappointed so far with the Frisco stuff although it is good to see him again.


carrie a cunningham said...

That sucks that means ..Frisco is leaving again..will not get vested in him...

LSV422 said...

It just seemed unbelievable to me that Frisco and Felicia were on my screen today. It was so bittersweet condidering their real life story and wondering if any of the words were meaningful to either of them. But, TPTB made a huge boo boo having left Frisco and Maxie in limbo. Thrilled that Genie is back and that Luke and Anna are finally over. Would like Luke back with Tracy. Finola really should be nominated for best actress this year - she is phenomenal.

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