Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This was in the twitterverse:

Nancy Lee Grahn@NancyLeeGrahn
Went in for Nurses Ball Gown fitting and saw my sweet once my GH nephew and now star of So happy!!!

BIG DEBATE on Twitter it confirmed, isn't it confirmed. WHATEVERRRRRRR. There's the tweet read it. We'll see if he shows up. 


NLG just posted the following: "@soapsindepthabc spilled the beans? Love u but you dont get to twist my words. I said I saw him there. If you must know neither one of us were there to work. I was having a fitting & he was visiting. To infer anything more from my tweet & tweet it is not cool.


Avalonn said...

Don't tweet something and then get mad at people for jumping to the seemingly obvious conclusion! Of course people are going to think he was there to work. If the actors are not permitted to say stuff then it's simple...don't say anything. Other wise, your just fuelling gossip.

Wanda Woman said...

Then NLG tweeted:

"I was gettiing fitted for my nurses ball gown and ran into Ricky Dean Anderson. I made out with him once. Wanna run with that one too?"

Wanda Woman said...

Hmmm. Julie Marie Berman tweeted:

"Hi everyone...yesterday was one of the hardest days of my life. It hurts to let go of Lulu. Thank u for letting me into ur homes & hearts. X"

So she's leaving GH?

Wanda Woman said...

Ooops. Should have scrolled down the Wubs page before posting. JMB news right there. Apologies.

Avalonn said...