Friday, February 8, 2013

Luke's Got a Cold!!

 Who heard that? I sure did...little sinus. Luke's here to rescue you Tracy!! So calm down.

"He's obviously troubled" says TJ..who the HELL talks like that other than a 40 year old woman!!? LOL Maybe even not then. And Tart it up MOLLY!! Make up..woot. And TJ is a nark?! Telling Anna on her? not cool.

Caleb... and Lucy "Lucy I'm home"!!... Where else but in daytime soaps can you pick up a story 13 years later? LOL... good laws. CALEB IS SUCH A ROCK STAR!!  ME acts so dang well as the Vamp Man. 
"They humor the crazy lady" !! so, did Lucy dream the Caleb? hmmm. heh. My lips are sealed

Hey, new cop guy!!
Todd and Carly...and Todd's Passport says DAVID VICKERS!! holla!!

I'm spotty on the blog, I  apologize. I may explain in Sunday Surgery, I may not. It's complicated. GH isn't first on the list. It used to be!! LOL. Sometimes when things get better, you lose a bit of the edge. Anyway..sorry I wasn't on yesterday.

SO much better watching the show on DVR because-- you know what? it goes like THAT. boom! 



Tanya said...

i say let ME come back as Caleb only... such a better character :) i wonder if he enjoys it better...

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Caleb and Lucy scene! Damn they are hot together! :) He wants to bite her! :) Oh wait it's just a dream!!

Police station: DOH! I can't believe TJ threw Molly under the bus!! Anna talked to them alone in the interrogation room. Molly pretends she didn't know that was wrong ROFL! And then says cus her mother does it all the time ROFL! Uh Molly? Anna is not going to play games with you! Anna is alone with this cop that I never seen before. Wow he is hot! Love his blue eyes. There is Lucy sneaking in to see Rafe, but that new cop who has blue eyes figures out who she is! She attacks him ROFL! Anna sees this and Lucy points a gun on her ROFL!

Q home: Yes Tony Geary sounds like he has a cold. He sounds awful. Did he get that cold from Jack Wagner? Tracy gets two visiters! The men in black!!! :)

Courthouse: Molly and TJ show up. The actress sounds like she has a cold now!! Did she get it from Tony Geary?

Jail: Rafe flashes back to when he talked to Molly in his jail cell. Woah that flashed me back of when Emily was with Zander when HE was in jail! It's like Rafe and Molly are the new Emily and Zander!!! :) CALEB SHOWS UP TO TALK TO RAFE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! Maybe Lucy didn't dream about Caleb?!!?! Hmmmm.

Manning Enterprises: Oh a Todd and Carly scene!!! :) No Carly don't give in! Don't go soft! Ah hell forget it. Just kiss him. :)

GH promo: The new promo that is out there with Laura and Lulu, Luke and Scotty, and everyone, well Luke asks Scotty what are you doing here? What do you want? Well I can just read Scotty's mind!!!

Luke: What do you want? What are you doing here?

Scotty: I'm married to Laura!!!

BAHAHAHAHA! That would be delicious!! :)