Friday, February 8, 2013

Pick A Lila Today

Lucy with the gun...

Caleb trying to get Rafe..and taking that Police guy down the docks and killed the officer heh. In a whale-gutting type move. ROCK STAR!! 
HE licked the blood! eeeeee

Luke's still got his froggy throat.  YEAH he finds Todd :) Love Geary and Roger. Carly admits that Franco might have a kid running around and Heather might know about her too. 
Like Carly and Todd. awww. 

Tracy and Connie all buddy buddy. And Sonny finds out it  was Tracy that leaked the info. Such blabber mouths..and how did they get in??! God, that relish has to be OLD by now. oy. 

Sonny won't tell on Tracy--for Cawnie's sake. 

Duke wants to make Pick-a-Lila and then  Tracy gets the idea too. 

Terrible writing--and it's JUST like the Duke/Robert/Anna stuff we had to wait for..and wait for. This is..just not right. 

well, Sunday Surgery is going to be a bitch fest.  

Whatever.  yeah, Laura's back Monday...then when will they show her again? JUNE?? I get that the show is better and I do love my Caleb but the show is such a choppy mess, I can't deal. 


Wanda Woman said...

Did you see LW tweeted the OLTLers will be back in a few weeks? Did something get worked out with PP or will they be playing different characters?

Anon said...

I get what they are doing...trying to spread out his limited camera time. It's a big mistake though...They should have done Frisco every day this whole week. With Laura and Scotty returning on Monday, we don't need Frisco's storyline chopped up any more beyond this week, you know?
The long awaited Maxie/Frisco payoff was gutted by pacing the scenes this way. Why does GH fumble what should be CLASSIC reunion scenes so often? Think back to Rick and Leslie Webber's weird scene when he returned, Robin and Robert Scorpio when he first came back in 2006, the last Luke/Robert scene on the bridge, and now this? I feel like Charlie Brown running at the football - Lucy is just going to yank away what should be a great play!

Kels said...

Again, there's too much going on, too many stories, not enough time to tell them. Too many people on the canvas (I mean it's great that they're trying to not backburner anyone but still).
I agree with oldschoolghfan, I get what they're *trying* to do. But it's not working.
Should have actually seen the clue from Jack Wagner himself. On his twitter on day 2, he said, (paraphrasing) hang on a few episodes and Frisco has some great scenes with Maxie. So I guess we should have seen that coming. But it does lead to continuity issues. We're supposed to believe everything else is going on in town on the same night that Mac, Felicia, Frisco and Maxie are still staring at each other.
Course time is always funky on soaps but seriously? IF we weren't gonna see Maxie/Frisco, they should have shown her slapping him &/or running out. Then we could maybe believe he's been trying to talk to her while she's freezing him out. That would have worked.

By the way with Jerry and Bobbie coming back do you think we'll FINALLY get some recognition that Bobbie/Jerry were once engaged? Like you know how he was arrested on their wedding day and all. Every now & again Carly does mention her mama, but never like a "hey remember when you were almost my stepfather you bastard?" directed at Jerry. Sigh. But then again, that Jerry was almost a completely different character.

Di said...

kdmask, you can imagine how the rest of us feel who DON'T love Caleb.

bumchickabowbow said...

Loving Caleb. BUT, I just don't want the vampire stuff. I hope there is an explanation that's not too Twilight...

Mr. Shmekel said...

I agree with Kels. There are too many stories going on at the same time and I do not like the Sabrina/Patrick match-up. Where is Robin?! How can they leave that storyline hanging for so long? And these vampires are stupid.

BoboRafkin said...

I don't know who Caleb is. I don't care who he is. I want him to go away. The whole vampire thing is childish story-telling. Almost makes me yearn for a good mob story. Almost.

sonya said...

Jail: Come on Anna you can overpower Lucy!!! Oh no! Caleb wants Rafe to go to the pier!!!! Oh oh Lucy back to her cell ROFL! That shirt that Anna is wearing, connects to her hands!!! I actually like that. I wonder if it warms her hands up. :) I have cold hands and that might be good for my hands. :)

Pier: Sonny and Shawn discuss things. Hmmm uh Jason got shot and pushed in the water in that spot!! Sonny doesn't have any bad thoughts about it?! Did he forget what happened to Jason?!!?! Caleb, the cop, and Rafe arrive. Caleb wants Rafe to tell him what happened!! I was thinking oh oh is Caleb going to stab the cop?! AND HE DID!!!! You should have seen my reaction. My mouth dropped and I covered my mouth with my hands! :) The cop is dead!!!! Caleb tells Rafe he is his son!!!! Rafe runs away! Caleb didn't run after Rafe in fast speed!! I thought he would. Caleb just stayed behind and took the arrow that he stabbed the cop with, and started to lick the blood on the arrow! ROFL ROFL! Ewwwwwww! ROFL! I was laughing when he did that. :)The whole scene was a great scene!

Manning Enterprises: Poor Tony Geary is still sick poor thing!! Carly finally opened the door and Luke wondered what took her so long! Carly says she was naked ROFL! He knew she was lying. Luke finds Todd hiding and grabs him by the ear ROFL! I wonder if grabbing his ear was adlibbed ROFL! Carly and Todd kiss HOT! :)

ELQ: Oh look! Duke has an idea to keep ELQ afloat!! PICALILA RELISH! :)

Q home: The two men in black put handcuffs on Tracy, when her BFF Connie stop them! ROFL! She gets him to take the handcuffs off of her! Haha Connie power! :) The two BFF's talk and Connie LOVES Pickalila relish! ROFL! I like how Connie changes Sonny's mind about telling Michael about Tracy! :) Connie says that Tracy is her new BFF! Wow she admits it!! :) Luke visits and look! Tracy realizes she can save ELQ with PICKALILA RELISH!!!! :)

3 more days until LAURA comes!!!!!!!!! :)

Vlaprincess99 said...

I actually like what's going on and I don't mind the wait. I never know who is going to be on and I like the mix. I didn't watch PC or OLTL, so the fact that I like McBain, Todd, Starr, and now Caleb when I only wanted GH characters at first is huge. On a side note, I unfortunately had tried watch GH online at ABC this week and the player has been a hot mess, freezing and needing constant reloading. I hope this never happens for the OLTL/AMC fans online because I was going to lose it. Thank god for youtube

love2chat402000 said...

I think that three characters cannot be on the show anymore after Feb 8: Todd , McBain, and Star are owned by prospect park so I think they are rushing to tie up loose ends with these characters and possibly lay groundwork for them to play new characters. Caleb was part of port charles and can be on GH, Todd and star will leave.
All in all , I am quite disappointed and have been for some time. I love that old charcters have come back but all their stories are choppy.Sabrina, maxie and neverending Connie/kate/sonny saga seem to monopolize the show. Now they have switched to caleb story which , I think is poorly done/written. A cliffhanger occurred with Frisco and now is dropped which makes me lose interest. Don't even get me started on Liz who is barely seen only as a support to sabrina.
This week I actually didn't watch.

dar said...

Hate Caleb. He drove me away from Port Charles. Please make him go away.

Cosmoetica said...

Karen: Cartini is 90% better than Guza, but the 10% where they drop the ball is editing and continuity.

Atrocious. It looks like no Frisco on Monday, which means 7 days minimum between Frisco's turnaround to maxi and her reply.

kdmask said...

yes, they are 100% better than Guza but they are quickly trying my patience. It's just like they are throwing sheeze together and not sewing it up. Driving me crazy

cooks7570 said...

Ron said one day on twitter where's the vampires at. Shouldn't we be seeing vampires by now if it was a true vampire story.