Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stamos Back: yea or nay?

Teaser on TV Guide regarding his comeback. He's due on the  Jeff Probst talk show to discuss a possible cameo on the show.  He nixed this:

During a sit-down with Probst, Stamos reveals he has indeed met with GH brass but was not thrilled to hear they want his popular '80s character, Blackie Parrish, to appear at the Nurse's Ball playing drums while Rick Springfield sings "Jessie's Girl."
"That's not gonna happen," Stamos tells Probst. "That's what I passed on." The actor goes on to say he's "indebted" to GH for putting him on the map and would happily return if given something meaty to do.

I think that was a huge mistake! It would be so fun to just have people pop up at the Ball like they do on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stuff.. and I do think it's interesting he'd want "more to do". Huh..nice, so soap acting is cool, right? 
I want people to pop up left and right. Rose Kelly catering, Demi Moore running by in a trench coat-- All the Carly's in the ladies room at once. Just 2-day carnival of "spot the star"!!

BTW, I have a feeling he will indeed turn up in some capacity. Stay tuned!


Avalonn said...

I love your ideas Karen...all Carly's in the bathroom at once :) powdering their noses and fixing their hair, that would be awesome! And yes I agree with you, I think John Stamos will show up too. I'd love to see him, Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield play a song together though. Maybe Frisco could sing Lady of My Heart to Felicia to tick off Mac ;)

Elizabeth said...

Stamos and Springfield? That would have been awesome! I was listening to Jessie's Girl earlier and was thinking that someone should do it at The Nurses' Ball (that and one of the songs from Cinderella since Stuart Damon played the prince back in the 60's). I wouldn't say no to Don't Talk to Strangers too. :)

Cosmoetica said...

Sorry, but they severely dissed Stamos. For a couple years, in the early 80s, whrn Geary was waffling on the show, and Genie was awol. Stamos was THE big draw for the college female viewer.

To not give him even a speaking role, or explain what Blackie's been up to the last 30 years, is a MAJOR didd.

Unknown said...
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Cosmoetica said...

Make that diss, not didd.