Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Surgery: The Reluctant Resident

This is what happens when you Google: Super Bowl Soap!
There are so many things to try and discuss this week that I'm almost tempted to throw up a Gone Fishin' sign and wait for awhile. My friend told me "I have no idea what the hell is going on on GH, just call me when the Nurses' Ball comes, ok"?? She didn't even want to have me explain it. 

I personally think the show is a bit of a mess right now--and yes, I'm enjoying it. However, when I think about the actual "direction and story" I want to throw my hands up. No rhyme, reason or synergy lately. With the looming actor and or cast changes coming because of the legal Prospect Park shenigans, we can only expect more jumbles. 

I was also very sick the beginning of the week so perhaps some of my confusion is flu-induced. Who knows. 

I need a Bloody Mary... extra on the  Mary. Get on your SCRUBBIES!! It's SUPER SURGERY SUNDAY!! OH BOY!

I'm going to start off with the BLOATING of the PC jail/Ferncliff. Everyone in town have or will have  pending charges. Johnny...Xtina...Todd, Lucy and Heather. Connie... Tracy's going to get hooked by the feds.  Then McBain winds up in the pokey. 
WTF. Come on!! Too much. Way too much. One or maybe two "court related" things is my max. Diane and Alexis are going to be busy!

ELQ: I like it..I liked the AJ Anxiety attack--and it was very believable. Especially after his fight with Sonny. Speaking of -- loved Connie sticking to him. I'm sorry but Sonny's "trying to seduce to get daughter's charges dropped" act was gross. Inappropriate.  This ConSon dance has gone on far too long. It's just getting tiresome. I'm liking the "crazy Cawnie" stuff in the news room and having her print The Sun is ok...but the Sonny crud? STOP IT.

Brit got her just  desserts..and yet, I felt mildly giddy when she bumped hard into Nurse Betty and threw her papers all over the floor.  I still can't get into Paddy/Betty. Now we have a Dr.Niles in the making. Whatever, Whatever..Whatever.

Should I even start?
Should I?
Well...I'm going to start with Kevin because that at LEAST is the good part of this whole story. I am SO GLAD  Kevin's in town. I love he and Lucy. They have magic. What has it been 10 years? They are still so "there". Alison coming back-- was a nice touch (if they are going anywhere with "Rafe") but she DIED  ON THE 2nd day she was in town!! Or First..or whatever.  Thing is... if you didn't watch PC, you had to try to figure out the entire story based on John and Livvy' I mean SAM's Wiki of the story. Lucy tried to explain it but that was painful even for me, someone that knew Port Charles. I can't imagine if you are watching GH now..getting used to McBain from OLTL only to find out he's  a ringer for some OTHER guy on ANOTHER soap. Oh, and he was a vampire.

That aside, the kid Rafe was pretty good, which given the latest casting choices, made me happy.  Just get different hair cuts on people, would ya? Michael, AJ--this kid all have that same  SBurton Rooster-do.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Oh be still my heart. What a beautifully written scene. I was a little choked up. Ok, a LOT of choked up. This is couple is greatness. They stepped right back into "Doc" and Lucy in a heartbeat. 

RUNNER UP:  Brit turns around and sees Patrick Right. Be--hind. HER!!! WHOOPS.

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: I just found Sonny taking advantage of Connie (a woman he's confessed to not even liking) by trying to turn her ON enough to drop the charges against Xtina stupid. Way to use a mentally unstable woman, dimples boy.

 PROP OF THE WEEK: No, it's not going to that hokey silver arrow thing-- it's going to the Chutes and Ladders game at Ferncliff!! 

UNLIKELY DUO: Call me crazy but I kinda liked this scheme. The "Scully" connection between the two was well used and brought a bit of emotion out in Tracy. I liked Tracy's plan--just throw the company to the wolves. Connie even tried to talk her out of it. I found myself enjoying their time together. Huh. Go figure.

This week we learned:
1. A silver arrow should save Rafe/Alison from the "guy who's going to kill them", they get killed with it themselves.
2. Caleb loves to eat.  
3. Monica visits ELQ...but not the hospital
4. The Orbs of Doom survived Xtina's bat 
5. AJ has panic attacks that make his hair stick up on end
6. Ellie is still boring
7. Tracy hangs out in Kelly's
8. Ned can't write a text or an email
9. Duke wants to crunch numbers for AJ based  on his years owning a club, laundering money and being a prisoner
10. Even WITH a job, Michael still manages to do nothing. 
11. Ferncliff and the jail is pretty dang full. 
12. The ducks are mighty hungry in the cold frozen recesses of winter in PC

REMINDER: even though ABC  didn't promo it too much FRISCO is back Monday!!


Anonymous said...

I agree almost 100% with everything you have said.

As you know I deplore the vampire storyline. I would have much rathered see Lucy return to help with the nurses ball and take over The Sun and Crimson while Connie joined the rest of the gang in Ferncliff.

I think the case is getting bloated but if they were bringing back a Barrington I wish she was not a vampire and that they did not bring her back just to kill her off. As I said in a previous post I would of liked to have seen Monica invite long time family friend Amanda Barrington's granddaughter to move intot he Q mansion. Perhpas have Barrington girl remind Monica of Dawn.

As per the young character playing Rafe he seems like a decent young actor. Could have been a good recast for Morgan.

Does Crimson still exist?
Is Kate's house sitting vacant?
Has Carly noticed Jocelyn is not back from her Christmas vacation yet?
How much does it cost to host a Nurse Ball when the venue is donated and people will buy tickets?

dar said...

One more question to add to Frisco's: Whatever happened to the memorial service for Jason that Sam and Monica were supposedly creating?

Anonymous said...

I just said the same thing to my hubby last night .... what about the memorial for Jason? Did Sam and Monica just forget about him? Did Molly skip school to babysit Danny? Who watches him while Sam is running around with McBain? At least we know Carly has a nanny for Josslyn.

Anon said...

Yeah they show is kind of a train wreck right now...Don't get me wrong, I'm still watching with a kind of fascination, but after the brilliantly campy Anna/Robert/Duke-Fiason storyline, the show has kind of been adrift.
The vampire thing should have just been a days worth of breezy fun with Lucy/McBain/Sam and then it should have been dropped. Going into Port Charles history with it, is frankly laborious storytelling.

I do like Kevin being back and Lucy continues to be fun. I also really like her, Todd, and Heather being in Ferncliff together - seriously that stuff has been gold and dream come true.

The rest though is kind of a hot mess right now.

Gary Johnson said...

I think part of the problem is that scripts are having to be tweaked due to not knowing what is going to happen with Todd/Starr/John due to the OLTL reboot.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that we learned -- sadly -- that Amanda Barrington "died a few years ago." Call me crazy, but I was hoping for a return cameo, given Anne Jeffries is still breathing...

Anonymous said...


AntJoan said...

Isn't Michael supposed to be in college? And, yes, where the Hell is Joss?

Avalonn said...

I agree with Gary about the writing in regard to the OLTL mess. I also think that the show was so boring a one sided just over a year ago that we are on overload with so much going on. It's never dull though! I could walk away from GH a couple of years ago for weeks at a time and tune in and still know what was going on because it was all Sonny/Carly/Jason and now if I miss the show for a couple of days I NEED to flip through the PVR quickly to get caught up. All that being said, the writers do undoubtly need to clean things up and cut off the excess that is SpinEllie, not caring about Ellie AT ALL. Britt is totally headed in the Dr. Niles direction :( Yes, Sabrina is kind of growing on me even though we know Robin is alive. So far I'm liking Rafe and Laren you are so very right on the "Jason" haircut ENOUGH! Time for new stylists....Felix needs to intervene ;) FRISCO IS BACK TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Avalonn said...

Sorry, typo I meant Karen not Laren! Lol.

Kels said...

Going off of what Avalonn said, I think that in trying to included the whole canvas they've kinda gotten in over their heads. For years it was Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam with dashes of other characters. Now suddenly they're trying to bring back fan favorites and giving the other people on canvas actual story. I love that they've remembered that Mac, Tracy and Monica still live in town (and they clearly love Tracy Q to bits). And that they're actually remembering PC history, something that Guza didn't (unless it related to Sonny). But sometimes I feel like I'm reading a historical novel where the author is just so damn proud of her/his research that they just are dragging the plot along with it. That's the thing, it's like the writers are so giddy about getting this new sandbox that they're overdoing it. Trying to do too much. So then we get stories that suddenly back burner and things that make no sense. I think they need to calm down and back it up a little.

On another note, yes the hair. It reminds me of the hey day of the Sonny/Brenda/Jax stories in the 90s. Every damn guy on the show had the same hair. My sister and I called it "GH hair." Apparently the same hairstylist is still taking the easy route with the guys on the show! ;)

kdmask said...

1. Yes on the SAME HAIR!
2. THANKS Frisco and I agree. I forgot about your suggestion about going to the Q mansion. She is kinda like Dawn!
3. MEMORIAL SERVICE..that's right-- totally forgotten
4. yes, the scripts need to be tweaked but these stories started BEFORE the whole mess-- no excuse for some of this jumble.

Taj Thompson said...

honestly, this vampire stuff seems like it came out of no where but remember that we dont see what goes on behind scenes. If we just got new that ME and the rest were leaving, RC knew from months prior. This is RC's attempt to keep ME. And I'm glad he's doing it because I prefer ME on GH than OTLT. He fits with the dark atmosphere.

Robert said...

You're pretty much on the mark. For most of the month when I tune in I'm not sure what show I'm going to watch. Thankfully there haven't been any real bombs but there's certainly a lack of direction at the moment.

I think part of it comes down to my only real criticism of Cartini: bad story transitions. It happened on OLTL all the time. When major storylines would wrap, there would be this short limbo between hot storylines.

I never watched Port Charles so I'm not familiar with most of those characters but I can admit the vamp/murder mystery storyline is pulling me in. It's walking a very fine line but as long as it doesn't jump the shark I'll see how it unfolds.

soaplover said...

My feeling is that TPTB were thinking they would be able to keep the 3 important actors, but suddenly talks broke down and now they have to be off the show by Feb 8 and both Todd and McBain are in the middle of main stories. Yikes! That's a horrible spot for the writers to be in and I'm feeling very sorry for the actors as well. They have spent a year on GH, pulled in some new ratings and new fans, fit into their roles, are established now--and suddenly, they have to leave and maybe move their families from their new homes, give up their new parts, AND their Network work.
There is no guarantee this whole online soap thing will work, so if Ron C has to wrap up their storylines and write the 3 out completely, what happens if they are available in another year?? Geesh.

With only a half hour show, OLTL will surely need fewer actors and while these 3 were very popular, PP could have given them up. All this confusion seems unnecessary. It hurts the whole soap world, which was just beginning to recover from years of downgrading. It almost makes me not want to watch OLTL now--though sitting in front of my computer to watch a soap is not very appealing anyway.
One of my favorite characters on GH now is John McBain. He wasn't that much of a fave for me on OLTL, but he is much better here on GH. Not sure why, he just is. His working with Anna was inspired. He even makes me tolerate Sam better. In fact, when it comes to Sam or Natalie--well, NO contest!!

OKay GH, get Robert back on our screens and team him with Luke for some master adventures. But wrap up a few extranious stuff first...Back-burner Connie, Sonny, Kristina (send her to college), etc. Karen is absolutely right, too much is going on, which forces gaps of several days, even a week in continuity.

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