Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Everything Including the Scrub Sink

Yes, I Googled "Scrub Sink" 

Well. This week was so HUGE it took me a whole day to digest it. Usually I can start Sunday Surgery on Saturday night but I really needed some time to ....reflect.  Things came in waves and by Friday my head was ready to explode. (but in a good way)!

So, put on your google-goggles and let's get crackin. I think I'll even have a little Bloody Mary to go with the scrubs today! 

I actually was still pretty ill on Monday and Tuesday so those days are mostly a blur. Haunted Star Valentine's party...Starr and Michael making the whoop instead of closing down the bar, Nurse Betty all guilty over the cop's death  yada yada.  Emma telling Britt she hates her still. Maxie confessing to her Daddy and I think EllieSPinelli made an appearance too. 

I really liked the fact that Luke went to Tracy to try to sort out all the crap he's dealing with. Fake Ice Princess,  Laura showing up, Scott's hair.  

That's right, Scotty showed up and and started blabbing all over that he was Laura's "Fiance" .  Kin Shriner is as delightfully smarmy now as ever! And the hair? As Luke described it "Troll like".  Seeing he, Luke and Laura all pretty on the Haunted Starr deck made me feel like a girlie again. :giggle:  Scotty even "forgave" Lulu for "killing" his son. Hmmmm. Did he really or is it all a game? We shall see!! 

THEN, there's this gal...
who had the WORST WEEK EVER!! Good LORD!! First she wakes up another PERSON...then she realizes the love of her life slept with her OTHER kinda-psycho persona AND THENNNN, she gets all creeped out, runs to Olivia's who has to tell her she married Johnny Zacchara and basically killed her own baby-drawer kid who she never got to meet. 
Whoa.  Someone better take her to a therapist quick or she's gonna need electro-shock.  

If that wasn't enough, we also had the CALEB Morley "is he or isn't he" a blood sucking Vampire saga. Molly goes and breaks McBain and Rafe out of jail. Lucy sets a fire and runs for it. Now the three of them end up in the dead professor's office to happen upon a creepy old book that has the BAT RING in it. :giggle: BAT ring. 
Anyway,  John Googles the guy, finds out he's really Stephen Clay, a rock and roller (which may explain the hairstyle choice) who THOUGHT he was a vampire, went nuts after his wife died and was sent to an asylum. 
Got that?
Ok, well...his dead wife looks just like Sam (and he looks JUST like McBain but hey who's counting) --and now he's got her in his clutches. There's also the question of Rafe, who's this guy's kid. Lucy still believes Caleb is a vampire, even though he may have tricked her into thinking he was with his BAT RING and all. 

Which is a clever way to not only weave Port Charles lore into GH but to also turn it on it's head and say: Ah, all a ruse-- and I say just sit back and let it wash over you like the Holy Soap Spirit.
Go with it.  Because this shall lead us to a great unsolved mystery we've all been wondering about: Sam's real father. Plus, I may get some McBam sex once that stupid OLTL Prospect Park deal is cleared up and Michael Easton can get his ass back to GH.

PHEW! I need a cig after all that!  If you're confused just remember this: "Caleb Morley" is really Stephen Clay who is a sociopathic psycho who believes himself to BE a vampire and Sam to be Livvy. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Kate realizes Sonny slept with Connie. "the woman that destroyed my life".  Sonny's face was full of guilt and Kate's was full of disgust. 

RUNNER UP: Frisco basically tells Britt to back off or he'll "clean her up" like he does the bad guys in the WSB. Proving that he can be a bad-ass when it comes to protecting and defending his kid. Even though he hasn't seen her in years, and even though she's lying about the surrogate baby she's carrying, he's still her father, and willing to reverse blackmail and threaten to prove it. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Well. There. She Is. HElllloooooooooo Gorgeous!! Even though you were a fake, you were spectacular! 

Exhausting week but a good one.  I'm interested in seeing how the whole Luke/Laura/Scotty thing plays out when hindsight is 20/20. I'm super excited for the "Caleb/Livvy" stuff next week too. 

Once again, thank you to Lisa W for the fabulous screen cappies I use each week. They really enhance the blog bits! 

OSCARS tonight! I'll be here in my Zac Posen dress all ready with a scotch. I saw only one nominated film this year and that's "Lincoln". (which I found very interesting but very exhausting as well). I do recommend "Moonrise Kingdom" as a fun quirky movie that's out on DVD now. I think it's up for best original screenplay. My son saw ALL nine noms and like Django and Amore the best. (which are polar opposites). He also liked Argo a lot. Which did you see?


EFK said...

Sorry this whole Kate/Connie mess is the worst storyline GH has. It's completely insulting and makes no sense. Makes Sonny look disgusting to sleep with a woman who obviously needs help from a doctor. He feels guilty about all this but doesn't about treating Brenda his wife like dirt?? Epic fail IMO.

kdmask said...

I did address Sonny's gross moves last blog, btw. I though the acting was awesome during the "revelation" however.

Just an FYI :) I'm tired of the storyline but really am liking the Kate 'coming out' and finding out all the shit she's done as Connie lol

EFK said...
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EFK said...
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EFK said...

Karen I hear you, I'm just so tired of this storyline. It's dragging on way too long. I mean we see Connie/Kate mourn her son twice but vets get sidelined? Not right. Also knowing Sonny's history this is just all a slap in the face.

I am enjoying the vets and want to see more Luke, Laura, Scotty, Anna, Duke, Frisco, Felicia, Maxie scenes!

delcodave said...

If it wasnt for GH, I would never know that the Oscars were on ABC every year.

Also, find it highly hypocritical that Luke would comment on Scott's hair considering he spent most of the 80s looking like an offspring of Larry from the 3 Stooges.

PM61 said...

I think Luke's crack about Scotty's hair is an inside joke because TG and KS seem to be wearing toupees or weaves....

Still bothers me to see Luke reach for a drink in a time of stress....or maybe the new regime wants us to forget the whole Luke/drinking & driving/killing Jake/intervention business.

The whole Sonny falling for a sick woman and her alter and sleeping with her is too reminiscent of Ford/Tess/Jess from OLTL. I thought it was pretty damn creepy then too.

natasha_jax said...

Warning -- This post is like stew. I've got a lot of comments on different topics & dumped them all into one big "pot." No segues, so I used ** to separate each. First, I've been waiting to see how the writers would weave the PC vampire stuff into the GH story lines, both past & present. Can't be an easy task, especially not knowing the status of ME, i.e., is he going to PP and if so, for how long, etc. They're doing a good job so far. Revealing Sam's father would be a good link.** I'm enjoying the friendship/bond between "Mr. Luke" and Tracy. Much better as friends than spouses.** Like seeing Frisky putting the thumb screws to Brit -- someone besides Emma needs the stones to stand up to her! ** Liv's visions are getting old & do a disservice to the character, but with Steven Lars's imminent departure, what else can they do with the character? ** Con/Kate ... Dump it. Us OLTL vets are sick of D.I.D. Was way overused on Viki/Jess/Todd. No more, please! ** Felix! Love him & would like to see him at the helm of Sabrina's before & after! ** Patrick: Quit falling for bunny boilers, bring back KM so Patrick & Robin can be the one stable family in PC.** Anna must end up with Robert after Duke is sullied by AJ's slime. ** Loving Shawn & Alexis, but how long can this last once it becomes clear he's Sonny's new enforcer? ** More brotherly antics between Max & Milo, please! ** Can't even comment on Scott & Laura, other than, "ICK!" Lulu looked desperate for a bottle of Purel after than disingenuous handshake.

Deb K said...

No storyline is as bad this Vampire crap. GARBAGE is what it is. And it continuously is on every day. Nothing compares.

Cosmoetica said...

Karen: if you watched really closely at the laptop image if Livvy, it was not Kelly Monaco- not even a young KM, which relieve half of the doppelganger problem.

Mrs. Goose said...

Gee, maybe someone should have googled Caleb a long time ago...wierd

michaelmurmur said...

I thought Friday's episode was good! They are certainly keeping the action moving along at breakneck speed. I keep seeing comments about lack of screen time for the returning vets. I'm pretty sure it all boils down to budget and RC is simply trying to stretch out the guest stints and limited contract conditions. We see a ton of Kelly Sullivan (Kate/Connie) because she's on contract and because she was relatively unknown before this role, doesn't have a lot of limitations (ie: the actors who play Luke, Sonny and Anna)in her contract. So, of course they're gonna use them more! Genie Francis seemed like she was relaxing back in to her role on Friday and hopefully Kin Shriner will find his stride. The Scotty character used to be a lot more loveable and you truly believed how much he cared about Laura. Not so much now though. I personally like the vampire story and its resolve. Tying it all up without really going into the supernatural. PLUS, it's great material for Lynn Herring! Hope we haven't seen the last of Heather and I still hold out hopes they'll redeem her just enough so she can stay on. Characters I feel could be shown the back door out of the green room: Sean, Felicia, Kristina, AJ. Save the money! Give Mac and Alexis a go! Get Denise Alexander back pronto! I would have brought Laura back in a much more achingly romantic way but I'm loving her just the same. Molly and Rafe have chemistry and once the actor who plays Rafe gets a little more polished, they could be a supercouple in the making!