Monday, February 18, 2013


OUR CAM IS GONE!  :Sobbing: 

Laura went to visit Liz...Lucky's still "Finding Himself" says Laura. Um, he has kids and he's off  "finding himself"?? I hope she's pissed at him. Liz got Flowers from her GRAM. ahah. Oh poor Liz. AJ did show up, however.  

On a lighter note: 
Lulu looked AWESOME...wowza...I wish I had a screen cap right now. Dante sat on that bar stool for almost the entire show. Geesh.  SO glad they could have a party on a BOAT in FEB! ahaha.  SO funny. But whatever. 

Steve and Olivia..on that Pier 52---they have more airtime than the Q mansion. 

Tracy is with Luke. Tracy makes a crack about AJ's weight. is the elephant in the room... Luke slips and Calls "Lauren...Laura" and Tracy flips out.  He just had a little "slip" with that...whoops

Maxie and Frisco going to the Haunted Star.  That scene with them was pathetic. THAT WAS IT? WTF?

Good Lord. 
Then, Frisco manipulates her into them going to the  Haunted Star because Flea goes there.  Well. I could have lived without those scenes and more in Maxie's apartment, thank you. He kinda creeped me out at the end there-- not sure why but he did. 

OK end:
Ice Princess

L&L meet up 


bumchickabowbow said...

I totally do NOT want Luke and Laura together (romantically) any more...BUT I still got a little flutter when he looked up and saw her. :)

Dustin said...

I don't like this new ice princess - even though it does match the old ice princess.

jasonroks said...

Does anyone else think Jack Wagner is stiff and odd looking. Always had a goofy smile on his face. Seems very forced. Scenes with Maxie very dissapointing so far.

kdmask said...

Jason..I totally got creeped out by Frisco today.
big time

Anon said...

Frisco's return is pissing me off...What a diaster! I thought Ric Webber's crappy return was the worst GH could do, but this one may be even worse by the end. What a freaking waste! I am beginning to think Stamos is right for not wanting to return for the 50th with this kind of dreck on the screen. STAY CLEAR BLACKIE OR THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR CHARACTER TOO.

PS Sorry if this post sounds irrational but I am really pissed by this Frisco thing so far

Deb K said...

Jasonroks....I completely agree with you about Frisco.

sonya said...

Q home:

Luke: don't worry I have not given up on Laura.

ROFL! The look on Tracy's face ROFL! During the commercial I was thinking, Freudian slip or subconscious truth? :) Tracy even brought up Freudian slip!! Hahahaha! Luke is thinking of Laura!!!! :)

Maxie and Ellie's home: Maxie is on the phone with Dr, Britch! Dr. Britch is harassing her. Frisco visits!!!! Great scene with them! Altho Frisco wants to go to the haunted Star!!! Yeah I know why! So he could see Felicia!!! Frisco don't manipulate your daughter like that come on!

Liz's home: Liz and her boys! A new recasted Cameron!!!! :( Why?! I liked the original. :( Well, the new recast still looks like his bio daddy Zander so that's good. :) Laura visits!! YAY! Oh love your coat Laura! Laura talks to Liz about Lucky. He is still finding himself. I hope Lucky finds himself soon!!! Laura and Liz talk about Luke! Laura says she has seen Luke but he didn't see her. He was busy kissing Anna Devane! Oh you just HAD to bring that up Laura? Jealous? :) Laura was just about to tell Liz about her love life, when someone was at the door! It's AJ! With flowers!! Oh the flowers are from her gram! Awwwwwwww! :) Laura gets a text message asking her where are you?! Hmmm Scotty is that you? :) Laura has to go! Laura tells Liz not to give up on love. Liz asks AJ to join them for dinner. :) She is making spaghetti. Liz and AJ paring. Cool! :)

The pier: Poor Steven Larz. :( His mother might be dead!! Oh there is Laura! She is on the phone with someone who is very impatient and not happy! Is that you Scotty? Are you jealous? :) Do you think Luke and Laura are together? :)

The hospital: Oh no! More of whiny Sabrina!! Felix wants to take her to the haunted Star so she could be happy and have fun. Good idea!!!

Haunted Star: What the hell is Lulu wearing? She looks like a hooker. And Starr looks like she is going to the prom! :) Aren't you two ladies cold?!!?! It's February! Unless you turned the heat on to 80 degrees! Oh look it's whiny Sabrina again. Geez first she whines about Patrick, and now she whines because she thinks she killed that cop. Maxie is listening in. Maxie tell the truth!!! Her whining has got to stop!!!! Frisco and his games. :) Oh look it's Lulu and the ice princess! Wasn't the ice princess white? It's now black! Luke's on the haunted star and looks afar! He says, Laura?! He can see her at the pier from the haunted star? WOW! :) And then she gets on the haunted Star and sees Luke. Luke looks up and they both smile at each other! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

sonya said...

bumchickabowbow said...
I totally do NOT want Luke and Laura together (romantically) any more...BUT I still got a little flutter when he looked up and saw her. :)
ROFL! I don't believe you. :) Cus you still have the flutter. :) So me thinks deep down inside you still DO want them together. :)

MyaMcBriar said...

I thought Lulu looked like a hooker today! Luke and Laura ugh, but I love them both individually so much that I'll stomach another redux!

I think the stuff was Frisco in Maxi's apartment was good and real. I know in real life Jack Wagner has a daughter he didn't know about until she was an adult. He was a little bit of a stalker at the Haunted Star.

The Connie/Sonny/Star stuff was beyond stupid today.

PM61 said...

On a day with below zero wind chills in a good portion of the Northeast, having Felicia standing on the deck of a boat in a sleeveless dress has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen, especially if Port Chuck is supposed to be on one of the Great lakes.

Elizabeth said...

I thought that Lulu looked like a high class hooker in that outfit. I did not like it at all.

I was shocked when they showed the new Cameron. The other kid was much cuter.

Di said...

Actually the new Cameron seemed a little smaller and younger to me. But he should be around 8 if history serves me right, so he looked about the right age.

He also seemed much more manageable though and I think that's probably why they recast. With the other Cameron this past year I got the feeling you never knew what he might do next. He seemed like a boy who didn't like what he was doing and was just itching to act out. JMHO

I thought the new boy was cute and worked well with new Aiden. (Who was also a sweetie. I loved his, "Thank you for the present" when Laura said goodbye. I bet it was totally adlibbed.)

I also thought Lulu was dressed like a hooker. And I laughed out loud at the thought of her and Starr looking for new suppliers. Did either of them even finish high school? And what work experience have they had? It's laughable.

soaplover said...

I've never been impressed with Wagner as an actor or a singer. That stiffness is how I remember him. (Those paler than ever eyes do seem a little, well, creepy.) I realize he was handsome, but I always felt his brother Tony was far the stronger actor and character. Brad Maul was always a good actor and a more likable character.

I loved the way Luke lifted his head, saw Laura and that old look came into his eyes. Love written over his face. His standing at the rail and looking out and possibly seeing her--that was remeniscent of the day she returned and he was just elected mayor and standing on the balcony of his mansion. He may not be aware of it yet, but looking at Laura always brought out that sudden hit of warmth in the heart. And YES, I look forward to a new courtship!

The courtship I am not enjoying is Sonny and Connie. Just seems so dreary and old and tiresome.

I love Lulu and she looked so gorgeous. She reminds me so much of Genie at that age. Very believable casting, plus Julie is a very talented actress. I liked that necklace. It was odd, though, when she moved from behind the bar you saw she was wearing shorts. ??

Two young girls running a nightclub is stretching it a bit, but I like their friendship. And both have fathers who introduced them to business. I still wonder why Lulu hasn't asked Luke to manage the place. She got involved in the Star because she said she wanted Luke to have a business to come back to when he left after the intervention. Guess she's forgotten that. What is he living on--alimony from Tracy? He needs a job. He was always a hard worker and ran good clubs. I loved his blues club.

Cosmoetica said...

Old School is totally right.

The writing for Frisco's return is approaching Rick Webber depths.

It'll get there if they try to imply Frisco molested his girls.

Wagner's actually quite a good actor but this Spy With No Name/Eastwood schtick is ridiculous.

Brender said...
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Brender said...

As soon as I saw new Cameron, I knew Karen was going to say something. i was just as shocked!
Lulu looked hot, hot, hot...and a little like a hooker.
Olivia and Steve creeped me out in the background? Were they drunk "dancing"
I kinda liked Lulu and Starr together owning a bar.
I am one for AJ and Liz (anything to get Liz an actual storyline), but they seemed a little awkward together today. As did her and Laura. Genie looked nervous in those scenes...
Why would the screen on the phone not show who is calling. Doesn't Laura have Scotty's number programmed into her phone?

jasonroks said...

OMG- totally forgot Frisco used to sing!! Hope they don't go there.

I can stomach Sabrina as long as Felix is the sidekick. He's hysterical.

LSV422 said...

I really liked JW and KS scenes - I still love him! And it didn't seem creepy to me that he is pursuing his ex. The Liz/Laura scenes were very good and I like Liz with AJ. He did look uncomfortable a bit, but I think that was very natural. Miss old Cam but that little Aidan was adorable. Lulu looked gorgeous but the dress style was a bit trashy. Sabrina is beyond annoying and how this child could ever be considered as a love match for anyone over 18 is beyond me.

cooks7570 said...

A lot of people on twitter loved what Lulu was wearing and I think her and Dante looked cute today. I still think the men could have looked a little better.

Elizabeth said...

Di, I think Lulu did a little bit of college (around the time they intro'ed Spinnelli) and she had Patrick's skeevy friend as her professor. Starr is in college--remember she was trying to get Krissy to enroll at PCU?