Friday, February 22, 2013


Haunted Star had some Glitterific Pillows!! WOWZA 

I think that TG's  back is bothering him. And I was happy to see he and Tracy together. I like them too. IT's all A JUMBLE PEOPLE!! LOL Luke, Laura....Tracy and Luke. Can't I have both??!! Tracy about dies when she hears Scotty's back. heehee.  "I've moved on..Twice with you"!! Luke says. 
"Scott Baldwin, back with that bad luck troll hair" LOL 
Luke thinks that Scotty sent the Ice Princess to Lulu. 

MOLLY you in TROUUUUUUBLE oh boy!!   Those handcuffs must be tiny. 

Scott revisits Logan's death with Lulu. Logan tried to rape her, she had a knife and he ran into it and stabbed himself. He died. Scott hated her for it. Now he wants to make up. Lulu says NO way. He says "But I'm marrying your MOM"...god he can't keep that news to himself, can he?  Lulu is mad at Laura, this should be interesting. 

Anna's like OH Gawwwwwwwwwwd,  Scott Baldwin??  Anna can't believe Laura would get back together. 

McBain finds a book with the Bat ring. It has the history of the ring and families.  THEN he googles  "Stephen Clay" and finds his photo-- remember I talked about Stephen Clay in the whole explanation of Port Charles? Caleb came "back" as musician Scott Clay.  Lucy must have thought he was a vampire-- Alison was just afraid of Caleb/Stephen because he's a crazy killer. 
ERGO..Scott Clay, rock musician thought he was a vampire by the name of Caleb Morley. He married Livvy who died. Lucy was also convinced he was a vampire because of what he told her. After Livvy died, Stephen went insane and was put in the mental hospital. 
Creative KUDOS to Ron because it makes sense, ties it in a bow and used history. Liked it. Good job. 
and PERHAPS, Livvy didn't die, she's really Sam--who has amnesia?? COULD BE that's why John looked familiar??! 


Anon said...

Except that Livvy was Kevin Collin's daughter, yes? And when asked a few weeks ago if he ever had a daughter named Livvy, I think I remember him being clueless as if he didn't know who the heck it was.

But, hey I'll roll with it as long as Scotty and Lucy get some good scenes together. I liked them on PC as friends.

Good pairings today: Luke/Tracy, Anna/Scotty - NICE!, Scotty/Laura/LuLu

Not bad for a Friday


nance24 said...

wow Ron's a genius, that is a good way to wrap it up.

Carrie said...

Oh I'm so excited! Can't wait to watch

Anonymous said...

I like this explanation of everything, except the fact that Kevin said he never had a daughter named Livvie. Then I thought that maybe that wasn't Kevin, but it was Ryan Chamberlain posing as Kevin, to mess with Lucy.

Avalonn said...

Kevin being Ryan would explain him denying he had a daughter. Maybe crazy Kevin was in cahoots with crazy Stephen/Caleb. And they have the real Kevin and Livvie kidnapped somewhere with Robin and Jerry Jacks.
I knew I was right to reserve judgement on Ron and Frank :)

BoboRafkin said...

I surprised that Luke had a drink today.

Andrea said...

I noticed Luke had a drink too.

I don't think they want to open up the whole thing with Livvie/Sam. They never really dealt with Sam's paternity. I can deal with that, as long as the vampires are not real.

Loved how Scotty went to the police station to be Lucy's lawyer. They were great friends. Can't wait for some scenes between them.

But I agree that there are way too many characters. I know they want to bring people back for the 50th anniversary, but there are too many stories going on right now.

Great reaction of Alexis to Molly's antics, but I did not like how Sean lectured her about TJ.

screamingeagle said...

speaking of Jerry Jax-what happened to him?? Last we saw he was in Switzerland with that crazy doctor who took Robin and stabbed Robert.

Love4dogs said...

I was really rather shocked when I saw Luke have a drink. I don't know what was going on there.

Taj Thompson said...

I think Sam's father is Ryan Chamberlain and Kevin is actually Ryan Chamberlain posing as Kevin. I don't think RC brought back Kevin at all. And if I'm right this will be good.

cooks7570 said...

Ron was asked about Luke drinking on twitter he said it was not in the script it was the actor's choice to drink. I loved the show today.

sonya said...

Haunted Star: Lulu hates Scotty! Like father like daughter haha! Lulu is a smart cookie! She knows that Laura is only engaged to Scotty, because she thinks Luke is with Anna! :) Laura says that her and Scotty bumped into each other in Paris when she first got there! Ohhhh so she doesn't know that Scotty was on the plane with her when she left to go to Paris!!! Laura does not act like she is in love with Scotty! Not even in her eyes! She still loves Luke!!! :)

Q home: Tracy spits out her drink ROFL! Luke says he will not let Laura marry Scotty! Luke says that sleezeball with his bad luck troll hair. ROFL! Great line! :) So Luke why didn't you hit Scotty? Like you usually do! :) Tracy wants him to admit he still loves Laura! He says he has moved on! LIAR! :)

Police station: Oh oh Molly is in trouble! Oh Scotty is looking for Lucy! YAY! :) Anna isn't happy to see Scotty. She don't like him either! ROFL! Scotty realizes Lucy has escaped. Great Anna and Scotty scene! I really want a Lucy and Scotty scene!!! He tells Anna that he is engaged to Laura, and Anna is surprised. :)

Professor's office: So the guy who is "Caleb" his wife died and now he thinks he is Caleb and Sam is Livvie!!! Interesting! I like it! :)

Steven Larz home: Sonny and Olivia have to explain to Kate where Joe Jr Jr Jr is! Zzzzzzzzzz.

Wyndemere: Oh there is Sam!!! At first I thought she was laying in a casket, but it was a couch! :)

Di said...

Andrea, I also thought Sean was a little out of line when he lectured Molly about TJ.

And I was surprised when Luke had a drink too.

Cosmoetica said...

You guys must not be paying attention: Luke has several times had a drink in the last year. Recall he did NOT submit to the rehab stunt Lucky and Lulu pulled. He has never really admitted he was a lush. He did so to appease others.

If you noticed, the photo of Livvy in the laptop was NOT Kelly Monaco, but a blurry lookalike. Sam has a long life memory of taking care of her brother Danny, plus being a scam artists and boat capt. since HS, so that does not gibe w the PC stuff.

soaplover said...

I have alway felt Luke only began to overdo the drinking after Laura became catotonic, and while he should have been addicted, he was possibly one of those drunks who could make himself quit when properly motivated. Luke drank back in the disco days, but not to a regular and dipsy degree. When he lost Laura was when the booze increased, became everyday. I don't believe he ever went to rehab--not a Spencer thing. He fought it out on his own, decided it was hurting too many loved ones and the night he hit his grandchild was just way too much. Booze didn't taste good anymore. But he can still take a drink now and then without falling back into it.

I explain it this way to myself because it seems like the way Luke thinks. In reality, because his father was a drunk, I would expect alchoholism, but Luke is pretty strong and self-controlled most of the time.

I agree Laura does not look at Scotty with love. Not at all the way she always has and does look at Luke. Having them back, having the real Luke back, well, it's great. I am SO enjoying the show. Just wish McBain wasn't leaving!

I have faith in Ron C and am not surprised he found an explanation for Caleb. But why does Caleb look just like John? Are they related in any way? THAT is strange.

Oh, I hope Kevin isn't Ryan--isn't he dead? Sorry, I realize this is a soap, but really. I would love to see Kevin become permanent on GH as the hospital's phsychiatrist. They really need one!

Love4dogs said...

I've definitely seen Sonny drink after his bipolar disorder and all the talk of not being able to drink. After awhile he just started again.

As far as Luke goes, up until now, I've only seen him be offered a drink, or set out a glass, only to set it down and turn away or refuse it.