Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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awwww.... poor Connie. So, Sonny tried to be with Connie but ended up with Kate. LMAO let's hope one of them didn't get pregnant. Sonny tells her she's married to Johnny, then she figures out Sonny is sleeping with CONNIE!! ahahaaa.

Scott drops the FIANCE Bombshell on Luke..Luke goes "DOH"!! I feel like it's 1978 again. We may have to revisit that whole time period. Scotty brings up the rape..Luke's like "what? do you love him"???
This just might be good folks. I mean,  I never really examined why I loved Luke and Laura so much when it was born of a rape-romance.  I  think unless you watched it live and in the '70's you could "get it". But this revisit might be cool. 

I'd write the whole Todd/McBain exchange in the jail but it's too fun NOT to watch. Todd is just hilarious.

Olivia sees Steven Lars get stabbed...only we know he's not. I think the scoops page has up how it happens. I'll have to look. Won't spoil here. 

Duke and Anna on that dang Pier 52. The new hang out. 


Elizabeth said...

Rape based romances were very big in the 70's and 80's, especially in romance novels. The idea was that the woman is supposed to be pure (i.e. no pre-marital sex--look how far Luke and Laura went to preserve her innocence while they were on the run, even after he raped her) and the only way for her to be pure and still have sex is to have her be raped by the hero. The fact that he loves her is supposed to wash away his guilt over the rape. He loves her, so it is okay. This idea was pervasive, even in our laws (until 1981, a husband could not be guilty of raping his wife because she was his wife and he was "entitled" to have sex with her even if she didn't want to have sex with him).

Despite their former popularity, these types of romance novels are rarely printed today, probably because of an increased sensitivity towards survivors of rape. Many publishers won't even touch a novel if there is a rape scene (somehow The Taker by Alma Katsu, which has a ton of rape--including a gang rape--managed to make it onto bookshelves and is very popular).

When it comes to Luke and Laura, I think they remain such a popular supercouple in spite of the rape. If viewers started watching after the rape, they might not even have known about it until much later. (I only started watching GH in 1995 and all I knew was that people loved them. I didn't find out until Lucky did in 1997/98.) I know a few people who started watching in the late 70s while Luke and Laura were on the run from Frank Smith and fell in love with the couple before finding out that he raped her.

Avalonn said...

So many years have passed so, I'm thinking Ron and Frank are going to reintroduce new generations to Luke and Laura. Which will be a good thing :) anything with Roger Howarth in it is good. As someone who never watched OLTL I feel I missed out because of this man. And I love McBain, just praying he stays and they pair him with Sam.
Sorry but, I could care less about Olivia and Steve.
I love Duke and Anna, always have. And they all need to run far away from Pier 52, nothing good happens there! I miss the old set with the stairs and bench, much brighter and less scary.

kdmask said...

That is as good an explaination as any-- seriously, it was that whole era. I am happy they will look at it all backwards

kdmask said...

Avalon...Todd was good on OLTL but he's like UNLEASHED on GH! LOL he was funny but this is just great.

jasonroks said...

Yes may have to rewatch the scenes with Todd on DVR. He's a hoot! Hope they can keep him for good after his hiatus to OLTL.

WOWZA - Steven Lars is cut- or was that the hulk? The eye tat was a bit odd...

Love the whole L&L thing w/Scotty and Duke and Anna.

Didn't miss Sabrina at all today but have to admit Frisco is growing on me after the smackdown on Britch yesterday.

Also hoping Kate is back to stay and they don't keep going back and forth. That poor actress was probably worn out from playing Cawnie.

Cosmoetica said...

The L&L romance was phony from the get go: Scott and Laura were the first supercouple and they saved GH from cancellation in 78 and 79.

The whole rape romance crap became a cottage industry- on just the BC soaps, rapes redeemed bad girls- Luke and Laura- and then Liz in '96. On OLTL Marty was saved by Todd's rape, and on AMC Will Cooney's and Ross Chandler's rapes of Gloria and Natalie, turned those former scheming bitches into good girls.

It was twisted, to say the least.

Hopefully Cartini kills off this myth of L&L.

sonya said...

Jail: McBain, Rafe, and Todd.. It was actually a bit boring. Altho Todd's one liners were funny! ROFL!

Pier: They were about to kiss, but then she gets a phone call from Alexis! Rats.

Sam's home: I completely forgot that Sam and baby Cheeto was abducted by Caleb!

Haunted Star: So. Scotty and Laura are ENGAGED YAY! :) Luke is so JEALOUS! :) Luke asked Laura if she is in love with Scotty. She says she is. She is LYING! :) They didn't show them all that much today!:( Meanwhile Kate shows up and wakes up Sonny. Sonny is in shock and has to tell Kate that she has been gone for 5 months. Then she gets upset that Sonny slept with Connie. Jealous Kate? :) She is all you had sex with the woman who stole my life.. ROFL! I'm waiting for Kate to say, you cheated on me with Connie?!!! ROFL!

Steven Larz home: Steven Larz's eye tattoo was staring at me. Kate visits and is all upset! ROFL!

PM61 said...

Love the Nora Desmond reference!


dar said...

I am disgusted - there is no way Laura would be with Baldwin after what he did to Lulu. She forgives people who hurt her but has always been ferociously protective of her children. HATE this storyline.

Anon said...

In Scotty's defense, Guza and company royally screwed up his character the last time he was on. They regressed him to a cartoonish villan, totally forgetting all the character development he had on GH in the 90's and Port Charles in the late 90's into the early 2000's. Dominque, Karen, and most importantly Serena redeemed him and led him to reconsider the bitterness he had throughout the 80's,

I did like the casting of Logan (his son), but the murder storyline and Scotty's vengeance after it were just a butchering of all the nuance Kin Shriner had EARNED pouring in to the character over the years.

Just my opinion,

Cosmoetica said...

dar said...

I am disgusted - there is no way Laura would be with Baldwin after what he did to Lulu. She forgives people who hurt her but has always been ferociously protective of her children. HATE this storyline.


Sub Luke for what you said and the last 30+ years of the L&L BS romance is described to me to T.

Laura was once smart, brave, spunky, and then she meets Luke, gets raped, becomes co-dependent, ends up a mentally unstable woman thru the 90s, and then they rewrite history AGAIN, make Rick Webber into a sociopath, only to have SCotty save Laura, and get blamed for her mental ills.

Laura's falling for her rapist- a not too good looking, Mob contract killer with daddy issues is one of the sickest turns in GH history (up there with the canonization of rapist/sociopath/murderous/crime lord Sonny). The Laura of the Scotty years wd never have given Luke a 2nd look had the writers not forced that abominable romance into being.

Endgame for Luke should be his daddy returning from the dead and dragging his boy down to hell w him.

Bookworm said...

I did not watch during Laura and Scotty, but I agree that Luke and Laura started horribly, but I think that Claire Labine/Wendy Riche managed to work through those issues in many ways during the Liz/Lucky rape storyline. Those scenes between Luke/Lucky, Lucky/Laura and Luke/Laura rehashing and revisiting the beginnings of Luke and Laura were some of the most riveting and amazing scenes I've ever seen on GH. Writing and acting were both great. I think a lot of it has been worked through already and doesn't need to be revisited by these writers. I also loved teenage Liz and Lucky and I think the portrayal of Liz's rape was much more emotionally realistic and compelling than the portrayal of Laura's. I stopped watching after Lucky "died" and only started watching (on and off) in 2008 and was disgusted at what Guza had done to the show and to the legacy of Luke and Laura. I wish Cartini would not revisit the rape.

Andrea said...

I loved Luke and Laura. Luke and Laura have great chemistry and can;t wait to see them together again.

I do not think that the original intention of the storyline was to have L&L get together after the rape. It was just strife for L&S, but the fans loved Luke and Laura together and the story grew from there. The writers made Luke a hero - saving the world- and made Scotty petulant and jealous so everyone hated Scotty back then.

The rape was never mentioned on GH, after that storyline played out - throughout the the summer on the run/ ice princess storylines it was all about L&L's love for each other. Scotty was always the bitter guy who was bad for Laura. He was always yelling and grabbing at her. A large amount of people started watching GH because of Luke and Laura's romance - after the rape story.

Scotty and Laura may have saved Gh from cancellation, BUT Luke and Laura made GH famous. They were on the cover of Newsweek and Princess Di sent them chanpagne on their wedding day. They were first 'Super couple' They are legendary.

The writers made Luke a hero - saving the world- and made Scotty petulant and jealous so everyone hated Scotty back then.

This is the exact same thing they did with Sonny- the audience liked him so in order to make the mob boss and enforcer likable they made the villians evil and the police incompetant so Sonny and Jason could be the "good guys" relatively speaking.

I pretty much try to ingore everything the writers did to Scott/ Laura and Luke in the 2000's Those stories were horrible. Rick Webber a monster? Scotty went back to being a bitter child, not the grown up man he had become. Laura mind was broken because this stupid stupid story line. And Luke a drunk that ran over his grandson? Please, this was Guza and Co at their worst. Scotty having a grown son, and getting together with Lulu was brilliant- imagine Luke and Scotty sharing a grandchild- But the writers messed that up too.

Anyway, I know some people have an issue with Luke and Laura because of the rape. How could she get together with him after that, but if that horrible rewritten history still exists in the Gh world, then Scotty did some pretty horrible things too, before Laura married him.

It is a soap, people do unrealistic and bad things all the time, and we are expected to forget and move on. The more popular the actor the more we are willing to forgive. The rape story back then might not have been played out as it would have today, but the writers told a story about Luke and Laura that people loved.

Bookworm said...

Andrea said -- It is a soap, people do unrealistic and bad things all the time, and we are expected to forget and move on. The more popular the actor the more we are willing to forgive. The rape story back then might not have been played out as it would have today, but the writers told a story about Luke and Laura that people loved.

Nicely put. Totally agree with you about L & L story. And you are right -- Guza just ruined so many good characters. What he did to Holly is unforgivable. I just loved Robert and Holly.

delcodave said...

I liked the character of Logan. I wish they kept him around. Having Lulu fall for Luke's enemy's son would have been poetic justice.

Plus the actor was a dead ringer for a younger Kin.

cooks7570 said...

I did not mind Logan. Too bad Guza ruined him.

Cosmoetica said...

Andrea: I rooted for Luke against the Cassadines, the Malkouthians, the DVX, etc.

BUT, as you acknowledged, most fans don't know that Luke was a contract killer and rapist.

Imagine you are swept off your feet and wooed to the max by a suave, handsome young dr. Then he's arrested and you find out he's a Ted Bundy wannabe.

Now, you'll still cherish those memories, right? But the saner, BETTER, more mature part of you will recognize the monster in your bed, and say, 'Shit, what the hell was I thinking?'

Scotty was NEVER as bad as Luke- he never murdered (Rick's death was in defense of Laura), much less for money, and he never raped.

In short, the L&L adventures were cool, but the relationship was always twisted.

soaplover said...

Luke was NOT a contract killer, ever. He ran a disco the mob owned, thus he worked for the head of the 'organization' in PC, Mr Smith. Unlike Sonny, to others Mr Smith merely seemed a respectable wealthy businessman; his 'connections' were secret. Luke had grown up in alleys, had been a numbers runner in Florida as a teen. He and Bobbie ran away to Florida to their Aunt Ruby, after their parents were gone. By the time Luke was running the disco, he was officially 'in' the mob and hating it. Then Mr Smith gave him a 'loyalty test', an assignment: he was to shoot would-be senator Mitch Williams. Mitch was married to Tracy, had a girlfriend, Susan Moore, and had promised to go after organized crime in PC. Luke was supposed to do the shooting in a hotel after the election with lots of people around and he knew he would not survive. There was no way out--he was a dead man whether he agreed or not.

That was the night of the rape. He knew his life was over. Drinking and sobbing at the bar in the disco, he was found by Laura, who had just had a fight with Scotty. It was late and she was just so sympathetic and his passion got the best of him: 'I can't die without holding you just once...'

So the only time he was ordered to kill led to the rape. As it turned out, Laura took his car keys, he couldn't get to the hotel to shoot Mitch, and Roy DeLuca took over and was killed instead.

Behind the scenes, Luke was actually supposed to die, but TG's mailbag was getting huge and then the actor who played Roy got another show and was leaving. They rewrote.
And they decided the 'date rape' thing would become a kind of seduction. Genie was left confused because she had played the rape victim all too well, and Tony, who was prepared to leave the show, was told he was going to be built up as her romantic lead. And thus we got the phenomenon that was Luke and Laura.

The way it was handled was also a reason it seemed believable. We saw it from both their points of view--he was as devastate by what he had done as she was. It was like they had it was a tragedy they shared and so the healing began.

No, it probably couldn't be done now. Both actors were pretty uncomfortable with it. But it kept TG on the show and gave a very talented couple of actors a stupendous run!

Oh, and Scotty has killed and done some pretty nasty stuff. Luke was deliberately ruined for awhile by Guza and said to be a lot of things us old-timers knew he was not (woman-chaser, fortune hunter, thief, drunk, etc).

soaplover said...

Concerning the above:

That behind the scenes info came from Tony himself during an interview I did with him in the early 80s. He had never expected to be a leading man. He thought of himself as a supporting player which is what he had been on other shows, primetime stuff and another soap. At the time most male soap stars were model-like handsome types. Not Tony.
He had not read that mountain of mail that was coming in to GH about him. I doubt he has ever really read much of his mail. He said he didn't want fans to influence him on how he played the role.
The age gap between Tony and Genie also made it a highly unlikely pairing, but the chemistry set the screen on fire. No explaining it. Monty saw it and we saw it and so history was made.