Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Web Series: The INN

Full disclosure: I am NOT one to watch things online. The only shows I've ever watched faithfully is "Pretty the Series" (by the same people bringing you The Inn) and Jenna Marbles. So, if you're like me, you may have some reservations about delving into the abyss of cyberspace..but Give this a GO! You won't regret it. It looks like spooky fun...with some twists. 

The INN by Steve Silverman stars Crystal Chappell as "Jane", a heroine who, in the true horror story fashion gets stuck in a back water town complete with a diner full of eccentrics.  One of those being the lady behind the counter, our own Denise Alexander.  Denise was also a part of "Pretty" and seems to relish her time in cyberspace!! On a side note, she sure could pass for a Cassadine in that photo, couldn't she?! 

After watching the first episode, I am struck by two things: One, the audio quality. In a lot of web shows, that's the last thing to get tweaked. Here, it's lush and high-quality with nice back ground music throughout. Secondly, the camera shots are killer. Loved the focus on the leaves and stairs, sunlight and shadows. The way the sheriff isn't completely shown. It's awesome already and I've only seen  5 minutes!!
A new INN will be up every Monday...here's a taste to get you started! Subscribe to the channel on You Tube so you can be sure to catch them! 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! LOVE that you got the camera shot choices - it's a big nod to Mr. Hitchcock - and thank you for the lush sound compliment! We work hard to make this stuff and we're happy when folks INNjoy it -
Steve Silverman
THE INN guy.

kdmask said...

YEAH Steve!! :) I notice all the little things (or try to!)