Friday, February 1, 2013

The Newest Shizbit About GH/PP

Holy ...whatever. Daytime Confidential has the blurb up from a GH rep saying they want to keep the 3 OLTL actors,  BUT AS DIFFERENT CHARACTERS.
You may as well go read it..who the hell knows what's going to happen with all this. heh. I did say Sodd Hanning can be one character and Moon can be his daughter.


Anon said...

It's getting crazy up in here!

Did you see the blurb on there about Serena Baldwin returning?

Carly Schroeder has grown into an attractive young woman. She was a great child actress (check out the movie "Mean Creek" in particular where she will break your heart) and I'd love to her see back


sonya said...

Wait what?!!?!?! Huh?!!! *facepalm*

CareyN said...

So a quick breakdown:
1) Prospect Park (PP) bought the rights to OLTL and AMC from ABC, which includes characters created on those shows.
2) PP fizzled and reboots didn't happen.
3) GH brought over OLTL characters, who happen to be played by actors who now are on an ABC/GH contract.
4) PP reboot is a GO! and they want their OLTL characters back.
5) GH has to give up the characters: names, backstories, etc., so bye bye actors.
6) ACTORS refuse to sign lame contract with PP and move from LA to Connecticut. (Can't say I blame them.)
7) PP can recast the characters with new actors.
8) GH can re-hire actors for NEW GH characters
9) Cartini can have a BALL re-writing them into the show! LOL
10) Us viewers can have mini heart attacks about, uh, twice a week until it's all straightened out!

AntJoan said...

Oh, so PP is sooooo selfish, that they want to ruin our show? Why can't they let the actors stay as who they are, this will be crazy. I guess this means they'll all have to be vampires, is that's what's going to happen?

sonya said...

CareyN said...10) Us viewers can have mini heart attacks about, uh, twice a week until it's all straightened out!
ROFL! Nah. I think we are all going to have panic attacks! :)

Cosmoetica said...

This is all due to BAD legal counsel given to ABC. They clearly thought PP wd fail, so gave contracts to the actors and signed away rights to PP when they should have kept rights to the characters and then leased them to PP.

This is ABC's fault, not PP's.