Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Three Stooges..ESCAPE!

John actually HOLDS A MEETING with a power point on the PCPD!! WOW!! A real meeting!! 

Olivia tries to convince Cawnie to do the right thing on Xtina. Connie comes into the courtroom to stop the proceedings!!1 

The goofy 3 go to Wyndemere..told ya. Can't wait for Caleb to visit  Lucy.
Lucy eats a protein bar: this gluten free?
Todd finds some clothes upstairs--Nik's clothes! LOL. He goes to see Starr. Gooey Moment ensues!

Sam and Caleb..yes. thank you.  I mean.. John. He says the print matches his (on murder weapon). I'm telling you, the beginning of "Starman" will hold the key!! 

Molly goes to find Rafe in the lock up.  Molly doesn't understand how Rafe could have seen John McBain because John'ss good guy! Molly's a virgin...and Maybe Rafe is 1/2 vampire.  Ooooooooo. 

BTW, both Jacks brothers will be back around the time of the Nurses' Ball.  I think Nikolas and Helena are going to as well. 


MAJOR FAIL TODAY not showing Frisco!!!!! He needed  to be on FIRST! UGH WAY to break the chain. And it's the next DAY!! ergo, are we not going to see the reaction? 


Lara said...

You mean, MY Caleb? LOL

I'm happy about ME playing Caleb again, but I'll miss McBam...

sonya said...

Wyndemere: Oh look the Sun's paper has the headline the three stooges! And has funny pictures of the three best friends! ROFL! Todd calls Wyndemere funny! ROFL! He says windymare, windymere. ROFL! And when Lucy tries to teach him how to say it, he still says it wrong! ROFL! Lucy finds Emily's clothes, and it fits! :) Heather looks at Lucy strangely while Lucy is resting ROFL! OH CALEB!!!!! Hello you bad vampire you. :) Is Lucy really seeing him? Or is she dreaming? I loved how fast he came to the couch! :)

Michael and Starr's home: Michael in a towel!!! He bends down in that towel YUM! :) Michael calls their sex that they just had, a sundae bar sex ROFL! TODD!!!! :) He visits his daughter who he calls a whistleblower and has good morals than he or her mother!! ROFL! It was a nice scene. :( A goodbye scene. He even calls her shorty awwwwww! :(

Police station: Wow!!! McBain has a meeting with the cops!!! And is showing a slide of Kevin's car and pictures of the three BFF stooges ROFL! Uh McBain? Let the cops see the car! Your head is in the way!!! MOVE ALREADY ROFL! The pictures of Todd cracks me up ROFL! Lucy's picture is funny too. When Mcbain says this is Lucy, the vampire slayer, he tells one of the cops to stop laughing. I didn't hear anybody laugh ROFL!
Manning Enterprises: Olivia is trying to convince Connie to drop the charges!!! Later Todd comes in and tries to open his safe. When he opens it, nothing is in there!!! Oh Molly why are you lying to TJ? You act like you are in wuv with Rafe! :)

Jail: What is with those two guards?!!?! Shut up!!!!

Court: Wow!! Connie comes in on Krissy's court, and saves the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Is the actor who plays Johnny, working out? DAMN! :)

Gary Johnson said...

Starr evidently got her morals from her Aunt Vicki

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I so wanted Helena to walk in on the Kook Convention at Wyndemere. Can you imagine her in a scene with Todd, Heather, and Lucy?

sonya said...

Gary Johnson said...Starr evidently got her morals from her Aunt Vicki
Yeah I was thinking that too. :)

AntJoan said...

Is Todd really leaving the show?

Di said...

I wanted Helena to walk in too, RedSoxFan. I'm over the vampires. I certainly hope it's a dream.

Deb K said...

This show is getting difficult to watch. Let alone write about.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I'm over the vampires too, Di. When Lucy's "slayer" delusions make Heather Webber look sane in comparison, this "nod" to Port Charles has gone too far.

Andrea said...

I'm with the rest. Vampires need to go. The story was complicated on PC and is even worse here, mainly because I just don't care. I'm sure this is some convoluted way to change McBain into a differnt character for legal purposes.

Again Todd, Heather and Lucy - GREAT together

I also was disappointed to not see Frisco on again. Wanted to see MAxie's reaction. But I'm sure his visit will be quick.

Don't really care about the Connie Xtina thing. FF through all the trial scenes.

I guess they are giving up with Molly/TJ relationship - putting her with Rafe now.

Di said...

I turned it off today. If that scene at Spoon Island was typical "Port Charles" I can see why the show failed.

And if this is a "nod" I wonder what a complete storyline looks like?

And still no Frisco! Has he been dropped in the pit with Robert?

Elizabeth said...

A half vampire/half human hybrid? I'm in. He could be some big chosen one type of thing like Angel's son Connor was on Angel.

Cosmoetica said...

Looks like no Frisco on Friday- so that'll mean, after 18 years of waiting for Maxi to talk to her dad, we have to wait 6 days, at least?!