Friday, February 8, 2013

Kin Shriner Dishes About GH

TV Guide online has an awesome interview with Kin where he dishes the show, the '80's and beyond!


TV Guide Magazine: John Stamos is showing up, right?
I'm sure Stamos will come back because he knows GH started his career. And, of course, Ricky Dean Anderson. We need to get MacGyver back in the mix! We're like an old family from the '80s and I think we'll always feel that way. I'd love to work with Stamos again. As Blackie, he was Paul Drake to my Perry Mason, my footman, my go-to guy. "Go find this out, Blackie!"  

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, GH is going to revisit that incident where Luke's daughter Lulu killed Scotty's son Logan.
That's what they tell me. I kinda thought we played that out so I'm wondering where this is headed. Scotty took Lulu to trial and didn't win. He didn't really know Logan very well — one day the kid just suddenly popped up in town — but maybe Scotty's still disgruntled.

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A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I loved GH in the 80s so personally I'm thrilled to see so many of the past characters and actors returning

As for Logan...
I may be alone in this but I liked him.
Well before the IIC ruined him by making him physco.
Not sure where else the S/L could go, unless he really isn't dead. ;)

sonya said...

"first person he sees is Luke. Things will escalate very quickly between the two of them.""

FANTASTIC!!!! Can't wait!!!!! :) I have always loved Luke vs Scotty!!! :)

Love4dogs said...

I liked Logan, too and I thought the casting was great. They did ruin him quickly, though.

Love4dogs said...
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sonya said...

Love3dogs yeah it was perfect casting. He looked just like Scotty. :) I loved Logan and Lulu together.

Anon said...

Another Logan fan here - that guy was a dead ringer for a young King Shiner. I was sorry to see what they did to the character because I thought there was real long term potential there.

Always good to see SCOTTY back though! He's one of my favorite characters from GH - Kin is an underrated actor, IMO as he always rolled with the punches with whatever the writer's did and made it fun and believable. I think he was nominated for a best daytime actor Emmy while on Port Charles - wish he would have won it! He seems like a good guy all around too - pretty cool he chats with Lynn Herring and visits with Genie after all this time.

Now get Serena back played by the original actress and maybe a Gail and Lee Baldwin appearance and we will be good to go!


kdmask said...

remember Cooper during that time? Didn't he die by hanging and it was really Diego that did it?

Cosmoetica said...

Yes, it was utterly silly since Cooper towered over Diego- and how to force a Marine to hang himself?

cooks7570 said...

THE backstage word was that Josh Duhan felt he was too good for GH.I don't think him and Julie got along that great either.