Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NEW Scoops UP! Also, Details on NYC RALLY!

Lincoln Center today: 2-6pm BE THERE!! (if you live in NYC!) 
Protesters will be between 63 - 64 St across Lincoln Center entrance on east side. Wear RED!! SMILE!! Tweet me!! Let us know you're there!! 

NEW SCOOPS are up. The only thing REMOTELY interesting is that Lulu might redecorate the Haunted Star!! LOL...they are less than stellar. The summer breakdowns look so dang boring, I'm not even talking about them yet because I can't believe that's all there is!! 

OH! I thought of this: How about Lulu hires Big Alice to bounce/hostess at the Starr, Johnny can play piano, Mercedes can cocktail and Conan can bartend!!! 

LULU style clothes.


Carrie said...

I love Lulu's outfit. where did you find that?

Anonymous said...

I think that's from collegfashion.net. I remember they did a four-part series on the styles of Lulu, Maxie, Kristina and one of the other female characters, I can't remember who now.

shirleedee said...

If Conan's going to bartend, what happens to Ethan???

Anonymous said...

He'll be dealing at the gaming tables?