Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Frothings for Fun Fans !!

Hi..sorry I was so into the Casey Anthony trial it was hard to keep up with the soaps...oy that thing is riveting!! You know I think she's guilty as sin-- and this smoke job the defense is throwing up is just ludicrous.

SO! The Vanessa leaving is out there--- shes' gonzo. Why did GH even bother?? I guess the wedding was one thing. Well, more money to save, right!? 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: OMG... if CarJax don't shut the HELL UP SOON! LOL and we went from Old Face Todd tied to chair on OLTL to Papa Z duct taped to a chair on GH!! Anthony is just fun but it's getting old.

Michael has another gun----great. 

Dante and Lulu. Too bad we didn't see Crimson in the past YEAR. 

Liz gets a call at the nurses' station..a little boy was hit by a car. 

I so want to like GH..and it's so SO DULL. I mean...really. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz again I fall alseep!


Anonymous said...

Michael didn't have a gun. He held her up with his pointer finger. It actually was great.

Jenni said...

Anything Michael just makes me FF'd. This kid is so mis-guided it isn't even funny. Someone smack him into reality quick.

Where the hell is Morgan? Diane? Spencer? No Cam comments about missing Jake?

david said...

I had to share this with everyone.

I work at a vineyard and I have to go to wine festivals for tastings, etc.

Well, one of the upcoming festivals is called "Shady Brook"

so, on the schedule it says...

"Dave at Shady Brook"

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Dave let me know if you run into Luke while your there!


AntJoan said...

Karen, I don't want to give up GH or your blog, I'm having a personal crisis over this, it's too painful for me to see/hear about VM leaving after I waited 12 years for her to come back and marry Sonny.

I also know that GH likely is ending soon, anyway, so, what's the point, I should just leave and get it over with.

I'm going to talk this over with some good friends/family, people who know how invested I am in GH, and see what they say.

Love4dogs said...

David....LOL very funny!

lisa said...

It sickened me to see carly and jason hugging today. I am so sick of the mobster glare jason is always throwing. The worst thing to happen to jax is carly. The best thing to happen to jax is joss and he will lose her beacause carly can do no wrong. Now that they killed jake, the mob is a safe place for kids. RIDICULOUS. Guza may be gone but we still suffer under his boring aweful storylines.

Anonymous said...

Antjoan, really? You're scaring me, lol

Carla Olson Gade said...

I didn't even watch it yet and can give you a recap:

Michael, with worried look on his brow,defending his position to defend Abby's innocence and wanting to join the mob.

Abby needing her inhaler.

Messy haired Sam,saying to moist eyed Jason they don't have to have a baby for the ten thousandth time.

Maxi trying to keep her secret.

Liz not wanting to destroy Lucky's happiness by keeping his child from him...oh, the irony.

Lulu needing Al-anon. (They could have done a huge public service by mentioning that, by the way.)

Luke NOT in rehab, because we know that would never happen in a million years.

Was that it in a nutshell?

Hope said...

Ant Joan, I really understand how you feel, GH has been a part of my life for ever. it has gotten me thru some bad times and been just plain fun for others. I feel so resentful thats its being slowly destroyed and then probably going to be gone....I kept about 5 years of tapes, always kidding about when the show was gone, I'd still have it, never thought it would happen....its a big loss...
if I may suggest, save or buy some older tapes, and then, like when a loved one dies, just remember all the good stuff...I go back to the days of Dr Hardy and Audrey, lots to remember...I have to be honest, I stopped when the Michael rape thing happened, couldnt bear that and then, was slowly coming back and they killed Jake...too much, so I read the Wubs and keep in touch and hope that now with this new writer it will get better and if it does and then it ends it will be a bittersweet ending.....and I will still have the wonderful friends I have made over the years due to GH!

AntJoan said...

Hope, thanks so much for your wonderful note to me, and your understanding of how I feel. I just want to save the Sonny and Brenda wedding where he told her that he'd never leave her no matter what, I feel that it's a good ending for me for the show, giving me my happy-ever-after ending that I wanted.

Like probably all of you, my life, which is great on the one hand, has had its share of pain, loss, challenges, unwanted changes and grief. This is why I go to Port Charles--to find another reality where I can believe in happily-ever-after. Instead, I get pain, loss, challenges unwanted changes and grief. Hello, writers, I go to Port Charles to ESCAPE all of that. Killing children and breaking up couples is too painful.

LindaV said...

Who ever had the great idea that watching jax and Carly fight over Joss over and over again would be must see TV? They really need to shake up the writing badly.

Mamaspat Ole said...

Watched 20/20 last nite which of course is on ABC they said what killed Erica Kane was reality shows YA THINK?????

Anonymous said...


Abby needs her inhaler!! ahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


and Michael didn't have a gun? I'm nuts then. I swore he did!

Anonymous said...

I still think it was selfish of the actress to come back knowing she wasn't in it for the long haul. It caused more harm than good. How many stories were put on hold? How many people are out of work or schedules were lessened? Ingo, Tyler, Becky (almost), Claire...How much did they pay her for that one year when loyal people are taking pay cuts?

I really loved the character of Brenda in the beginning. Can't stand her now. I feel she is annoyingly childlike and fake. Also feel it was selfish because of Sonny and Brenda fans only got about a week of happiness. I hope she does not come back again unless she is ready to commit. Sorry but I could have done without the year of Brenda/Vanessa..