Friday, May 6, 2011

Fabulous Friday For Frothy Fun Soapy Fans!

We should make Tshirts outta this! LOL 

The new GH Promo with Suzy holding a knife to Sonny's throat  and Dante with a gun on them. SO not exciting, I mean, how COULD it come out?? Hmmmm. 

I love how they did the OLTL bully story-- wow. IT's still going on, just like real life, it's not going to just end. They use everyone and history. I am so going to miss it. 

SO happy Siobhan carried lilacs!! That's Rochester's flower!! Loved her dress too. Liz had a flashback to the church wedding. JJ could cry good even back then! The marriage certificate was dated May 4th-- so Today is Jake's Bday

Sonny never calls Lucian "Lucian"..notice he says: Her son or that child..or that little boy. LOL Brenda is the stupidest person on daytime right now. Unbelievable. Why WOULDN'T it be Suzanne??!! After you tell her about the DNA test the kid disappears!? Ugh!

Luke doesn't think he's a drunk because he's a "nice drunk" LOL..BOBBIE Mention!! And he told the story about his Dad killing his mom. Although it used to be she died when she was sick and the dad wouldn't help her get medical care. But, who's keeping track right? 

Jason and Jake on the motorcycle are so cute!! That kid is just perfect to play his son. And they killed him off. Good lord. Liason was on...they talked about Jake...Wish "Jake" was on as much as when he was alive than when he was dead!!!

JaSam in the hospital... the procedure is done. 

"Cliffhanger": Oyrish sees L&L2 hugging.

Have a good night!!


Anonymous said...

This juicy Aiden reveal (bore) better come out before becky stopped filming due to illness.

How big of them to give us a whole minute of grieving Liason. Oh that's right, while they replace Jake in the very next room. If they are going to give them a baby they should have had it just suddenly happen n w/o going under the knife, as if it were a sign, not go through this insensitive storyline.

Who wouldn't be stupid with panic if their kid went missing? Then again she did just meet him ; )

I meant to mention NLG has been looking fab tan and rested.

sonya said...

About one life to live, Todd was having a great conversation with his son!!!! I was getting lost in it! It was a great scene! Then right in the middle of the conversation, the scene switches to Starr and Dani!!! What the hell?! WHY WRITERS WHY?! :( Finish the conversation first!!! Then go to Starr and Dani!!!

On GH A Lucky and Liz flashback YAY!!!! Damn I want them back together! Hopefully when the show gets canceled, they will get back together. Lucky is looking at his marriage certificate. May 4th!! ROFL! What?!!?! Writers it's not May 4th today! It's May 6th!! DUH! Great Jason dream! Sam gets her procedure and of course we didn't get to see it UGH! I do like Sam and Jason as a couple but I'm not in love with them as a couple. I don't hate them together. I loved Jason with Keesha, Liz, Robin, and Carly (what? :) Carly and Jason were hot!) The woman I hated him with was Courtney!

Hope said...

this whole thing has me listening to Jim Reeves music..

Watchintele said...

Is it me, or does anyone else find it odd, that not once since Jake died have Elizabeth and Jason held one another in their time of grief??

They shared a child! They had to have body contact for that to happen (I know, fertility procedure can produce the same result).
So why is it, that they cannot have any physical contact now?? A hug? Holding hands? Hand on the shoulder? Something????
It's the little things such as this, that make the writing so dumb and unrealistic.

Off my soap box

Anonymous said...

Has this beenn mentioned and I just noticed/realized? "Lucien" could be seen as similar to "Lucas", with Lucien's nickname being "Luc" aka "Luke". Just another example of no imagination for names by Guza et al.

Di M said...

Seeing Jake today broke my heart. That child is so cute and such a good little actor. He always seemed like a real kid on the show, not some scared little manneguin wondering what the heck was going on.

I'm still hoping for a miracle reveal when franco reappears.

AntJoan said...

Anon: What do you mean that Beck stopped filming due to illness?

AntJoan said...

Oops, sorry, I meant "Becky."

kamidexter said...

You know...through all of this Luke stuff...I actually agree with Luke. Lucky doesn't want to deal with the fact that his dad killed his son so there has to be another the drinking is it. He didn't think Luke was so drunk as to know drive him and his soon to be wife to the hospital after they found out about Jake. If they approached Luke about dealing with his guilt, which he is masking by drinking a lot, then he may have listened,but to accuse him of being an alcholic is completely silly. Not even close. He is a sad, depressed man who has never had to deal with anything not go his way in his life, this is a huge blow and I like Ethan's approach much more then the rest. Just ridiculous.

Tabatha said...


Becky is really sick due to some viral meningitis infection. So they have a replacement for her, for about 2 weeks coming in, which is ex-Belle from Days (after Kirsten Storm left). :(

Mamaspat Ole said...

Hope you make me smile so much with the Jim Reeves music lol

kdmask said...

Ant Joan, she's sick, look down the blog, she has viral meningitis.

Rita pita said...

watchintel I SOOOO agree with you. i was longing for just a little somethin somethin. However, I was very pleased to see becky on my screen this week, so I'm not trying not to complain ; )

Anonymous said...

Why didn't anyone try to stage an intervention when Luke kept getting drunk after Laura went catatonic in 2002 and ACTUALLY DID burn down the PCPD?

Speaking of Laura, not even mentioning her during this whole thing is just bizarre. Nobody outside of his sister knew and loved him longer.

Isn't it also strange how when Luke and Lucky tell these stories now of their life on the run when Lucky was little, they never mention Laura either? It's weird.

This whole storyline feels like an attempt to give TG and JJ a couple of Emmy reels and to eventually usher TG off for his vacation by having Luke skip town.

I bet it'll eventually turn out that Luke didn't hit Jake.