Sunday, May 1, 2011

General Hospital Weekend Tweets!!

@lisalocicerogh LadyBug Jane! Best lipgloss ever! organic,vegan AND tastes so good my husband won't stop kissing me! Google it!

Bradford and wife Kiera at Pregnancy Awareness event this weekend! She's due in July...looking great!

@themeganward tweeted this photo of "Connie's Pizza" from Chicago! She was there this weekend for a fan event. Yummmmmy.

Lexi Ainsworth @_lexiainsworth tweeted this Thursday. You think she and poor Haley have to eat in the boiler room at Prospect Studios??

@AndreaBogart: Bout to shoot with one of the greatest Photographers I know David Heisler! Pumped up Sunday Funday Photo shoot! Have a great day ya'll!

Brianna Brown At Edgemar Film Festival April 29th, 2011 with Writer/Director Angela Matemotja

@Brandon Barash TCM Classic Movie Festival kickoff...I'm in good company 2nite. "An American In Paris."

Chilling at Venice Ale House @whitewatercrew (Kim McCollough) 

Chad Duelly @duelly87 at the Greek Festival...heh.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. Rumors are that Maurice Bernard, JJ or TG want aout of their contract early and were not happy with large pay cuts. Cheaper actors may be used more in the summer. Could that mean less mob? Also heard that Brenda's child is Jax's and not balkan's.

Annie said...

One can only hope that it is Maurice and it will signal the end ( or at least less) of the mob. But I would not hold my breath.

kdmask said...

I think Benard, Burton and Geary will have to be dragged out screaming, just my opinion. ;) as for the Jax thing, I heard that WAY back..could be, especially if VM is leaving. (I think IR is on his way out)

muebles en soria said...

This will not have effect as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.