Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Surgery: Emptying The Bed Pans

Well, we got confirmation that after a year of bungled "Comeback" Vanny is leaving GH. I don't know what makes me the most mad--the time, the money or the total lack of vision from Guza for a decent story for all of this. I'm blaming Guza 900% for writing that crap, he's headwriter. Even IF the "higher ups" help direct how a show goes, I surely doubt they came up with Brenda being in Rome forever with her "fiance" and thugs tracking her down. I remember an interview Guza gave with SID trying to explain the need for a 'backstory' for Brenda after all her time gone. Yeah...we needed a backstory, just not a STUPID one that took eons to tell.
Robin Christopher was brought back...remember that? As soon as we found out VM was coming, all of a sudden all Skye did was stand around. Then, she was gone. Kinda like when Emma Samms came back and didn't make  it out of the Haunted Star. Claire was a casualty too--not that I was a huge Claire fan but having her in a story, then evaporate was another waste of my damn time. 

The ratings went even MORE south after one of GH's most popular actresses came back. What does that say about anything? Hell, Guza should have left LAST year if this was the outcome. (ok, about six years ago if you're really counting. LOL)

I say that..and now comes the awful realization that no matter what we do, GH is probably going to be history sometime in 2012. I've heard too much lately and even I, a fighter is just throwing up the hands. Garin Wolf can't save the show, unless he totally retools it. I hear that John Ingle and Leslie C are taping so MAYBE there's hope for some Q interaction. Will it last more than a few days? I sure hope so. 
Becky's out when the Aidan reveal comes-- not her fault but a letdown none the less. Kristina and Ethan are going to end up doing the same exact scene Luke and Laura did and many others while they are in the Dominican Republic. I have to say, I can't wait to see Alexis and Sonny together though. THAT will be fun. 
This week's glimmers of hope: Dorky yet fun Maxie/Krissy dress up scene. Tracy and Lulu. Mac was on and got to arrest the right person!! WOOT!  Of course there was way too much Jax/Carly harping-- JaSam sitting on that dang couch and Mabby crap to last me a lifetime. Isn't it funny this is all about her killing some guy that we didn't even care about? 
More glimmers: Leslie and John (Monica and Edward) both taped last week!! Connie Towers will be back doing her evil Helena. There is hope. HOPE. I hope there's hope!  
Oh, fun thing: Steve Burton tweeted he was getting fitted for a suit, sending JaSam fans all a TWITTER with the spec the wedding was coming! 

One Life to Live was a bit of a letdown this week after all the Todd build up. When will writers learn we want people back LIKE NOW...not sitting in a room somewhere (or in Rome) for days? There was the Matthew trauma though... can't wait until this week.

We said goodbye to Oprah. Her last show made me feel like I was in church a bit. Ok, a LOT. LOL. I liked her hooplah shows more-- all the acts and glitter. Of course her leaving makes me think about that 4pm time slot. Our local affiliate hasn't decided yet--Dr Oz or local news?? Of course, everyone is waiting to see if Couric goes to 4pm or ...gulp 3. 

The Casey Anthony trial is unlike anything I've ever seen. I read a LOT of True Crime (Ann Rule and I even wrote to each other for a time)--and am really an obsessive pill about I.D. TV and all that jazz. One shocker after another. Heartbreaking. I personally think Casey put Caylee to "sleep" using chloroform and then she die. Casey then spent forever covering it up, moving her body and the like. Years of lies caught up with her. Her parents wanted to believe her so badly that she didn't do it--and now? They have to concede. That pool story?? Good Lord. Watching the trial btw, makes all soaps look tame!!

Scene of the Week: Anthony Z tied to the chair in duct tape, wanting his nose scratched. 

GH actor tweets:
@Lisalocicerogh to @Reevesforreal: here's the plan: you guys get sparkly platform booties & matching bellbottom jumpsuits & Port Chuck becomes Prince cover band

@billywarlock (AJ Q) They all made the fatal mistake of abandoning core characters. Although, CBS didn't do that and the 2 shows they have are still strong. note: About GH's demise and ABC Soaps in general

@Stuart-Damon: Happiness is not in our circumstances, but in ourselves. It is not something we see, like a rainbow, or feel, like the heat of a fire.

@LESLIECHARELSON (monica) tweeted a LOT about Guza leaving: (she chatted with Steve Burton)
**Monica and Jason have had so many missed opportunities under Guza over the years.

**But with new writers at the helm, we're hoping we can recover some of the rich history and get the relationship back on track.

Robin Strasser from OLTL is the one to follow, btw...she goes on rampages that are pretty funny. LOL @robinstrasser 

GO to WUBS NET and see who won the final May Wubs Couple! The month of winners were:  Liason, Luke and Laura,  Felicia and Frisco, Edward and Lila and now ....??? I might have one more fun one coming up for June. We'll see. I liked them!! Please remember to click on a google ad if the power moves you--don't buy anything just click. THANKS!! 

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Have a GREAT memorial day. Tomorrow on GH is a repeat of "After the Bomb" at SnB wedding.


ritapita said...

Oh Karen, I love that I can count on you even on a holiday weekend.

And I agreed with your bright spots from last week. Since I am a Kristina/Ethan prooter, I look forward to whatever recreation they have in mind IF DONE RIGHT. I know HAHA HAHA HAHA. But they could surprise us, this one time. Since I love Sexis I won't be FF thru any of it!

Read Liason has a few scenes this week. I do appreciate that I have to admit. As for Jasam marrying, I have no feeligs on that (translation: I don't care). I respect Jasam fans' dedication, but the writers just screwed up so badly many of us just don't buy it. But hurry and give them a baby so they can stop talking about should we? or shouldn't we? DUH.

I sure hope the Leslie sighting (Monica) was to have a conversation with Jason about Jake, but silly me. I am so angry that fate has caused becky not to have scenes during the paternity reveal. No idiot to blame this time (although how about one of those rewrites to hold off a few weeks so "our" Elizabeth gets to work it?)

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought you hated Brenda. LOL!! So, shouldn't you be happy?

rita pita said...

oops. promoter, kristina & Ethan PROMOTER. Oh crap spellcheck, spellcheck!

kdmask said...

I do NOT hate Brenda at all, she was a great character before this stint. Honestly-- I used to enjoy her.

I put some things in that Leslie C tweeted! you'll be HAPPY!

Don't you love the WUB feet pic I found!? LOL

Frisco said...

This is what Guza has done to me. When I read that:
1: Steve Burton (Jason) is being fitted for a suit, and
2: John Ingle (Edward) and Leslie Charleson (Monica) have been taping
I automatically assume it means funeral and begin wondering which Quartermaine Guza is about to kill now.

If indeed it is a funeral I hope it is because Jason tells the Quartermaine's about Jake and they decide to hold a Quartermaine family memorial for grandson/great grandson they never knew was theirs.

That, or flashes of what Jason's life would be like today if he hadn't become Sonny's bitch but remained a Quartermaine.

shetiggerr said...

When you say, "Becky is out..." do you mean on the backburner? Personally I hope she is actively looking for a show that will appreciate her preferably in prime time.

Anonymous said...

Becky is out sick w/ viral meningitis. Some chick is taking ovr for her for a few weeks which just happens to be during the aidan reveal

Anonymous said...

Frisco, a funeral was my first thought too. I feel badly for VMG and the way they brought back Brenda. They've just about ruined the Brenda character not that I see GH lasting past 2012 either but if it did would this Brenda want to return? Would we want her back all sock puppety sleeves and screetchy? I don't think so. I only hope that NLG is correct in thinking we will get our strong female characters back.

kdmask said...

I meant becky is out because she was sick, and we'll have a newby for the Aiden reveal. That's all

lisa said...

I am not at all interested in kristina and ethan, but I get that many will be happy for them. I am glad monica comes back but sad that it will be to support jason during his wedding to sam. I remember monica seeing liz, jason and jake in the park and saying that they looked like a beautiful family. I had always wished that she knew or was officially told that jake was her grandchild. Now, for her to know that , seems pointless. I wouldn't be surprised if they share a grief scene now but all to lend support to jasam. I always felt monica and Liz to be an untapped relationship. Monica could have been a great support to liz and liz to her especially given how much they both loved emily.
Believe me, I really wish I loved the couples they have on GH but I don't. Every couple seems rushed and broken. Dante and Lulu bore me, vanesssa and sonny's time has passed, jax and carly destroyed, robin and patrick spent most of the year apart, maxie and matt (hardly seen ), Steve and olivia rushed, jasam (boring and contrived ).
Sadly, I don't think I'll be watching when GH ends. I suspect the happiest fans will be those that like jason and sam.
Instead I will hang on to what the show was when I couldn't get enough of it . I watch old episodes on you tube.

Lori said...

Karen - I've loved the soap couple voting all month. Such fun!!! June is wedding month traditionally, maybe you could do some banner tributes to GH weddings over the years?

Love4dogs said...

Speaking of trials, I read in tv guide some time ago, that the OJ Simpson trial coverage is at least, in part, responsible for the demise of the soap opera. All that daily coverege made people get 'out of the habit' of watching (not me!!). If that is truly the case, I'm extra glad he's in prison now. I say add on extra time for him for being found guilty of soap killing! (lol)

Anonymous said...

I still think it was selfish of the actress to come back knowing she wasn't in it for the long haul. It caused more harm than good. How many stories were put on hold? How many people are out of work or schedules were lessened? Ingo, Tyler, Becky (almost), Claire...How much did they pay her for that one year when loyal people are taking pay cuts?

I really loved the character of Brenda in the beginning. Can't stand her now. I feel she is annoyingly childlike and fake. Also feel it was selfish because of Sonny and Brenda fans only got about a week of happiness. I hope she does not come back again unless she is ready to commit. Sorry but I could have done without the year of Brenda/Vanessa..

I know it also has to do with the writers and the higher-ups but if the actors/actresses are not up for more than a year...Don't bother. Same goes for the dumb Franco visits...

sonya said...

Isn't it funny this is all about her killing some guy that we didn't even care about?
Yeah Karen I don't care about Brandon!!! I am so glad it's over!!! Or at least I hope so!!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what stories Garin Wolf was responsible for in 2007-2008? I have done a search on the Internet but can't pinpoint what exactly they were. From what I remember of those years we lost Georgie, Emily, and Alan? I can't remember when we lost Faith, Rick, and AJ?? I couldn't stand Guza but I am starting to wonder if we are really better off til the end? I was watching old I miss the Q's.. I wish there was a way of bringing back Alan, AJ, Emily, Georgie, Dillon, Rick, Justus, even Faith...I always found her entertaining for some reason. I think the actress was great!

Adora said...

I must be feeling particularly negative today, but is it just me or is it a little silly to get excited about a Jasam wedding when it almost surely indicates certain doom? I'm not a big Jasam fan (I'm indifferent), so I wouldn't be as upset as some, and I know Guza's gone so maybe it's unfair to assume the show will fall into that trap again but is there really much chance of actually seeing them happy? How many weddings did Sonny's wife nearly die? Now we have Anthony back... I am just having trouble picturing things going smoothly. Please forgive me!

lmao~ I love Frisco's reaction to the suit as well, very appropriate reaction for a Guza survivor! ^^;

Oh a happier note, yay for Stone and Robin~! lol, they had no chance against older more beloved couples but I am happy they finally got their chance to shine. Tragic love story though it was they'll always have a cherished place in my heart. <3

The wub feet pick was indeed a nice end cap~ ^-^

Dustin said...

Can Helena and Andreas be in contention for couple of the month? :)

AntJoan said...

Karen, I dreamt about Brenda last night, that I was begging her to stay on GH, I felt so sad and frustrated when I woke up.

This whole S & B thing has me soooo depressed . . .

Adora said...

For the last Anon. comment: I've been trying to catch up on GH via youtube for awhile now, I had stopped watching for a very long time, and coincidentally found myself in the middle of Garin Wolf's stories when the news came out.

It's hard to pinpoint what he is really responsible for, since there's no way to know what was already laid out before Guza went on strike. I can say that I found the transition back into Guza's work utterly horrendous.

All I can credit and feel confident about, on a positive level, that Garin created was Alexis and Diane's friendship and the start of Lulu and Johnny's relationship (they met prior to Garin, but fell for each other under his pen). I also think he was seriously working on changing the Sonny and Jason dynamic; they weren't getting along because Jason was too busy with Liz and then Jason injured his hands severely trying to save Liz and Sam from the TMK. The second Guza came back it was like you blinked and Jason had this miraculous recovery. Sonny and Jason's friendship did remain somewhat questionable for a few months though.

I don't think he can be blamed for the whole of the TMK nightmare. Emily and Georgie both died before Garin was credited (on the episodes) as headwriter, the only person to die from the TMK while Garin was writing, as far as I remember offhand, was Maxie's boyfriend Coop.

Claudia and the corrupt doctor who (later) shot Michael both first appeared while Garin was in charge, but it's impossible to guess if he was responsible for them or if they were layed out beforehand. I tend to think they were planned, especially Claudia, but I really don't know. The storyline with Monica hitting Sam while driving drunk also appeared while Garin was in charge. Since Guza tried to rip it off recently, I tend to think that was genuinely Garin's work. Kate was also "accidentally" shot by Michael while Garin was in charge, which I again can't really accurately guess who wrote but I'm thinking that was Garin too.

So as I see it, he had a better mix of light and dark stories; both of which were written very believably. Alexis and Diane's friendship blossoming was really cute, and NLG confirmed that as his story. The start of Lulu and Johnny was really cute too, though I am a few months later into the relationship where I am watching now and currently want to strangle them both for their back and forth repetitive dialogue; clearly Guza's handiwork.

I am hopeful that Garin will be great, there was one storyline in his time in charge that I just had no interest in (Rik and Marianna) but for the most part I loved everything during the few months I noticed his name listed as headwriter. (January 4th, 2008-March 14th, 2008) The show started to drop off almost immediately after Guza was back in charge. (The first time I noticed the change in headwriter names was when the warehouse exploded with Michael, Carly, Rik and Marianna inside; Guza literally came back with a bang. How fitting.) The show returned to it's more typically unbalanced nature right away. There's some stories I like but possibly more I'd rather skip. Take from that what you will/can! ^^;

My fingers remain crossed for Garin being a strong writer who is ready to prove himself and clean up Guza's mess, once again.

Anonymous said...

According to Soapzone, the new writer wants Jax to come back late July to wrap up his storyline better. Obviously he's not leaving with Brender than.