Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Insomnia Cookies! OLTL and GH Today!!

Those cuties from OLTL at Insomnia COOKIES Last night!! OLTL today was smokin'!! I loved Echo shooting that drink right in Dorian's face. Heh...THIS ENTIRE show got ROBBED of Emmys. SO ROBBED. Every year they get passed over. 

Clint's HEART!! Eeeeeeeeee. I am spoiler free so I don't know what's going to happen. I'm dying to know but don't want to. Joey's face is so stupid, even when he finds out the truth.
Marty and Natalie. Nat, do NOT take that baby ON THE ROOF with the crazy lady!! THEN she shows her the tape recorder. DUHhhhhhhhhh.
Charlie is gone from town. I did like him when he first came on,, not so much (Even before he slept with Echo) 
Jessica is WES now!! LOL... Brody's old army buddy that got knifed to death!! Wonder if he'll notice the lack of a weenie!! 
Kelly's in a pool of blood!! eeeee!!  And Marty dive-bombs Natalie!! 
"How long does it take a man in a woman's body to drain the dragon!!"

GENERAL HOSPITAL: well, hell...nothing can live up to OLTL but here we go! 

Luke and Carly: Talking in an empty Kelly's.
Michael, Abby and AZ
Scrubs: Lisa's watching.
Siobhan and Lucky..talking about Aidan but no truth yet.
Matt and Maxie... she finds a "ring".. of course, not his for her.
Michael and Krissy...Zombie Krissy! LOL.. 

Line of the Day "And you're also a bitch"...says Luke to Carly

The only thing remotely cute was Matt and Maxie and I refuse to care about them because they are only on about once a month. Why bother!!?

Kim McCollough: (@whitewatercrew)
My TV husband has his first Emmy nomination @Jason_CT and I'm beside myself. He so deserves it. Can't wait to cheer him on!


Carrie said...

I can't wait for OLTL! I love that KM is excited for JT! I <3 Scrubs! Also love the Luke quote.

Hope said...

Dorian was magnificent to day! I loved it the way she handled the drink in the face. Echo never had a chance. Are you the one who mentioned Joey's eyebrows and how they go up and down when he talks? thats all I see now when he's on....
I am starting to like Cutter! He's so funny, and he and Brody are funny together, I think the laughing they do is spontaneous and real... the drain the dragon thing had me on the floor.....

Mamaspat Ole said...

Dorian made me laugh when she said Vicki didn't want Echo's sloppy seconds lol

Rita pita said...

Don't they realize some of the current pairings are giving them low ratings? Let's take a gander ladies:

Carly/Sean (he's hot but we know nothing about him)

Lisa/Johnny (Seeing him is great but I loved Jolivia)

Jasam (been there done that and they killed them for many of us enough said)

Nik/Brook lynn (already over pretty much but I'm including them in my crappy couples)

Irish lad/Lucky no chemistry, BORING

Ethan & Mia (same as above x100 and Maya isn't even around anyway)

Brenda & Sonny (once wonderful, this time kind of lacking)

Matt & Maxie (cute, but not on enough)

Lante: So tired of his face I can hardly even stand him in my once fav couple!

Scrubs (wonderful at times, but the whole Lisa storyline is just so over done)

Mabby: Such potential and then they just flopped.

Olivia & Steve (ok for a booty call, but again, Jolivia is hotter and the writers have never shown us anything about Steven)

What we would like:

Liz with Lucky (or Jax as 2nd runner up)

Carjax (if Liz can't have him)

Mac & Alexis

More Diane & Max

Johnny & Olivia (or at least give us a love triangle & throw Lulu in there)

Maxie & Spin

Sam w/Sean

Ethan & Kristina

Someone new for Michael (Zoe?)

kdmask said...

Mac and Alexis...there's a chance in hell. Makes me so mad. They had like 2 'nondates' set up by Molly!

Anonymous said...

I know you are spoiler free so I wont go into details but from what I know, DON'T MISS A EPISODE OF OLTL during May sweeps. You will be head over heels with what is coming next. Puts GH to shame.

Anonymous said...

Rita: Speak for yourself. I happen to like Matt & Maxie and Ethan & Maya. Theyre nice, light-hearted couples in a sea of darkness.

Anonymous said...

It would be cute to see LL2 on the run (or adventuring) w/ their kids.. an ode to Luke and Laura. But I still have my heart set on LIASON lol. As much as Jason has infuriated me for the past year, the longing is still there.

Rita Pita said...

If you read my post Anon #2, you would have noticed that I said Matt & Maxie were cute but not on enough. As for Ethan & Maya, they are a bore but that is only my opinion.

I agree about Liason Anon #3, but Guza has his head stuck so far up Kemo's a$$, Jasam are a lock.

david said...

Re: Anonymous

A robotic reading of the phonebook would put GH to shame at this point.

Hey... I havent watched since the Jake storyline. How has James Franco been? Riveting? Must see tv? I know it was hyped so much, how has that storyline worked out for the show?

kdmask said...

David... ugh, don't get me started. BUT GH did get the MOST Emmy noms!! Grrrrrrrrrr

lisa said...

Susan Lucci gave an interview to ET Tonight that was very emotional. She told how Brian Frons called her to his office and told her that AMC was cancelled. She asked him what it would be replaced with. He told her that it would be replaced with a reality tv show that cost 40% less to make. She started to cry when talking about the professionalism of the actors/actresses she works with that show up to do their best even though morale is low. She is very grateful for having played such an interesting character.
Frons is such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Rumors are that GH is getting rid of the rest of the quatermaines. JMB wants to leave early.This is so sad. Nothing but Corinthos clan and associates left.

Anonymous said...

Shows in the nominees who GH vslues.

Anonymous said...

Ravenbeauty's GH Dish!

Lisa is about to get what's coming to her courtesy of Patrick and Robin. She gets caught up in her own web and loses control. Micheal and Abby will be taken in a different direction once their arcs are complete. Wedding bells will ring for Sam & Jason. They have rewritten this a few times, but I am told that Sam finally gets her baby!

Jax eventually loses custody to Carly and leaves town (again most likely with Brenda in tow as I stated back in February). Lucian will have ties to someone else, and Brenda finally gets her real child back, just in time to drive that stake even further into the heart of Sonny and Brenda's marriage. Anthony gets his revenge Zacharra style.....

Liz and Lucky will reunite once again, however fans will be treated to some serious twists and turns before they find their way back to one another. Look for Liz and Siobhan to take the gloves off in a big way! Luke finally seeks the help he needs, but I am hearing this could be his swan song. If you are noticing a beautiful younger actress being seen less and less, this is because she will eventually disappear completely (and this gossip diva is not a happy camper over this one). She wants to spread her wings and fly.....

Shawn and Carly get thisclose soon! Ethan and Kristina grow closer through her addiction story thanks to the evil one who is about to make things even worse for Kristina in the coming weeks. Casting cuts will be announced soon (vets won't like it). John Ingle is said to be retiring, but another two will be retired whether they like it or not (things are about to get a bit unpleasant).....

Anonymous said...

Boy am I glad I don't watch GH anymore.There is NO way I can see Carly winning any kind of custody battle with her lifestyle, but again, this show is not really called GH. It is called whatever Carly wants, she gets!

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