Friday, May 20, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Constance Towers!!

Happy day to Connie!! She's returning to General Hospital next month just to give us some delicious closure on the Aidan switch. Can't wait. Over the years, Connie has loved interacting with the fans and her "Hell's Belles" fanclub members. Always the Old-School Hollywood Star, she's been gracious and and great to everyone that meets her. 

The Naked Kiss

Connie was born in Whitefish, Montana. She collects pig figurines that people have sent her over the years!! She took over the role of Helena Cassadine in 1997 when headwriter Robert Guza, Jr. started to expand the Cassadine empire. Connie made Helena her own by improvising a lot of her mannerisms and dialog. She and Tony Geary have one of the most fun "frienemy" relationship on Daytime TV.

She has been honored for her work on stage on many occasions. Connie is a recipient of the New York Critic's Outer Circle Award for Excellence in Theater, the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts Achievement Award, and the Best Musical Actress of 1974-- Award by the New Jersey Drama Critics Association. In 2002, she was honored by the dePaul Universtity of Performing Arts. 
Shock Corridor

See some of her great movies including "Shock Corridor" and "The Naked Kiss" both out on DVD and Blue-ray.   CT's  most recent memorable movie role was as Gweneth Paltrow's mother in "A Perfect Murder". 

For more information, go to her fanpage Constance Towers that I run on Angelfire. Credits, photos and fun Helena stuff!
Elegance, Grace and Deadly Charm!! 

Drop Connie a line at the Studio! She reads ALL her fanmail and usually answers with a handwritten note of her own.... 
Constance Towers
c/o General Hospital @ABC TV
4151 Prospect Ave
Hollywood CA 90027


RedSoxFaninVA said...

Awesome tribute to a wonderful, beautiful actress and a classy lady! Connie's beauty and glamour are timeless and her talent underrated. Happy Birthday, Connie!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more..the greatest "Anna" to ever grace the Broadway stage. No one has ever or will ever sing "Hello Young Lovers" in so moving a way as Constance Towers. Always brings tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...

Would you consider yourself to be a "good" person? Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord. Just saw you in The Horse Soldiers and the King and I and we really enjoyed them both!!! :-)
Hope that you have a blessed Christmas.