Friday, May 20, 2011

GENERAL Hosptial IN FIFTH place in RATINGS!!

Oh, woah. Well, gut the show before you go Guza.  Thank you SO MUCH...GH is now FIFTH in the ratings race. (out of SIX shows...)
This regime has driven GH into the ground. They messed with a once great show and left us with a shell of crap that's not even worth the watch. Now they let vets go (Tyler's taping his last show soon) AND bringing on people we don't care about. Vanessa is probably leaving when Ingo does. HOW  did that COMEBACK WORK OUT??!! SUCKED didn't it?? One year of F'up storylines that drove people away and NOW SHE'S probably leaving. 
At least Ingo was trending in the USA for awhile there on Twitter.
Part of me just wants to throw my hands up in the air. The other part just wants to drink. 

View ALL ratings from Soap Opera Network
TOTAL Viewers:
1. Y&R 4,630,000 (+87,000/-483,000)
2. B&B 2,790,000 (-33,000/-397,000)
3. OLTL 2,582,000 (+84,000/+166,000)
4. DAYS 2,489,000 (+250,000/+45,000)
5. GH 2,371,000 (-8,000/-327,000)
6. AMC 2,299,000 (-36,000/-201,000)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 882,000 (-54,000/-314,000)
2. DAYS 689,000 (+38,000/+64,000)
3. OLTL 656,000 (+57,000/-68,000)
4. GH 642,000 (-19,000/-282,000) <---- new low *
5. B&B 499,000 (-35,000/-189,000) <---- new low **
6. AMC 496,000 (+13,000/-155,000)

Laura Wright (@lldubs)  Tweeted: I am so sad about the news of Ingo leaving- I hate this and i think it is a huge mistake- I am a big fan of Jax and Carly. 

TODAY'S SHOWS: Baby died on AMC. *sigh*

Line of the week.   "Just got knocked out by your wife...who thinks she's a dude...who thinks you are gay "  Cutter on #OLTL ahahaha
Clint purged his soul on TV!!  
Jess went from Wes to Tess! 

GENERAL Hospital: Ugh, I hate to even write about this mess.  Alec is already 'calling for Carly'. Brenda's becoming a moot point. Today's dialog with Sonny was just painful. It obvious they are going to write Brenda out.
Robin in the basement. Lisa being a sneering bitch. 
The Carly and Jax thing is so stupid, especially the Shawn factor. I so did not need to see Carly and Shawn today.
Alexis and Sam-- I am laughing that the writers want us to believe that Jason isn't dangerous or something. I get Jake got hit by a car, but one only has to look at Michael to know the mobular life.
Kristina just keeps sitting at Kelly's-- people just plop down opposite of her. zzzzzzz She's been there since MONDAY. At least her pie is gone. LOL --OMG, then it was BACK! after Alexis came in, the PIE WAS BACK. Oh, love those kind of mistakes. 
Brenda was nice to Carly. oh woo.
The Big cliffhanger with Robin was today and they showed her for about 4 minutes if that. Glad Robin woke up though... hope she kills Lisa.
Wow, today was just HORRIFICALLY boring.

Read GHH's quotes from writers about Garin Wolf's takeover at GH. WOW, they don't like him ONE BIT! Nelson Branco says that Wolf is darker in the storyline department than Guza was!!


Carrie said...

HOW can one be darker than GUZA?! :O
And this show is SO toast. I hope they let Jax and Brenda go off together just because they may as well. I'd like him with Skye but I'm not even going to pretend that's an option. When I heard Guza was out I had hope for a day - already that hope is gone...

sonya said...

Krissy and Michael: So he didn't notice Krissy was high on the docks the other day, but she cries today and he figures out she is on something?! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!

Brenda and Sonny: Oh come on!!!!! Sonny is acting like he doesn't respect her feelings!!! He keeps blowing her off!!! Oh and then Carly shows up and Brenda says she has issues but nothing to do with her!??!! HUH?!?!!?! Come on Brenda!!!! Tell her off!!!!

Brenda and Jax: Awww I like that scene. They make me smile. :) They should be a couple!!!! Damn I can't believe I'm saying that! I always loved them together and I have always loved Brenda and Sonny together. But Brenda and Sonny shouldn't be together.

Jason and Sonny: Yeah Sonny time to get a divorce. And then you can have rebound sex with Carly! :)

Alexis, Jason, and Sam: I liked Alexis today! I always do but this is a nice scene. And then she felt bad! :)

Jason and Sam: UGH! How many damn times are we going to hear her say if you don't want a baby it's okay. UGH! Then there was a light at the end of the tunnel when he talked about getting her a sandwich. That made me smile. :) Then right back to talking about the baby UGH! Guza stop!!!!! Just give them a baby already! Stop pulling off the bandaid slowly! Just rip it right off!!!!

Alexis and Sam: Awww Alexis felt bad! :) Then back to talking about the baby UGH!

Carly and Shawn: Oh kiss already! :)

Carrie said...

I know this is the last thing I should be saying considering GH appears to be on its last legs, but with the news of Ingo being let go along with Tyler it seriously might be time for me to delete GH from my DVR. I started watching it as a little girl with my mom. I've watched pretty much everyday for the past 10 years at least, first taping and then on DVR. I swear it was the first show that was set to record when I first got one years ago.

I'll give it a bit longer, to watch Hells if nothing else, but if it continues I'm hanging up my hat.

Hope said...

it seems that the powers that be are hitting back, you fight us we will kill what you love even sooner!
the character of Jax has been ruined for a long time but I hate to see the actor let go ......

Anonymous said...

Video is on you tube of protestors booing abc brian frons. They comment on his smug look and smile.

skeebob said...

I agree with Carrie, how can Wolf be a darker writer than Guza? Unless Sonny and Jason are suddenly going to start dealing drugs, or unless Robin dies of AIDS, or Luke runs over Cameron too, just for kicks. Otherwise, I think Guza's reign as the Dark Prince of Port Charles is relatively safe.

Of course, if the show ends next year as everyone thinks, then GH is bound to be dark enough anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh when people say they might have to delete GH from their DVR's... I stopped watching about 4 years ago. I only watch the rare clip in YT.

People STILL watch this show daily from start to finish?!

Bless your souls. Where do you find the will power?

Carrie said...

If you're not watching anymore, why are reading this site and commenting?

ritapita said...

Why bother to keep Becky and then proceed to fire to leading men that could have worked with her? She will be on the backburner I'm sure. We have to look at the irish lad for this? Instead of Jax? boo. Oh and Carly wins, once more.

Anonymous said...

The whole carly and shawn conversation did not make any sense... this show is stranger than ever. The only thing that is keeping me from quitting is Maurice Bernard. But that's a thin line i tell you

Anonymous said...

Thursday my dvr did not record the show. I saw the last 2 minutes and decided to skip it on Soap Opera Network. Todays show was story lines that I fast forward through. Maybe Monday there will be something on for me. Note..I fast forward thru..(Jason and Sam..Brenda and Sonny...Ethan and Kristina..Carly and Shawn...Michael and Abby..Sonny and Jason..Johnny and Lisa>>) What do I like..(Liz and Steve or Lucky or Jason...Lucky and Siobhan...Maxie and Matt or Spinelli or Jason or LuLu...Luke and Tracy or Ethan or Lucky or Carly..or Edward...Robin and Patrick and Emma

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep referring to Siobhan as a lad? Do they think she's a guy? An Irish woman is a lass not a lad.

Rita pita said...

Sorry Anon, my irish was on the wrong foot ; )

I still think Irish lad is funnier however!

Anonymous said...

I am THRILLED that GW is taking over because i remember when he was HW during the writers strike and the show was the best it has been in this decade (2000 -2011). GW may be darker then BG but his s/l did NOT have holes in them & he wrote for GH Night Shift. Also i like the dark s/l IF they are done the right way,something BG NEVER DID. Plus GW LOVES The Zaccarras and MY Johnny in particular! He also loved and wrote for Johnny & Lulu at their best so i am HAPPY about this!

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