Monday, May 2, 2011

Missed Today's Show...

I heard that: Mabby showered together, Lisa planted bugs,  Lulu gave Dante the "news" run-down, Brenda freaked out...did I miss anything?

Had a wild afternoon-- then all of a sudden it was 4:45!! 

On the site there's SPOILERS and a new poll up. Remember, for May I'm doing couple polls, no one can win twice...and the runner up is on the poll the next week. I also put on couples I think of, there's no agenda going on. I might even do a wacky one!! 

Hope you had a good day!!


AntJoan said...

Karen, it made no sense that Lucien just "disappeared," yet the cops didn't seem to question everyone at Kelly's. C'mon, someone must've seen something, I guess that these one-day extras don't count, even the cops didn't treat them as people.

I had other gripes as well, can't think of them right now.

Where is Spinelli,I guess he's disappearing with the rest of

kdmask said...

Bradford said on twitter he was "working today" Spinelli is a background character now. ;/

Anonymous said...

Wish they would switch Dante, Sonny and carly as background noise for a while!

bumchickabowbow said...

It was rather boring, but what's new. The best part of the show was Jason, seeing the woman's silhouette at the very end. La hit woman, perhaps?