Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Surgery: OBGYN for Mother's Day

Oh, mothers---they were always so important in Soapy-Stories!! Even though we didn't always know the Daddy--we knew the Mama!! Who's your fave Mama in Drama?? Mona Kane? Ruth Martin? Anna Lavery? Laura Spencer? Vicki Lord?

Some of the best mother and daughter moments are the not huge ones...they are the day to day advice or the talks over boys and make-up. Of course, poor Soap Moms have their kids kidnapped more than anyone else on TV. 

They give birth in caves, cabins... cars, boats-- you name it. Sometimes they are trapped with their worst enemy. It's hard to find an "uneventful" pregnancy on any soap!

Some Moms are Funny...some have wild hair (hey)... some are over dramatized and some are evil!!

On some soaps, mothers are nothing more than past memories or people to find after years and years of being adopted. Suddenly, a long lost kid walks into her life, saying "why did you give me up"!!?? 

And once in a GREAT, GREAT while...we get to see someone that grew up as a little girl give birth to her own Soapy Baby!! There are also the "other mothers"-Myrtle and Ruby who are the kind aunts that give advice and helping hands.

 Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there and to all the people that have Moms! I hope you have a fantastic day.  
Tell me your fave Soap Mom... I like the wacky ones!

Results of the 2nd May Wub Couple Poll will be up today on the Wubs Net! See who won and find out who's in contention for next week! Remember 1st runner up always gets another try--the rest are up to me and me alone! Brwahahahhaaa.

I also encourage you to read GH Puppet Theater on It is the most fun, funny thing EVER. It's a Wub in a bottle. LOL. 

PS--Blogger has said that it's fixed the posting issues... so give it a try!! 


Hope said...

Favorite Best Mom -Viki Lord
Worst mom ever - Anna Devine

kdmask said...

Oh, more bad that Helena who tried to poison Stefan?? LOL!! They have never really shown a real abusive mom have they? Like that hits her kids and stuff? Hmmmmmm.

Lori said...

Happy Mother's Day Karen... remember Mom likes me best, got it? lmao

My favorite traditional soap mom would be Maeve Ryan from Ryan's Hope! And my favorite untraditional soap mom would be Helena! lmao oh so wicked

My favorite current mom is Alexis because I think her relationship with her Davis Girls is far more realistic of this day and age.

Rhonda said...

I love Alexis by the best.

Carly is by far the worst IMO. Hell this week she leaves her childs bedside to find her rivals child. LOSER.

I actually loved Anna since you could see the natural love the actress really had for KM.

Jen said...

Soapzone spoilers for Next week: Sonny and Dante join forces to rescue the son Brenda actually gave birth to… Brenda has a chance to deal directly with duplicitous Suzanne… Brenda expresses gratitude to Carly for the rescue of Brenda’s real son… Brenda and Sonny task themselves to their marriage and making it work, if possible. Brutal honesty is required here… Alexis makes it painfully known she’s against a JaSam baby… Jason barks at Michael to stop going after Anthony’s female enforcer for the murder of Brandon… Lucky may very well fall off the wagon when temptation presents itself… Lucky is in a bad way, ready to drop into the abyss… Lisa prepares to do further damage to Patrick and Robin. Rather, to get Robin out of the way to access Patrick… Lisa draws an unsuspecting Robin down into the basement… For her next trick, Lisa will get Robin hopelessly stuck in a basement next to a gas heater with a major leak in it… Ethan is the one to expose and help treat Kristina’s drug problem

kdmask said...

Yeah, next week looks REAL exciting.Not. LOL

Anonymous said...

Karen, too many couples this week that I want to vote for! Love that you put Sean & Tiff in there, they were great.

Anna was actually one of my favorite moms! All time fav would probably have to be Lila Q.

Beach Dreamer said...

Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio (Hayward if I must include it) is by far my favorite soap mom of all time. She still kicks butt even as the g-word now and was always thinking of her "little luv" when she had to make the tough choices. I hope we get to see more of the Robin/Emma bonding soon so we can continue that GH tradition. It would be extra special if we could get Anna back and show how three generations interact. GH is really missing the boat on this one. Families have really taken a hit on soaps lately and GH has a golden e-ticket in the 3 generations of Devane women. They just need to get off the mobster express and figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's day to all.
My fave momma's- Lila Quartermaine Alexis Davis and Laura Spencer

My least fave momma's- Felicia Jones, and Carly Jax

Barb said...

Alice Horton of Days -- also the best Grandmother.

Lori said...

Yo Karen... on brighter news... OLTL looks AWESOME for the next 2 weeks lmao ;)

Love4dogs said...

I love the young Lesley Lu with the dark hair. She so looked like a Nikolas sibling.

AntJoan said...

Happy Mother's Day to all!!

Anonymous said...

Best GH Mommies - Alexis and Robin.
Worst GH Mommies - Carly and Brenda.

Frisco said...

Best Mom - Lila.
Most Supportive Mom - Bobbie. She supported her son through hard times, gave her daughters heart to save another and forgave another daughter for sleeping with her husband! She was also a motherly figure for many others, ie., Maxie, Georgie, Liz.
Most exhausted Mom - Liz
Best loopy Mom - Lois
Best Step Mom - Tracey
Most reformed Mom - Tracy again. she was not such a great mom to Ned or even Dillon but is great with Lucky and Lulu.
Most over-rated Mom - Laura. She has not been there for her kids in recent years. Yes, it is the writers fault she has not been there but they are all characters so figments of the writers creation or lack thereof.
Most unlikely Mom - Lucy
Most realistic Mom - Alexis or Robin
Don't want them to be a mom Mom - Sam
Worst Mom - Carly
Too into her child Mom - Olivia
Most obssessed about Mom - Adela (Sonny's Mom)
Raised the biggest Mommy's Boy Mom - Betsy (Franco's Mom)
Best Mister Mom - Mac

Mamaspat Ole said...

I think the best Mom and Grandmother Audrey

Andrea said...

Best Mothers: Alice from DOOL, Lila on GH and I love LIZ from GH

Worst Mothers: Carly from GH, Kate from DOOL, Donna Another World,

Horrible Mothers that I love: ROXY from OLTL, Felicia from Another World, Sami DOOL

Anonymous said...

My favorite soap mom was Lesley Webber. I never forgot what she did for her daughter Laura.

Adora said...

@Frisco, awesome post!! I can't really disagree with anything you said.

I think I'll run with Alexis as my (current) favorite mom, but I imagine if I think about it too long I'll come up with another name. In her day Lila really couldn't be rivaled.

I'm tempted to call Carly the worst mom but she's got too much mama lion in her, I need a mom like Karen mentioned earlier (abusive) to really get a fiery hatred worked up. No one is coming to mind immediately.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone is hating on Carly. She is a good mom. I know she does some of the craziest things on the show, but she would and does anything she can for her kids!

Anonymous said...

I know why I hate Carly. Because she hates everyone else and thinks she is entitled to Jason, Sonny, and Jax.

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