Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tyler Christopher Attends Native American Event

 Photo credit: Teresa Lee

Christopher was  at the Mid-American All Indian Center in Wichita this weekend to sign autographs and see his mother. Tyler is a member of the Choctaw-Seneca Tribe. In a article with McPherson-Sentinel, he said the following about leaving GH and going to "The Lying Game" in the fall:

   “Our budget has been cut so much over the years and the people that have been there a long time have had their salaries bumped and they are the first to go unfortunately...Some people are going to feel the wrath unfortunately,” said Christopher.
    General Hospital isn’t the only soap opera suffering. Just recently “One Life to Live” and “All my Children” were cancelled after decades on the air.
    “It’s not a good sign,” said Christopher.
    Despite leaving his steady role, Christopher is thrilled about moving on and his new role.
    “I’m anxious to see how they are going to use me. It’s a good role. I’m playing a Native American, that seems to be my thing and that’s cool,” said Christopher.


Mamaspat Ole said...

I never could figure out why Eva Longoria divorced him.He's a true hottie...:)))

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for him to be moving on. I don't think GH has done much with his character in a long time. It's unfortunate that he was fired, but an attractive talented actor like him should land on their feet.

Good luck Tyler!

lisa said...

I think he is leaving the sinking ship of GH at the right time! I hope he gets other good roles as well.

Mamaspat Ole said...

He was in a great mini sieries about the Indians last year and he was truly a great actor in it.When he and Emily were togethor I loved his acting.Courtney not so much....nor Eliabeth or the last one Brook Lyn he will do fine.

Anonymous said...

Tyler's mother's name is Jimmie and not "Sara" as identified in that article. I went to school with his mother so know that for a fact.

Anonymous said...

incredible check out this video