Tuesday, May 17, 2011

RALLY DAY!! Soap Fans are AWESOME@!!

Xanderdash (twubber) is at Lincoln Center and took some great photos! First of all, Colleen Zenk of ATWT took the Red-eye to NYC to participate!! The UPFRONTS for ABC (ad meetings)  start at 4pm and go until 6!!



Colleen Z from ATWT !!

Ilene Kristen ARRIVES!!

Today's shows: AMC...saw a bit, that Faux Erica is a crazy one. You can tell Lucci loves playing her!
OLTL was funny with all the naked-Fords and Cutter running around. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  Blah blah. Nagging Brenda and Carly.. good Gravy. Then Siobhan is at Kellys and I swear I couldn't understand a word!! This Brenda Sonny angst is going to get on my last nerve. 
How many times have Carly/Jax done this divorce dance?? A million?? Billion?? 
Carly got more airtime than Brender did with Alec! ahahhahaaa
Only thing I liked today was Lucky and Liz. 
Today Sonny was with Carly, who was mama-ing Alec-- and Brenda was with Jax!!! WAY TO GO GH!! WAY TO. GO-GO!!


sonya said...

Brenda and Sonny: Good question Brenda! Why Carly Sonny?!?!! Why?!!?! So Sonny doesn't think he is wrong! And when she tells him she felt disrespected he doesn't even say he is sorry?!!?! He just walks away and turns his back on her?!?! WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL?! Come on Brenda! Tell him off!!! Don't back down!!!

Brenda and Lulu: Say what?! SHUT UP LULU!

Sonny and Carly: What the hell?! Why is Carly there?!!?! So let me get this straight! Sonny understands how Carly feels? But he doesn't understand how Brenda feels?!!?! HUH?!!

Jax and Brenda: That was a nice scene. She vented! :) Of course she has to vent to Jax!!! She can't to Sonny! The way he is treating her! UGH!

Liz and Lucky: Great scene but why didn't we get to see them talk to Cameron?! Did they even tell him NOT to open the door?!?!!

Patrick and Robin: Great scenes. :)

Lisa: UGH!

Dori said...

So, I haven't watched in about a week and don't intend to again until school is out and I can just watch it. My DVR is already overrun with shows I can't keep up with (shows that are much better too!)
I know that GH is going away; and more than likely sooner than later. I've made my peace with that and will enjoy what I can of the show while I can. When it ends, I will say a sad goodbye and wish those involved with the show good luck in their future endeavors. I know it's bad...it's really bad. I mean let's face it, it hasn't been soapy worthwhile in almost 5 years. Still, I've also decided out of respect for the uber- talented actors and actress that have been the only good thing about the show in a long time, that I am not saying anything negative or derogatory about the show anymore. It's my way to honor the people who were there in the beginning, the ones who worked, struggled, wrote, re-wrote,and tackled the issues no one else would. For the people who made me look at Edward and Lila Quartermaine and know that THAT is what the love of a lifetime looks like; for the people who wrote a beautiful love story about a girl who fell in love with a boy who died from AIDS. Also, for the people who made me laugh hysterically every time Lucy Coe ended up practically naked at the end of every Nurses Ball!!
I have loved GH for many years, as I know you have as well. Still it's not the same as it used to be, and that is such a shame....

Hope said...

I am enjoying both Cutter and Robert Ford so much lately, they really are funny with their trials with Tess/Wess

Anonymous said...

for two people who were supposedly soooo in love,all Brenda and Sonny do is fight. All Brenda does is complain and Sonny does whatever he does. I haven't seen them show any love toward each other just snipe-so boring.

Mamaspat Ole said...

I feel the same way Dori except I quit watching GH a year ago.I just come here and check on the spoilers.I love this webpage.Karen thanks for being there for all of us to vent.
OLTL kicking butt as usual.

sonya said...

Dori don't forget about Lucy and Sigmund! ROFL! They even took a bath together once! ROFL!

DJ Rogue said...

OMG Sonya, that was awesomely funny.

I miss that..

Lori said...

I couldn't watch Brenda without laughing today thanks to Karen's tweet about Brenda's sleeves being Lamb Chop puppets.

sonya said...

DJ Rogue Lucy taking a bath with Sigmund.



Lucy: You don't have to hide under the water and be such a turkey.


kdmask said...

Brenda AND Carly are HARPY FISH WIVES! GEESHhhhh!

Mamaspat Ole said...

Too funny Lori!!!!!Lamb Chop Puppets too funny

sonya said...

My favorite picture is the lady in the raincoat that says Brian Frons you're fired! ROFL!